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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-DR-033
Scope: Recruit Training Command Arma 3 Basic Training Guide
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 19 Jul 20
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: RTC OIC
Point of Contact: RTC NCOIC

Conduct of the Course - Instructor Notes

What follows is a brief outline of how the bootcamp will be conducted. This is for the benefit of the drill instructors.

  1. Prior to class start, load students into the server. If there are any connection problems, mod issues, or other difficulties this is the time to sort them out.

Server Setup

Parameter State
Login Login as server administrator
Mission Difficulty Veteran
Map Altis
Mission 1BN Bootcamp Grounds V7.70 (Or latest version)
Slot Drill Instructor

Bootcamp Uniform & Equipment Guide

All Drill Instructors must maintain standardized uniforms and equipment to ensure the sense of professionalism is maintained.

Uniform Item Standard
Headgear (Optional) OEF-CP variant headgear or any qualified headgear (i.e. Campaign Hat, Airborne Beret, Black Beret, Cavalry Stetson, Jumpmaster Cap, etc.)
Facewear (Optional) No face covering facewear (i.e. Shemagh). All appropriate glasses permitted (i.e. Ballistic Glasses, Tactical Shades, etc.)
Uniform (Required) OEF-CP variant w/ 7th Cavalry insignia
Vest (Required) OEF-CP IOTV or SPCS
Backpack (Optional) Any OEF-CP/Multi-cam variant (i.e. Assault Pack, Kitbag, or Carryall). Note that Lag Strap Bags also permitted for radios, etc.
Primary Weapon (Optional) Any M4 or M16 variant rifle
Sidearm (Optional) M9, M1911, or Glock 17
Equipment (Required) Multiple radios for RCT usage
Equipment (Optional) Magazines for personal weapon, M67 frag grenades

These guidelines are not designed to micromanage loadouts and as such as not all inclusive. However, use best judgement and common sense with the intent of a professional appearance. If you have to ask, it's probably not ok.

Conduct of the Course

  1. Read Welcome & Introduction
  2. Conduct the classroom session
  3. Gear RCTs at the equipment crates
  4. Conduct the Rifle Range Qualification
  5. Conduct the Grenade Range Qualification
  6. Conduct the Bounding Range
  7. Conduct the Kill House
  8. Final words & the Final Question
  9. Update Folders and distribute Bootcamp Survey and RCT R&U links

Disruptive Personnel

If a recruit, cadre, or DI is acting in a manner which is disruptive to the bootcamp two warnings are permitted.

  1. First, warn the personnel that they are being disruptive and ask them to adhere to the Bootcamp procedures. This is their first warning.
  2. Second, if disruption continues, warn the person that and further disruption will result in removal from the server. This is their second warning.
  3. Finally, if the disruption persists, kick the individual from the server and notify RTC staff in a forum PM. If the individual was a RCT, request their discharge
  4. Note: If Cadre is being reported, further investigation is required from theindividual's CoC and punishment can be asked of the individual's CoC


Welcome to the 7th Cavalry Bootcamp Grounds. My name is RANK & NAME.

  1. Give some detail about yourself and your time in the Cav (i.e. “For those of you that don’t know me...”)
  2. Have additional Drill Instructors & Cadre introduce themselves.

Ground Rules

Here are the ground rules for today's bootcamp:

  1. No unauthorized or unsafe weapon discharges at any time
  2. This is an official setting, observe all 7th Cavalry Rules & Regulations
  3. Pay attention to all directions from DI's and cadre
  4. If you have a question, type a question mark in side chat and a Drill Instructor will be with you shortly
  5. Lastly, have fun!

Bootcamp Objectives

Today we will be conducting:

  1. A short classroom session
  2. Qualifying on the Rifle Range
  3. Qualifying on the Grenade Range
  4. Conducting the Tactical Movement Course
  5. Conducting the Close Quarters Battles Course

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this bootcamp you will have been taught the proper courtesies to be observed in an official 7th Cavalry setting. You will have practiced rifle marksmanship and proper grenade usage. Also, you will have learned bounding procedures, ACRE radio usage, as well as practiced moving and engaging targets in a CQB scenario.

Classroom Session

Move Recruits to the classroom area and have them place their backs against the wall.

Chain of Command

Just like in any military organization, the Chain of Command is important in the 7th Cavalry as it helps to ensure that all personnel have the information they need about what's going on and how to get it done. The Chain of Command also provides a medium to ensure that military respect is being adhered to.

The first member of you Chain of Command will be your section leader; they are the front line of defense for all your needs. Most issues can be easily solved by your SL and if not can be presented by the two of you to the next level from there. By doing this you allow them to demonstrate their effectiveness in their role and prove they are ready for advancement. Leaders in the 7th Cavalry have dedicated their time and shown a willingness and ability to lead and as such their investment should be respected.

