S6 Department - Billet Restriction Policy

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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-DR-042
Scope: S6 Department - Billet Restriction Policy
Version: Version 1.1
Effective Date: 22FEB21
Last Modified Date: 22FEB23
Approving Authority: Regimental IMO
Point of Contact: S6 1IC


Candidate applications and personnel within S6/IMO Department will be required to comply with our restrictions for specific billets as defined. Positions of Battalion and Company level leadership will be able to apply and take part in S6 Department as Staff, but with restrictions.


The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure that we maintain accountability and non-partisan approval authority for all actions done within the S6 Department.

With many situations requiring approval authority by Battalion or Company Staff, there is a conflict of interest in having those with S6 access to make server or technical changes but also be their own approval authority through their primary billet role. With our commitment to maintaining accountability and unbiased work for the organization, this policy will restrict those that would allow for loopholes within the approval authority process.


This Policy applies to all S6 Personnel, Battalion Staff, and Company Staff, or equivalents, who intend to be part of the S6 Department as a secondary billet.


The S6 Department will allow but restrict personnel within the following primary billets:

  • Battalion Leadership
  • Company Leadership
  • Starter Platoon Leadership or their equivalent unit authority for newer games


These restrictions will include being barred from working directly with game servers, applications, or any resources directly related to their primary billet game's area of operation (AO). For example, a Battalion SGM from the Hell Let Loose (HLL) game AO should not be assigned to work directly with HLL game servers through their S6 secondary billet.


S6 HQ will enforce this to the best of their ability, assign S6 personnel appropriately, and any abuses by S6 Staff will be subject to the full scope of our Regimental Disciplinary Process, including loss of access and immediate removal from billet.