Auxiliary Combat Detachment

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Acd banner.png
Auxiliary Combat Detachment
CO COL Steve Rogers
XO COL Derek Budd
SGM SGM Anthony Preacher
Aide to Auxiliary Combat Detachment
Superior Unit Regimental HQ
Reporting Units Alpha Company A/ACD
Bravo Company B/ACD
Charlie Company C/ACD
Starter Platoon SP/ACD
Esprit De Corps
Unit Motto "Forge The Future"

The Auxiliary Combat Detachment (ACD) is responsible for managing potential and enlisted recruits. All staff are responsible for assisting new and prospective recruits, answering any and all questions, and serving as the public face of the Regiment. The Auxiliary Combat Detachment helps to serve as a point of contact during their process until they are large enough to build as a Company. The department is led by the Auxiliary Commander with the help of the SPD, and maintains the department's strength, and is responsible for monthly reports and awards.


The mission of the Auxiliary Combat Detachment is to grow the ranks of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment by identifying, educating, and inviting prospective members, by adding additional games of interest.

Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

Document Number Policy Letters
7CAV-ACD-001 7th Cavalry Reserve
7CAV-ACD-002 ACD Section Practice Policy

ACD Battalion Leadership

Battalion Commanding Officer Battalion Executive Officer Battalion Sergeant Major
COL avatar.png COL avatar.png SGM avatar.png
Steve Rogers Derek Budd Anthony Preacher
To be Added. Colonel Derek Budd joined the 7th Cavalry in January 2020 under the Hell Let Loose Company of C/2-7 where he served as a trooper until he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant just a mere 6 months after joining the Regiment. He has since served as the Platoon Leader and Executive Officer of A/2-7, the Commanding Officer of C/2-7, and now currently serves as the Executive Officer of the Auxiliary Combat Detachment. Lieutenant Colonel Budd has served the 7th Cavalry in multiple secondary billets which include S1 (Current), S3, S5 (Held position of 2IC), Recruit Training Command (Held position of 2IC), and the Regimental Recruiting Department (Currently holds the 1IC position). During his career, he has received multiple combat medals including a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts. He also holds multiple statutory and meritorious awards including, 32 Recruiting Ribbons, C/2-7 Trooper of the Month APR 2020, 2-7 Officer of the Quarter Q1 2021, and most recently an Army Distinguished Service Medal for his meritorious contributions to the Auxiliary Combat Detachment. Sergeant Major Anthony Preacher joined the CAV in May of 2020 under the Hell Let Loose AO of A/2-7. He has served multiple leadership positions in 1st Platoon, Alpha Company which included Fireteam Leader, Assistant Section Leader, Section Leader, and Platoon Sergeant; where he held his longest command from March of 2021 until his assignment as Sergeant Major of the Auxiliary Combat Detachment in August of 2022. He serves the NCOA Department as the lead of the school, training hundreds of troopers to become NCOs and he serves the S7 Department as the HLL School of Infantry Senior Instructor since September of 2020 where he continues to train the members of the 2-7 Battalion. He has been awarded a Defense Superior Service Medal as well as a Legion of Merit for his work in NCOA, multiple Army Meritorious Unit Citations for operations in the Arma AO, and has been issued two Bronze Stars for operations in the Hell Let Loose AO.

Traditions and History


The following is a list of the previous Auxiliary Combat Detachment Commanders, beginning with the most recent.

Rank Name Dates of Service
Lieutenant Colonel Steve Rogers 27 Nov 21–Present
Major Dorian Sharkey 04 Oct 21–26 Nov 21