S1 Operations - Good Conduct and Promotions Tracking

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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-DR-013
Scope: S1 Operations - Good Conduct and Promotions Tracking
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 26APR20
Last Modified Date: 07JUL23
Approving Authority: S1 Officer in Charge
Point of Contact: S1 Officer in Charge


Tracking of all good conduct and personnel promotion eligibility is a critical function of the S1 Personnel Branch.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Responsibility
S1 1IC/2IC Maintains this vital infrastructure. Knows all functions and formulate as well as common problems and resolutions.
S1 Operations Sub-Department Lead Primary point of contact for HQ and monitoring execution of this document and work with HQ for more details.
S1 Operations AO Senior Follow procedures outlined in this document
S1 Operations Clerk Follow procedures outlined in this document


As outlined in 7CAV-R-005 Enlisted, Non-commissioned, Warrant and Officer Promotion and Reduction Regulations:

  • The Personnel Department (S1) will track and maintain personnel records to include time-in-grade (TIG), time-in-service (TIS), and Non-Commissioned Officer Academy graduations, as well as, all other pertinent records for each member. These records will be deemed as the official records for all members.
  • S1 will review and adjust member MILPAC records with authorization to do so by COS.
  • S1 will automatically promote members to the grades of Private First Class (PFC), Specialist (SPC) and Corporal (CPL) / Warrant Officer 1 (WO1) upon the attainment of the required TIS, TIG and other requirements established in this regulation.

The Good Conduct and Promotion Tracker is designed to help S1 in its execution of these duties. This tracker is vital in ensuring timely promotions for the grades PFC/SPC/CPL/WO1 and helps to ensure respective TIG TIS is computed with respect of Non-Favorable-Actions or ELOA/Discharge periods.

For detailed description of the Good Conduct and Promotion Tracker please contact your CoC. This document outlines respective elements we track as well as the purpose of tracking and the computation of negative days.


Eligibility for Promotions (and GC Medals) is determined by the following factors

  • Previous rank promotion date
  • Required Time in Grade (TIG)
  • Negative Days (ELOA, NFA, or Discharge/Re-Enlistment)

Once a promotion is due, the individual is (automatically) marked for promotion and commonly will be posted in a weekly cycle.

In order to track these elements the Good Conduct & Promotion Tracker colors help to identify the status of an individual:

  • Green: Promotion has been awarded / posted.
  • Yellow: Promotion is due this cycle.
  • Red: Promotion is overdue.
  • Blue: Person is on ELOA, essentially a HOLD on the promotion status until negative days can be computed. (military and medical ELOA's are exempt).
  • NCOA: tick-box to indicate completion of NCOA Phase II or NCOA completed before 2019.
  • SAC: tick-box to indicate completion of Server Administration course.

Operations clerks are tasked to ensure the data for each individual is up to date for each release cycle. This means they update the rank upon promotion, update the ELOA status (essentially putting a hold) S1 Headquarters ensures any NFA (followed for Disciplinary action) is added before the weekly cycle ends.

Discharges and reservists do not earn TIG or TIS for promotions and therefore are removed from the Tracker. Upon re-enlistment or returning to active duty from reserves a trooper is built using the "Trooper builder" described further on.

Good Conduct Medals

Eligibility for Good Conduct Medals is determined by the following factors:

  • Previous awarded GC medal (if existing) or enlistment date
  • Time in service (one GC for each year served)
  • Negative days (ELOA, Discharge)

As with promotions the ELOA effectively holds the awarding of Good Conduct Medals and discharged or reservists do not accumulate these rewards either. Upon re-enlistment or returning to active duty the negative days are computed and added to the respective award by the clerks.

Adding/Removing Personnel from the Tracker

Only add or remove people from the tracker after specific training on these actions:

  • Always follow the instructions from the sheet
  • if you are unsure on any actions that involve adding or removing a trooper then please consult with your CoC

Any additions to the Active sheet must be done using the Trooper Builder. The Trooper Builder provides a working environment and when combined with the Trooper Audit Utility ensures that a record is correctly added to the tracker.