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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-DR-020
Scope: RTC Department - Recruit Processing Guide
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 27MAY2020
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: RTC CO
Point of Contact: RTC XO

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Initial Contact

Drill Instructors will be assigned recruits by Senior Drill Instructors within 24h of folder creation

  • The DI will be notified with an alert from the folder stating "DI Assigned: @Instructor.D"
  • The DI will send the recruit a Welcome Letter within 24h of being notified of an assignment
    • You are welcome to personalize this as it works best for you. Just try to keep it to the point so it is a digestible amount of information
  • The goal at this point is to maintain contact until you can meet in Discord (or Teamspeak, if appropriate and if within the Arma 3 AO) to conduct a briefing and continue the process
  • If your schedules are having issues overlapping reach out to other DIs for help meeting with the recruit
  • If the recruit does not read or reply after 7 days the DI may request a discharge at their discretion

Folder Updates

  • Update folder with "Welcome Letter Sent"
  • When a briefing time is agreed upon, update folder with "Briefing SCHD 01JAN20 1900z"


Drill Instructors will conduct a briefing at the earliest convenience

  • Consult the Briefing Script and Drill Instructor Handbook for details in the Drill Instructor Google Drive
    • This is meant to be a guideline to help keep the DI on topic. Feel free to personalize your style and add comments to the document to help other DIs
  • This is the opportunity for the RCT to ask any remaining questions they have. Respond honestly and professionally
  • The briefing should be direct and focused. The RCT doesn't need to learn everything about the Cav in one day
    • Prioritize that which is important to a new RCT to keep the amount of information digestible
  • Time for briefings will vary depending on several factors but should not take more than an hour in most circumstances

Drill Instructors will conduct a comprehension check at the end of the briefing

  • Ten questions can be found at the end of the briefing document
  • Correctness is at the discretion of the DI
  • Give feedback on incorrect answers as needed
  • Need at least 7/10 to pass. Each recruit gets two attempts to do this

Drill Instructors hand out briefing survey and RTC New Recruit thread

  • Link the recruit to the Briefing Survey once the briefing is done
  • Link the recruit to the RTC to New Recruits thread
    • Ensure the recruit replies as this ensures they are on the AWOL tracker

ARMA Drill Instructors will conduct a mod check and schedule a bootcamp

  • Assist as needed in installation and configuring of mods
    • Consult the Mod Installation Guide for assistance
  • Ensure that the RCT is ready for his bootcamp with mods working
  • Schedule the recruit for the best time slot available
    • Try to schedule as many recruits at one-time slot as possible
    • Ask other DIs for help with multiple recruits or difficult time slots

Folder Updates


  • Update folder title with BOOTCAMP SCHD 05JAN20 1700z (1300EST)


This is the end of the process for AOs without a bootcamp

  • Change folder name to "PASS"
  • Contact the 2BN SGM to handover the recruit

ARMA Bootcamp

Drill Instructors will conduct a bootcamp at the earliest convenience

  • Use the Bootcamp Manual to help guide you through the lanes
    • This is meant to help guide you. Feel free to develop your own style
    • Add comments to help other DIs and improved future editions
  • Be ready early. If needed contacts your recruit early so server loading, map caching, etc. can be done before it's showtime
  • Professionalism is our #1 priority here. This experience will set the tone for the recruit's expectations for all future Cav events

Drill Instructors will explain the rest of the process

  • Remind the recruit to check him PMs regularly to ensure quick placement to their section of choice
  • Inform the recruit that he is now eligible to attend classes & operations
  • Have the recruit apply to the 7th Cavalry Gaming ARMA Units page

Folder Updates

ARMA This is the end of the process for AOs with a bootcamp

  • Add scores to the RCT folder
  • Change folder name to "PASS"
  • Contact the 1BN SGM to handover the recruit

Trooper Transfer Process

The following guide contains the whole process of initiating and forwarding a transfer request from Recruit Training Command (RTC) and the 7th Cavalry Regiment, and also sets the authority of approving transfer requests. This guide is valid for transfer requests at all levels (i.e. Section, Platoon, Company, Battalion). After the Recruit has passed their requirements and has the label of “Passed” on their folder, they are put on the Transfer PM to the appropriate receiving element. It is then the responsibility of that receiving element to assign and transfer troopers to their proper assignment, where the trooper may be assigned prior to graduation on Sundays. It is also the responsibility of the receiving element to check the graduation post and their transfer posts to ensure a trooper is not forgotten.

Primary Billets

Posting authority lies with the receiving element lead.

  • Transfers will be posted by the Battalion Command Staff within 5 days of hand off via Private Message (PM).
  • The Recruit may be moved to a line unit before promotion (Sunday) which will have no impact on the Recruit.

Eligible Transfer Destinations:

  • A/1-7
  • B/1-7
  • C/1-7
  • A/2-7
  • B/2-7
  • C/2-7
  • E/2-7
  • A/ACD
  • B/ACD
  • C/ACD
  • D/ACD
  • Starter Platoons
  • Reserve

Recruit Handover

All Drill Instructors will be required once the Boot Camp is complete for all Recruits and Briefing, for games without a Boot Camp, to contact the respective Battalion SGM's with a handover PM thread with the Recruit included in it. The Recruit may be moved to a line unit before promotion (Sunday) which will have no impact on the Recruit. This change was made as an attempt to speed up the handover process and push Recruits to line units.
This is to be sent as soon as Bootcamp and or the briefing is complete.
PM Thread Content:
" SGM -Insert name here-, I am handing over the file of RCT.Lastname.First Initial over to you for processing. The Recruit will be promoted on Sunday to Private.

Respectfully, "

Discharge Authority

Once the 5 days have elapsed from the time the Recruit was handed off via PM to the receiving element, it is then the responsibility of the receiving element to discharge the Recruit by AWOL classification.

  • AWOL discharges apply to people who are Absent Without Leave and troopers who re-enlist are reduced two ranks/grades upon re-enlistment.
  • Entry-level separations are for enlistees who do not complete the boot camp process.

Important Links

Document Name Link
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Post Basic Bootcamp Survey (ARMA III) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEriMWFh70SpxJFM_27M0IJAIaO1gt-thLXft_RriCLQrwiQ/viewform
Post Briefing Survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSchXpT55g_ybrcwFrSIY0Avwo9jforJMgoezvr-JqJIJ8rq_w/viewform
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