If you are experiencing an issue with your direct superior that would be uncomfortable or difficult to bring up to them it is acceptable in these cases to “skip-level” to the next authority who will take consideration of the issue and resolve it as needed.

If for some reason you are out of contact with you SL and need time sensitive material passed on such as not being able to make section practice be sure to tell someone. Playing dumb and saying “I didn’t tell you because I couldn't find you” isn't an excuse. We have forums with a private message system, discord servers, and teamspeak - utilize it. Ninety percent of the time you know what you need to do already, just be sure to do it right the first time.

Customs and Courtesies

Alright, let me say this, we are not fanatics. We model ourselves after something we take pride and respect in - the military. As such we adhere to certain decorum. There are two primary types of environments in the 7th Cavalry; informal, like when we are playing on the public server, and formal, such as during official meetings and events.

During informal play or discussion address NCOs & officers by rank and name upon first greeting, then relax from there. You're playing a game after all, we’re here to have fun - do so - just keep your wits about you and afford the respect to rank. Leaders put in time and energy to get where they are; nothing is given, every inch is earned.

During formal events like meetings, always use rank and name to address NCOs & officers. When a senior officer enters the channel the senior personnel in the room the senior personnel will call “attention”. At this point all conversation will cease until released by direction of the officer. Most of this is pretty simple and I expect you to use your head and make good decisions.

Military Bearing

This is a pretty simple idea, you're mature and you've got some common sense - use it. After today you become part of something bigger than yourself. We have over 400 members currently located around the world including civilian, prior service, and active duty military. We run the gambit of society.

Understand that you represent the whole when you wear these tags. If you're out an about and act like and idiot you disrespect that fraternity and tarnish the whole. Don't do it. Treat this group like family, as if it were your own namesake. Use your brain, make smart decisions, follow the rules, contain your temper, and express yourself intelligently. Conduct yourself as ladies and gentlemen and act professionally.

Issue Equipment to Recruits

Move the recruits to the equipment layout area. Ensure that each trooper grabs the following equipment:

  • M16A4 (Carryhandle) Rifle
  • ACH (UCP) Helmet
  • IOTV (UCP) Vest
  • Earplugs

Instruct recruits to place ear plugs with ACE Self-Interact Left CTRL + Windows Key.Once all recruits have the equipment they need. Load all personnel into the adjacent humvees and proceed to the rifle range.

Rifle Range Qualification

Range Briefing and Orientation

Take this time to ensure that you object detail is set to ultra. This is the 400m rifle range. Your primary weapon system during this bootcamp will be the M16A4 5.56mm rifle. Before we begin we will review the safety protocols for the remainder of the bootcamp.

  • Treat every weapon as if it were loaded. Remain in a “Low Ready” stance by double tapping Left CTRL.
  • Never point the weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot
  • Keep your finger straight and off the trigger. Stay away from the mouse button unless you are shooting.

You will have two qualification attempts at this range. You must hit 26 targets to qualify Marksman, 30 for Sharpshooter, and at least 36 of 40 for Expert. Keep in mind that you will only have 40 rounds for 40 targets so if you miss disengage and wait for the next target to appear. You will have 21⁄2 seconds for single targets and 41⁄2 seconds for double targets. Retrieve a “Rifle Range Loadout (Standard)” from the equipment crate and you will be assigned a lane. Are there any questions?

Conduct of the Rifle Range

Assign each recruit to a lane. Advise the RCT as to the following:

  • Target hit indicator (Don't shoot it!)
  • Target ranges and how to set rifle zero to 200m Page Up
  • Wind direction and relative strength Shift + K
  • How to stabilize the weapon from the prone C

Connect to the Range Camera to help provide feedback to the recruit on where they are shooting. Pay attention as sometimes targets may not drop even if they are hit. Be sure to check the target hit indicator afterwards for the score, the automated counting may also miss some.

Rifle Range Score Guide

0-25 Hits 26 - 29 Hits 30-35 Hits 36-40 Hits
No Go Marksman Sharpshooter Expert

Fragmentation Grenade Range Qualification

Range Briefing, Orientation, and Demonstration

This is the grenade range. Today you will have two attempts to qualify with the M67 fragmentation grenade. While in the Cavalry, you will always call “Frag Out!” before you throw a frag grenade so that everyone knows they must wait for it's explosion before moving in. Note that on this range you must take cover by going prone behind the sandbag wall after throwing to score.

There are three targets on the range. From left to right they are the target behind the destroyed truck, the target in the top of the bunker, and the target behind the sandbags. Note that to score on the middle target you must land the grenade inside th second story of the bunker. You may engage the targets in any order but you must engage all three during an attempt. You need one hit to qualify Marksman, two for Sharpshooter, and all three for Expert. Are there any questions?

Note: Demonstrate the range by throwing a single fragmentation grenade at each target. Advise the recruits that they will need to aim higher than they think they will for the center target. Assign each recruit a lane and have them select the “Grenade Range Loadout” from the crates.

