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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-DR-007
Scope: RRD - Regulations and Procedures
Version: Version 1.2
Effective Date: 01JAN2024
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: RRD HQ
Point of Contact: RRD HQ

RRD Chain of Command (CoC)

RRD HQ (1IC & 2IC)

  • Reports to ROO HQ

Senior Recruiter & Lead Processing Clerk

  • Reports to RRD HQ


  • Reports to Senior Recruiter

Processing Clerk

  • Reports to Lead Processing Clerk

Daily Responsibilities as a Recruiter

When you are added to the Regimental Recruiting Department you become a part of the public face of the 7th Cavalry Regiment. As such, your conduct must be of the highest standard. All communications with the public must be professional and in accordance with our rules, regulations and Standard Operating Procedures.

As you are representing the unit officially, your steam name and any forum accounts you have on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, Bohemia or others must conform to the following; *=7Cav=RNK.Lastname.Initial or as close to this as possible. Some forums may limit special characters in account names. Variants of the regimental tag could be; 7Cav, [7Cav].

  • You are expected to monitor and stay current with communications in the department PM thread and the RRD discord.
  • When online and in Discord or Teamspeak, you are expected to monitor the Recruiting Offices. In particular, you must monitor the #recruitment and voice Recruiting Office channels in the official 7th Cavalry Discord.
  • You will have the [Recruiter] tag in teamspeak. This means new and potential recruits will seek you out with questions. If you are busy, i.e. in squad practice and can't assist them, you are expected to find someone else to help them. Otherwise you must assist them.
  • As a recruiter, in teamspeak you will have operator administrative access that allows you to move, kick or ban public members. You must not under any circumstances kick or ban a public member unless they clearly violate our Teamspeak 3 Code of Conduct and you have warned them. You have this access primarily so you can move potential recruits into Recruiting Offices.
  • If you come across a situation that has no SOP written for it, STOP. Do not make up something you think works. Report the situation to your lead or the NCOIC and they will create an SOP and advise you on what to do.
  • You must not under any circumstances recruit members from any game server except a 7th Cavalry Gaming hosted server.
    • If you are caught doing this on any other server other than 7th Cavalry hosted servers or official game servers, you will be removed from the Regimental Recruiting Department and be barred from returning.
  • When communicating with potential recruits, always, always, always be honest about the unit, its minimum requirements, rules & regulations and codes of conduct. We don't want to waste everyone's time by recruiting in people who don't agree with our values or rules and who will just immediately leave. We want qualified candidates who know what they are getting into before they take the plunge.
  • Do not make any promises in regards to rank, courses, positions etc.

Personnel Responsibilities By Position

RRD Headquarters (HQ)

Through the RRD HQ, the RRD team reports to the Recruiting Oversight Office (ROO) 2IC and 1IC. The RRD HQ is responsible for the following:

  • Ensure the RRD department is staffed appropriately in order to carry out its mission.
  • Supervise all aspects of the recruiting process and suggest improvements as required to complete the mission.
  • Be available to all RRD staff to support as required.
  • ICS and train Senior Recruiters.
  • Monitor biweekly recruiting logs for accountability.
  • Monitor RRD Tracker for accuracy and results.
  • Recommend award of Regimental Recruiting Ribbons monthly.
  • Recommend of Armed Forces Service Medal as required.
  • Recommend award of Gold, Senior and Master Recruiter Badges as required.
  • Recommend Recruiter of the Quater award quarterly
  • Prepare a monthly RRD report no later than the end of the first week of every month.
  • Attend Command Staff Call monthly excepting real-life circumstances that prevent it.
  • Monitor and track recruiters from within and without the department for award of the Regimental Recruiting Ribbon.
  • Input new staff onto RRD tracker and monitor for award of Armed Forces Service Medal.
  • Final approval authority for new applicant names
  • Only if and when ROO decides to delegate the responsibility, may RRD HQ participate in the intake of Re-enlistments by sending Welcome Letters and following up with potential re-enlistees. However, ROO will remain the decision making authority for the approval or denial of re-enlistment candidates.

Lead Processing Clerk

The RRD Lead Processing Clerk is not a recruiter. They are responsible for the following:

  • Ensure that welcome letters are being sent out and responded to within established guidelines
  • Supervise the training of new processing clerks
  • One of two approval authorities for new applicants names
  • Ensure that the RRD Tracker is being filled out and quality check the inputs onto the tracker
  • Update tracker with the status of new recruits when they graduate boot camp.
  • Update and manage the RRD Tracker to maximize the acquisition of recruitment information

Per RRD HQ's vision and objectives, and to better inform all stakeholders within the community

  • Add Re-enlistments into the tracker and update their information accordingly

Processing Clerk

The RRD Processing Clerks are not recruiters. They are responsible for the following:

  • They report directly to the Lead Processing Clerk..
  • Process enlistments within 24 hours of submission.
  • Add enlistments and re-enlistments onto the RRD Tracker within 24 hours of submission.
  • Input new recruits into the RRD Tracker, along with information on who recruited them, how they found us and more.
  • Update the enlistment application of enlistees if they reach 4 days without response, to signal the Recruiters of the impending time-out

Senior Recruiter

The Senior Recruiter is responsible for the following within all AO’s of the Cav:

  • Assist potential or new recruits as and when required.
  • You are required to log at least 2 hours per week in a single session during peak time for either North America or Europe, both attempting to pop the server and to recruit members. For further information on this, see RRD SOP: Recruiting on the Public Servers.
  • ICS and train new recruiters on policies and procedures within 7 days of them joining the department.
  • Post Biweekly AO roll-call. Monitor biweekly roll-call for accountability.
  • Assist and support recruiters as required.
  • Submit a Monthly AO report Via the official RRD Staff Communications thread. In this, report any failure to sign roll call, or failure to complete mandated duties for your troopers.
  • Make sure all Recruiters in the department are active and fulfilling their responsibilities
  • Supervise the bi-weekly activity logs of Recruiters through screenshots and other documental proof
  • Supervise the Retention Initiative, whereby Recruiters are assigned to soon-to-be timed out enlistees to get in touch with them and guide them through the process. This includes the assignment of Recruits to enlistees, as well as managing the "Recruit_Contact" window on the RRD Tracker


Recruiters are responsible for the following within all AO's of the Cav:

  • Expected to aid any potential recruits who request assistance, regardless of AO.
  • Follow up with assigned enlistees by their Senior Recruiters, to avoid their Time out and incorporate them into the 7th Cavalry
  • Participate in the following:
  • Recruiting Time (RT)
    • AT LEAST One hour (60 minutes) every two weeks
    • This means spending time on one of the 7th Cavalry Game servers actively recruiting during matches
  • Alternate Recruiting Time (ART)
      • Alternate Recruiting Time refers to the mandated 60-minute regimen that each recruiter will spend, on a biweekly basis, to make an active attempt to draw in recruits from sources other than our game servers.
  • Submit proof of recruitment activity to Senior Recruiters, in order to validate Recruitment activity and fulfillment of Recruiter SOP

Acceptable means to reach this 1-hour requirement are listed below with equivalent time values (if applicable): Note: One Post = 10 Minutes of ART

  • Official Discords, Steam, Reddit, Game Developer Discords, Facebook
  • Streaming: Via Twitch or YouTube
  • Must have links to 7cav.us/enlist