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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-R-008
Scope: Guidelines for 7th Cavalry members making Requests for Aid
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 28AUG15
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: Regimental Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: Regimental Commanding Officer



We consider the 7th Cavalry to be a Brotherhood. As brothers we want to help each other as much as we can. Sometimes this comes in the form of general advice, tech support, gaming strategies, or simply an attentive ear to listen to life's problems. Other times members find themselves in need of financial assistance to get them over a hurdle that life has put in front of them.

While we are not a charitable organization, we can when needed pass the hat around for a Brother or Sister to help them out. This is not something to be taken for granted.This should be used for situations due to emergent, unexpected life events; events that could not predict in most cases, that given the lack of a social safety net, could cause homelessness or deprive them the means to earn a living.For example:

  • The unexpected death of a family member
  • An unexpected lapse in employment that causes you to miss a utility bill
  • A car accident, helping to get your car back on the road so you can go to work

Not all requests can be fulfilled. Below are the guidelines and requirements for requesting aid from the Regiment.This process takes time, if your request is urgent and you need funds immediately, this process is not for you.

  • All requests are capped at $600.00.
  • No member with less than 1 year time in service is eligible for aid. Eligibility is determined using the same standard as the Good Conduct Medal.
  • All Requests must be made in writing by the member requesting aid. No requests made by third parties will be accepted. The member must be as specific as possible regarding the circumstances their request. Vague requests or refusing to provide necessary details will cause your request to be denied.
  • Member requesting aid must be willing to provide real world information regarding their name, address, phone number, and place of employment. Information will be kept on file per the 7th Cavalry Privacy Policy.
  • Only 1 approved request for aid will be granted within a 2-year period for the same member.
  • All requests are reviewed and require unanimous approval from the General Staff. All decisions are final.
  • No member of the General Staff may request the Regiment for aid.
  • If you are a member in need please make your written request via forum PM to any member of the General Staff. The General Staff will review your request and inform you of their decision, usually within 7 days, depending on the circumstances it could take longer. If your request is approved a member of the General Staff will make a forum post on your behalf requesting donations. Donations will be accepted for a period of 7 days and then given to the member.

The General Staff reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy when deemed in the best interest of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.