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Regimental HQ
CO GOA John T Chance
XO GEN Harm Kleinman
COS LTG Cameron Burgundy
ROO MG Stefan Baeder
AG BG Rip Tharen
CSM CSM Apollo Nexhex
Aide to Regimental HQ
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Reporting Units 1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
Auxiliary Combat Detachment
Esprit De Corps
Unit Motto "Garry Owen"

The Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) is the Command Team of the 7th Cavalry. It is the unified Command and Headquarters responsible for fighting Battalions as well as all staff branches and supporting departments. The Regimental combat power includes three fighting battalions, six staff branches, and several supporting departments. Members of the Regiment wear the 1st Cavalry Division Patch (1 CD) on their Army Combat Uniform and Army Green Service Uniforms as the Regiment is currently assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division. The current Regimental Commanding Officer is General of the Army John T Chance, who assumed the position in April 2014.

Regimental Command Team

The Regimental Command Team includes the senior leadership of the Regiment, who provide operational Command and Control, as well as control of all administration and real-life support (RLS). The senior leader of the 7th Cavalry Regiment is the Regimental Commanding Officer. This Commander is supported by the senior enlisted advisor, the Regimental Command Sergeant Major (CSM). While not part of the chain of command, the Chief of Staff and Regimental Adjutant provide the commander with expert advice, as well as manage and control support departments and the battalions on behalf of the Regimental Commander.

Regimental Commanding Officer Regimental Executive Officer Regimental Command Sergeant Major
GOA avatar.png GEN avatar.png CSM avatar.png
John Chance Harm Kleinman Apollo Nexhex

Commander's Staff

The Regimental Commander is supported by expert staff such as the Chief of Staff, Regimental Adjutant, and the Information Management Officer. The Chief of Staff is the principal Staff Officer of the Regimental Headquarters, responsible for all daily operations. The Regimental Adjutant is responsible for the oversight of recruitment, training, and is also the Commanders' senior administrator. The Information Management Officer is responsible for the oversight of information technology systems within the Regiment.

Regimental Chief of Staff Regimental Recruiting Oversight Officer Regimental Adjutant General
LTG avatar.png MG avatar.png BG avatar.png
Cameron Burgundy Stefan Baeder Rip Tharen

Operational Units

The 1st Battalion (1-7) is a unit level organization that is assigned to the Arma 3 Area of Operation (AO). The 2nd Battalion (2-7) is also a unit level organization assigned to the Hell Let Loose AO. The Auxiliary Combat Detachment (ACD) is a unit level organization that is assigned to growing multiple games within the Regiment.

Battalion Guidon Battalion Name Description
1BN.png 1st Battalion 1st Battalion is a unit-level organization of the 7th Cavalry Regiment. 1-7 is the home of Arma 3 in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, and is currently comprised of three Companies that perform different roles and have different Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).
2BNLogo.png 2nd Battalion 2nd Battalion is a unit-level organization of the 7th Cavalry Regiment. 2-7 is the home of Hell Let Loose in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, and is currently comprised of two Companies that perform different roles and have different Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).
ACD.png Auxiliary Combat Detachment The Auxiliary Combat Detachment is a unit-level organization of the 7th Cavalry Regiment. It is administratively known as ACD. ACD is currently comprised of multiple Companies, Starter Platoons, and the Reserves. The Auxiliary Combat Detachment's Area of Operation (AO) includes various up and coming games.

Support Departments

The 7th Regimental Headquarters has six Staff Branches, responsible to provide expert advice to the Commander and to manage administrative functions. These branches are unofficially known as "S-Shops".