Conduct of the Fragmentation Grenade Range

A DI will accompany each recruit to a lane to throw. If there are more recruits than DIs the recruits will simply have to wait until a lane is free, or they can alternate on attempts as needed. DI may teach recruits about the “ACE Throw” feature before starting using SHIFT + G.

Scoring for the left and right target will be by DI discretion - the grenade should explode within a reasonable radius as to harm the intended target. The middle target must have the grenade enter the second story to score.

Fragmentation Grenade Range Scoring Guide

0 Hits 1 Hit 2 Hits 3 Hits
No Go Marksman Sharpshooter Expert

Tactical Movement Course

Range Briefing, Orientation, and Demonstration

Note: Have recruits first select the Bounding Range Loadout and then give each of them a radio. If an assistant is available, demonstrate the firing positions during the briefing.

This is the Tactical Movement Course. Today we will be learning how to use different cover and stances to engage targets. We will also be covering bounding movement while on this course.

We have three primary firing positions: one standing, one kneeling, and one prone. We always use the most appropriate firing stance to ensure that we give the enemy the smallest possible target. You can also lean left & right with Q & E or stance adjust with CTRL + A or CTRL + D.

Now to talk about bounding. The core principle is that one unit is always moving and another unit is always shooting. The first team will call “set” and begin covering fire. The other team should respond “moving” and sprint to their next position of cover, then call “set” and begin covering fire. The teams will alternate calling “set” and “moving” until the end of the objective is reached. You will have two attempts to meet the time standard of 50 seconds. This is a Go/No-Go event.

Note: Demonstrate the range by bounding from cover to cover communicating over the radio.

Conduct of the Tactical Movement Course

  • Have the recruits set their radio channel to Block: 2, Channel: 3 to ensure they can operate the radio
  • Note that only one person can be talking on the radio at a time
  • Recruits should call “Set” to initiate the movement of the other element
  • Terminology does not need to be precise, just so long as it conveys the message
  • Time end when the right lane hits the concrete wall

Tactical Movement Course Scoring Guide

50+ Seconds Less than or Equal to 50 Seconds
No Go Go

Close Quarters Battle Course

Range Briefing, Orientation, and Demonstration

This is the Close Quarters Battle Course or “The Kill House”. Today you will be practicing moving through and engaging fifteen targets in this building. You will start by positioning yourself within the coned area. Once the buzzer sounds and the green light appears you will move through following the path indicated by the arrows keeping your weapon up at all times. Ensure that you do not pass or miss any targets. Only once the last target is down may you sprint to the end.

Throughout the course you will be moving with your sights up in a tactical movement setting using semi-auto firing mode. You can toggle tactical movement by double pressing C. This is a timed event and you will have two attempts as per usual.Under 45 seconds is Marksman, under 37 seconds is Sharpshooter, and under 30 seconds is Expert.

Note: Walk the recruits through the course pointing out all the targets and showing them the path. Point out difficult areas and show them when they will be able to sprint. After, conduct a full speed demonstration with the recruits watching the video screens.

Conduct of the Close Quarters Battle Course

  • Time starts when a recruit “breaks the plane” to enter the house, NOT the buzzer
  • Weapon must be kept up at all times until all targets are down
  • Recruits will have a full 30 round mag for 15 target - it is ok to miss
  • Reloading is permitted but discouraged for the sake of time

Close Quarters Battle Course Scoring Guide

More than 45 Seconds 38 - 45 Seconds 30 - 37 Seconds Under 30 Seconds
No Go Marksman Sharpshooter Expert

Final Question

Final Words

Note: All DI & Cadre are welcome to give to words of advice, recommendations, etc. to recruits at this time. Keep it concise and positive. Do NOT recommend specific a MOS or unit.

Final Question

I will now ask each of you a final question, do not answer it yet. You have been through this Boot Camp, you have played with us on our servers, you have seen a fraction of what the 7th Cavalry Regiment has to offer you. You know now that we are more than a “Clan” - we are a brotherhood. You understand that there is more than just playing the game a couple times a week - we have roll calls, practices, we adhere to customs and courtesies, and have a chain of command.

Knowing these things, ask yourself, will you want to pick up the banner and join our fraternity...or step away now? I say this only because each person here has taken time out of their day, to do this for you. Sunday when you are graduated and promoted, there's more paperwork that needs to be done, uniforms to update and avatars to complete. If you are going to leave next week, or even next month, save those people the work.

General Chance has authorized that any person who completes this Boot Camp, regardless if they join us or walk away, is welcome in our servers and can keep their Discord and Teamspeak privileges. Think about these things when you consider your answer. I will now pose the question to each of you.

Note: Address each recruit individually until all have been asked

Recruit _______ knowing these things, hearing these statements, seeing what you have seen, will you now pick up and wear the mantle of the yellow and black?

Conclusion and Final Administration