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This page lists Regimental Standard Operating Procedures that provide the highest level guidance on systems, processes and procedures critical to the smooth and effective running of the Regiment.

Document Number Regulation / Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-R-001 Guidelines for Enlistment and Re-enlistment
7CAV-R-002 Minimum Requirements for Enlistment
7CAV-R-003 Leave of Absence
7CAV-R-004 Extended Leave of Absence
7CAV-R-005 Rank Promotion and Reduction Guidelines
7CAV-R-006 Guidelines for the processing of Discharges and Retirements
7CAV-R-007 Regimental Departments (Pending)
7CAV-R-008 Requests for Aid
7CAV-R-009 Trooper Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-010 Section Leader - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-011 Platoon Staff - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-012 Company Staff - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-013 Battalion Staff - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-014 Initial Counseling Statement
7CAV-R-015 Verbal Counseling Statement
7CAV-R-016 Negative Counseling Statement Procedure
7CAV-R-017 Article 15 Procedures
7CAV-R-018 Courts Martial Procedures
7CAV-R-019 Uniform Code of Military Justice
7CAV-R-020 S2 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-R-021 Military Police - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-R-022 In Game Admin Procedures
7CAV-R-023 Criminal Investigation Division Procedure
7CAV-R-024 S5 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-R-025 Assignment of Admin Access
7CAV-R-026 Regimental Recruiting Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-R-027 Guidelines for the initial processing of Enlistments
7CAV-R-028 Name Changes
7CAV-R-029 Reports
7CAV-R-030 Accountability For Minimum Requirements
7CAV-R-031 Arma 3 Server Administration
7CAV-R-032 Squad and Post Scriptum Server Administration
7CAV-R-033 Officer Development School
Document Number Policy Letter
7CAV-POL-001 Logging of forum moderation actions
7CAV-POL-002 Sunset of Womens Army Corps Service Medal
7CAV-POL-003 Regimental AFSM Tracking / Use
7CAV-POL-004 Regarding Steam Tags & Family Sharing
7CAV-POL-005 Submission of After Action Reports
7CAV-POL-006 Additional guidance on Leave of Absence & ELOA
7CAV-POL-007 Additional guidance on Retirement, Benefits and Responsibilities
7CAV-POL-008 MMO Gaming
7CAV-POL-009 Guidance on ELOA abuse
7CAV-POL-010 Regarding the use of tags in games that support clan systems
7CAV-POL-011 Regarding AAR posting
7CAV-POL-012 Regarding medal recommendation selection & posting
7CAV-POL-013 Regarding Discharges and Joining Another FPS Unit