Branch Crest Branch Name Description
S1Crest.png S1 - Personnel Administration The S1 Branch is responsible to advise the Commanding Officer on all aspects related to manpower, human resources, personnel administration, and records keeping. The S1 Branch is responsible for all Regimental Clerks, who provide service for all Regimental Administration tools, such as uniforms, forum signatures, and the Military Personnel Administration System (MILPACS). The Branch also provides Operational tracking for currently deployed Soldiers, and tracking of Operations overall.
S2Crest.png S2 – Intelligence and Security The S2 Branch provides the Commanding Officer with Force Protection via a variety of intelligence services. The S2 Branch advises the Regimental Commanding Officer about all matters pertaining to the security of Information Systems (IS), and the credibility of Regimental members. Primarily, the S2 Branch screens all new applicants with open-source methods to ensure that they have truthfully filled out the application.
S3Crest.png S3 Operations The S3 Branch provides the Commanding Officer with expert advice on Operational design and planning. The S3 Operations Branch is responsible for campaign design and execution, including mission development for the Arma 3 Area of Operations. The Operations side also develops and curates the Arma 3 modpack to ensure stability and performance.
PublicAffairsCrest.png S5 - Public Affairs The S5 Branch is the Commanders' public image. The S5 Branch produces multi-media products both for public and Regimental use. The S5 branch seeks out and plans joint operations and Regimental alliances. The S5 Branch primarily employs Combat Cameramen, and Live-Steaming Operators to enhance the public image of the Regiment.
S6Crest.png S6 - Information Systems The S6 Branch provides the Commander expert advise on all matters pertaining to Information Systems and software. The S6 Branch manages the forums, wiki, and game servers. The S6 is led by the S6, who advises the Regimental Commander about IS Capabilities. The S6 Branch also conducts routine system administration including permissions, forum creation and deletion, and management of servers. The S6 Branch falls under the Information Management Office. The Information Management Office oversees the operation of the S1 Branch, Wiki Administration Group, and S6 Branch.
TRADOC_small.png S7 - Training The S7 Branch provides the Commanding Officer with expert advice on training, and doctrine development. The S7 Training Branch is responsible to administer and command all Regimental Schools.

Secondary Departments

Support Departments provide specialized, tailored functions in support of the Regimental Headquarters mission.

Information Management Office

The Information Management Office (IMO) commands the S1 Branch, S6 Branch, and Wiki Administration Group (WAG). It is the principal department responsible for control of all information systems, services, and administration in the 7th Cavalry Regiment.

Wiki Administration Group

The Wiki Administration Group (WAG) maintains the 7th Cavalry wiki database. It is responsive to customer edits via a ticket system. It publishes, edits and controls the Wiki and advises the commander of the capabilities of the platform.

Recruiting Oversight Office

The Recruitment Oversight Office is responsible to command the Regimental Recruiting Department (RRD), Recruit Training Command (RTC), and also the S5 Branch.

Regimental Recruiting

The Regimental Recruiting Department is responsible to conduct recruiting on 7th Cavalry Regiment servers to grow the Regiments' strength. The Department informs prospective members about the benefits of the Regiment, games offered, and different roles.

Recruit Training Command

The Recruit Training Command conducts Basic Combat Training (BCT), which turns new enlisted members into qualified soldiers. The Recruit Training Command manages new members until completion of Basic Training.

Security Operations Department

The Security Operations Department (SOD) is responsible to command the S2 Branch and Military Police Department.

Military Police

The Military Police Department is responsible to administer all 7th Cavalry Servers to ensure a safe and fair gaming environment for all players. The Military Police Department has the authority to enforce all game rules, and act as administrators on the 7th Cavalry servers.

Judge Advocate General

The Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) is responsible to carry out investigations, and provide military law support to the Regiment. The JAG primarily conducts Courts Martial trials when required.

Leadership Development

Officer Development School

The Officer Development School conducts on-demand courses to train current Cavalry Soldiers the fundamentals of leadership, administration and tactical orders production.The School tests Soldiers via competitive process to produce Army Officers capable of commanding at the Platoon level.

Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

The Non-Commissioned Officer Academy trains enlisted Soldiers to become Non-Commissioned Officers in the 7th Cavalry Regiment. The School's courses are a requirement for Soldiers to be promoted to the rank of Corporal, and is a requirement for Soldiers who wish to become a commissioned officer.

Traditions and History

Previous Regimental Commanders

Rank Name Dates of Service
General of the Army John T Chance 14 Apr 2014–Present
General of the Army Scott Bahama 10 Feb 2014 - 15 Apr 2014
General of the Army Scott Unix 18 Oct 2011 - 09 Feb 2014
General of the Army Aaron Plumbly 15 Oct 2002 - 19 Oct 2011