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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-DR-024
Scope: S1 HQ - Disciplinary Processing
Version: Version 1.2
Effective Date: 20AUG20
Last Modified Date: 11FEB21
Approving Authority: S1 1IC
Point of Contact: S1 1IC


Provide guidance on the process of Disciplinary action processing.

Roles and Responsibilities

S1 1IC / 2IC Process Letters of Reprimand (LoR) in a timely and accurate manner, no later than 72 hours.

Types of Discipline

Type of Discipline Description
Developmental Counselling Statement (DCS)

A DCS a non-punitive remedial measure. It is meant to correct a deficiency with a member within The Regiment.

Letter of Reprimand

A Letter of Reprimand (LoR) is a punishment imposed for a minor breach of conduct or policy.

Article 15

An Art.15 is a non-judicial procedure and will be accompanied by a punishment. It is a negative action as defined by the Regiment.

Article 32

An Article 32, usually resulting in a Court Martial is a judicial procedure and will be accompanied by a punishment. It is a negative action as defined by the Regiment.

Processing Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action is approved by the company command staff or higher and is forwarded to the designated S1 HQ staff member for processing. The SOP for processing disciplinary paperwork is listed below;

  • Unit Commander sends the signed LoR via forum PM to the S1 2IC, S1 1IC and Regimental Adjutant General.
  • S1 HQ will check the LoR to ensure it follows proper SOP (ex. checking to ensure maximum NFA was not exceeded by the Unit Commander).
    • If any discrepancies are found, S1 will notify the Unit Commander and await further instructions. S1 personnel are not to edit the LoR in any way—they are simply acting as a second set of eyes to ensure proper SOP is maintained.
  • The S1 HQ member handling the LoR will download it, fill in the bottom portion with their credentials and all necessary information, and upload the completed form to the following file path within Nextcloud: "S1 Department --> HQ --> Disciplinary --> PDF" using the following naming format: LoR - Last.F - DDMMMYY
    • Note: The date of the LoR file is the date of the Unit Commander's approval, not the date it is processed by S1.
  • Once the PDF of the LoR is placed into Nextcloud, they will then convert the file into a PNG file using any means desired. That PNG file will be placed into the following file path in OwnCloud: "S1 Department --> HQ --> Disciplinary --> Citations" using the same file name as before.
  • S1 HQ will then update the trooper's Milpac with the following entry: "Letter of Reprimand - XX Days NFA". They will then attach the PNG file to that Milpac entry as a Citation. The date of the record entry should match the date of the Unit Commander's approval, which should also match the file name of the LoR.
  • Finally, S1 HQ will edit the Good Conduct Medal tracker to account for any NFA as needed. This may be delegated to the S1 Citations Lead/Senior if desired due to the complexity of the tracker.

Note: This procedure is the same for an Article 15 as well as a Court Martial.

Negative Days

Negative days are cumulative, i.e. stack. So if a trooper receives an LoR with 30 days NFA and then a week later receives an LoR with 60 days, there will be two entries on the GC tracker; one adding 30 days and one adding 60 days for a total of 90 days NFA.

No Favorable Action

No Favorable Action consists of the following:

  • No credit for courses taken if they are taken during the NFA period
  • No credit for participation in operations
  • No medals
  • No promotions
  • When the Operations clerk is updating service records to add an operation, they will check to ensure the trooper does not have any current NFA.

Please see No Favorable Action SOP for more details.

Removal from Billet

A trooper may be removed from a leadership billet as the result of a disciplinary action. So, for example, they receive an LoR for failing to complete their duties. In this case, the LoR punishment would be 30/60/90 days. The removal from billet is NOT the punishment, that is a command decision related to the issues that resulted in the LoR.

Rank Reduction

A trooper may be reduced in rank as the result of a disciplinary action. This happens when they have been removed from a billet. It is not a part of the disciplinary action, it happens because they no longer occupy a billet that allows them to hold their former rank. At minimum an Article 15 or Court Martial is the only way to punitively demote someone.