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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-DR-032
Scope: Recruit Training Command Recruit Briefing Guide
Version: Version 1.2
Effective Date: 15Jul21
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: RTC OIC
Point of Contact: RTC NCOIC

What follows is a brief outline of how the briefing will be conducted. This is for the benefit of the Drill Sergeants.

  • Prior to the briefing start, move all participating recruits into the Interview Room of the BGEN. Krazee Training Grounds. Add DND to your name.
  • The Briefing is conducted as follows:
    • Read Welcome & Introduction
    • Ensure any necessary mods are downloading based on AO
    • Teamspeak identity
    • Rules
    • Website familiarization
    • Oral test
    • Mod check as needed
    • Schedule a bootcamp
    • Update Folders and bump RCT welcome letter to confirm time
  • Note on disruptive personnel:
    • If anybody is disruptive they may be removed at the discretion of the Lead DI
    • Notify RTC staff of any incidents that require intervention
    • DI may request discharge on recruits for behavior requiring intervention

Briefing Introduction

Welcome to the briefing. My name is RANK & NAME.

  • Give some detail about yourself, your time in the 7th Cavalry and your time as a Drill Instructor
  • Have additional Drill Instructors introduce themselves

Briefing Objectives

Today we will be covering:

  • Setting up your TeamSpeak Identity
  • Rules and expectations
  • Website Familiarization
  • Comprehension check (10 Question quiz)
    • This is an "open book" quiz

Administration Checklist

Arma 3 Mod Downloads

Refer to the Cav Pack Install Page and ensure recruits download all the mods required for the Private (Training) Servers.

Link TeamSpeak Identity

If the recruit has not done so already, they should link their TeamSpeak Identity with their 7th Cavalry profile. To do this, direct them to the TeamSpeak Identity unique ID by going in TeamSpeak to ToolsIdentitiesGo Advanced They should then copy this Unique ID into the Identities Page of their profile

7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment Founding Date

On October 15, 2002 the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment was founded. This is harder to find on the website so it is recommended to write this down for the test at the end.

Rules and Regulations Page

We are not here to read to the recruits - paraphrase and expand only where needed. Ask at the end of every section if the recruit has any questions, give them time to participate. The rules page may be found here

Code of Conduct

Review all items on the Code of Conduct, including the key precepts Rectitude, Respect, Honor, Loyalty, and Courage.

General Orders

Review all General Orders.

TeamSpeak Code of Conduct

Review the Code of Conduct, such as Private vs Public Channels, Presence in Teamspeak, Absence And Inactivity, Behavior and Language in Public Channels, Behavior and Language in Private Channels, Push to Talk vs. Voice Activation, Personnel Identification on Teamspeak, Teamspeak Confirmation of Orders, TeamSpeak Confirmation of Orders, Inviting the Public into Teamspeak, Military Courtesy, and use of Addons.

Discord Code of Conduct

Review the Code of Conduct, such as Private vs Public Channels, Presence in Discord, Absence and Inactivity, Behavior and Language in Public Channels, Behavior and Language in Private Channels, Push to Talk vs. Voice Activation, Personnel Identification on Discord, Inviting the Public into Discord, and Military Courtesy.

Rules of Engagement

Review the key tenants of all game RoEs:

  • No Fratricide. No purposeful team killing under ANY circumstances
  • No Destruction of Friendly Equipment. No purposeful crashing, blowing up, or shooting of friendly equipment
  • No Offensive Behavior. No disrespect, no trolling, etc.
  • Weapons Safe on Base. No firing on base

Arma 3 Rules of Engagement

Refer to the Arma3 Rules of Engagement.

Squad Rules of Engagement

Refer to the Squad Rules of Engagement.

Hell Let Loose Rules of Engagement

Refer to the Hell Let Loose Rules of Engagement. For console, please refer to the Hell Let Loose Console Rules of Engagement

Garry Owen Rule

Garry Owen is a call for a situation of real life emergency.

  • Rule of Thumb: Life, limb, or eyesight
  • All available members respond to assist however needed
  • Has been used for medical emergencies, and mental health situations in the past


A member was cleaning their gun while in Discord Voice. They did not clear the weapon and there was still a round in the chamber. The weapon discharged into their leg and so a Gary Owen was called. All members gathered and the situation was assessed. Members with medical experience (prior combat medics, paramedics, etc.) directed the injured member on first aid procedure and contacted emergency services to forward information and increase response time.

Key Takeaway

Always remember: The 7th Cavalry is a Brotherhood. We watch out for one another.

Website Familiarization

Home Page

The Home Page is located here.

  • Rotating Banner: This will show current and upcoming events
  • Pinned Posts: Graduations, awards, and promotions of interest
  • Right Hand Side Panel:
    • Zulu Clock
    • Donation Button
    • Discord
    • Members Online


The forums are located here.

  • 7th Cavalry Barracks
    • Bulletin Board
      • Class Announcements
        • Can sign up for anything with the correct prerequisites
        • Priority given to members of the game and billet the class is for
      • Operations
        • Can join anything, but priority given to members of that game
        • Priority also given by billet, class qualification, and sign-up
  • 1st / 2nd Battalion / ACD Forums (Recruits won't be able to see either yet)
    • Company Forums
      • Platoon Forums
        • Section/Squad Forums
          • Roll Call

Military Personnel Accessory System (MILPACS)

Rank & Name is in the left column, position/billet is in the right column.

Key Leadership

Unit Position Rank & Name
Regimental Headquarters Regimental Commanding Officer General of the Army John Chance
Regimental Chief of Staff Brigadier General Rip Tharen
Regimental Command Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major Apollo Nexhex
1st Battalion Headquarters 1st Battalion Commanding Officer Colonel Mike LaCombe
1st Battalion Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Austin Schmidt
2nd Battalion Headquarters 2nd Battalion Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Yvon Rob
2nd Battalion Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Bill West
ACD Battalion Headquarters ACD Battalion Commanding Officer Colonel Steve Rogers
ACD Battalion Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Anthony Preacher

Open any MILPACS by clicking on the member name.

  • Uniform: Custom uniform for every member. Shows all awards
  • Information: Rank, Name, Primary & Secondary positions, TIS, TIG
  • Service Record: All operations, classes, promotions, assignments, etc.
  • Awards & Recognition: All medals & ribbons awarded w/ a citation for the reason

Arlington National Cemetery

7th Cavalry Arlington National Cemetery is located here. Tributes to fallen members are located here. Fallen members include:


  • References: Links to all the rules already covered.
  • Miscellaneous: Useful other tools and resources.
    • Discord: Connect here to the Official 7th Cavalry Discord Server.
    • Personnel Action Forms (PAFs). Used for various types of administrative requests including secondary billet application, discharge requests, E/LOA requests, and so on.

Ticket Desk

Members may submit tickets for a wide range of problems here.

  • S1 Name Change: Must be done within 90 days of enlistment.
  • S1 Other: Report a uniform or MILPACS error.
  • S6 Ticket: Report website, forum, discord, or game server error.
  • Wiki Admin Group Ticket: Used to report issues with this wiki site.

Other Miscellaneous

  • Rank and Awards display all available ranks, criteria to earn them, and awards and promotion guidelines.
  • Field Manuals: References for all in-game training material.
  • 7th Cavalry Wiki: The central repository for all information. May be found here.

Conclusion and Final Administration

  • Distribute the Briefing Survey.
  • For all recruits, ensure they reply with "R&U" to the following post.
  • Update the appropriate folders & DI assignments.
  • If any recruit did not pass [ 7 / 10 ], reschedule them for a future verbal examination.