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Able Company
CO MAJ RJ Rollins
XO Vacant
1SG 1SG Thomas Komar
Aide to Able Company
Superior Unit 2nd Battalion HQ
Reporting Units
Esprit De Corps
Unit Motto "Dogs of War"


Able Company, 2nd Battalion is a Composite Combat Arms and Combat Support Company tasked with Infantry and Combat Engineer operations. It is administratively known as A/2-7. The Company has three Platoons.

Company Standard Operating Procedures

Document Number Policy Letters
7CAV-A2-001 Able Company Policies


At Able Company, our vision is to create and be a part of a thriving gaming community built on the foundation of camaraderie, leadership, and the shared passion of Hell Let Loose. We aspire to be a beacon of growth and retention, empowering our members to develop their skills and emerge as exemplary leaders developing skills in both virtual and real-life environments. Central to our vision is the cultivation of effective communication, leadership principles and fun. By honing these essential skills, our members can excel not only within our mil-sim gaming context but also in their personal and professional lives. Beyond being just a gaming community, Able Company strives to create a brotherhood that extends far beyond the virtual battlefield. We are committed to fostering strong bonds among our members, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and where nobody is left behind. The cornerstones of Able Company's success are engagement and quality section practices. We maintain an active and dynamic community, where every is respected, every member's voice is heard, and their contributions are acknowledged and rewarded. Through collaboration and cooperation, we continuously improve the gaming experience for our members. Lastly, high attendance and active participation are crucial for building a strong and dedicated community. Able Company values commitment and recognizes the importance of every member's presence in shaping our collective success.​


Able Company is tasked to provide a composite, combined arms force to the 2nd Battalion. The Company operates in the Hell Let Loose area of responsibility. The Company combines several disparate specialties to create a Company-Team in operations that is capable of providing effective self-supported direct fire and direct fire support, as well as conducting mobility and counter-mobility tasks. Because of the company's area of responsibility, it primarily trains to fight against a near peer adversary in a conventional conflict.

Traditions and History

In 2020, Company Commander Captain Steve Rogers designated A Company the "Dogs of War". Although the Dogs of War patch is not worn on uniforms or used officially, the war dog is considered the company mascot.

Military Occupational Specialties Description
Infantry Officer (11A) The Infantry Officer is responsible for leading the soldiers of Able Company. They are responsible for ensuring the readiness of their soldiers. Infantry Officers have priority for leadership positions in operations.
A/2-7 CAV Patch


The following is a list of Company Commanders beginning with the most recent.

Rank Name Dates of Service
Major RJ Rollins 23 May 2023 – Present
Major John Hayes 25 June 2022 – 12 May 2023
Major Lucas Profenno 11 November 2021 – 22 June 2022
Major Steve Rogers 21 May 2020 – 11 November 2021

Order of Battle

The Company consists of 3 Homogenous Platoons, and a Headquarters Section.

Element Callsign Size Role
Company Headquarters Dogs of War Company HQ Company Command Team of A Company, including the Company Commander, Executive Officer and Company First Sergeant
1st Platoon Reapers Platoon Infantry Platoon
Baker Squad Reapers Squad Infantry Squads
Charlie Squad Reapers Squad
Dog Squad Reapers Squad
2nd Platoon Reapers Platoon Infantry Platoon
Able Section TBD Section Infantry Squads
Baker Section TBD Section
Charlie Section Reapers Section
Dog Section Reapers Section
3rd Platoon Brawlers Platoon Infantry Platoon
Able Section Fighting First Squad Infantry Squads
Baker Section Fighting Foxes Squad
Charlie Section Fighting Roosters Squad
Dog Section Fighting Badgers Squad