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S5 Public Affairs
Superior Dept Recruitment Oversight Office
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HQ Staff
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1IC CPL Allan Black
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In the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment, similar skills are employed to effectively fulfill our public relations outreach to the tactical gaming community.

S5 is the official voice, face and community liaison for the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment It's duties are to establish, maintain and strengthen relationships within the tactical gaming community in order to facilitate clear communication, address questions and concerns, and foster the ideals of cooperation and mutual respect within the community. The S5 department fulfills its mission by separating concerns into three purpose-oriented branches.

S5 Public Relations

This department is the Salute of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment to other clans and units. The S5 PR team actively seeks out and nurtures relationships with other clans and units. Members organize scrimmages, maintain direct contact with leaders of other units, and help to correct misunderstandings or grievances within other clans or units. S5 PR is the primary liaison between 7th Cavalry and other gaming organizations.

S5 Media

This department is the Face of the Regiment. Staff members participate in scrimmages, operations, trainings, classes and other events hosted by the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment and other tactical gaming organizations. The S5 Media Team capture game-play footage in the Regiment's supported games to produce high quality, motivating, awe-inspiring video clips. Their artistic skills coupled with technical skills masterfully convey our ideals of integrity and brotherhood while showcasing the well executed tactics and pure fun enjoyed by our members. S5 Media helps to cement our respected identity in the community and greatly aids recruitment through these efforts.[/H]

S5 LiveStreaming

S5 LiveStreaming are the personnel who actively stream and represent the regiment on a daily basis. Whether it's operations, events, scrimmages, or just having fun: our LiveStream crew shares our culture with the world.

Below will contain a time log of when S5 start and finish live streaming. This tracker should be updated every time S5 goes live either on twitch or YouTube and should follow the formatting in the example.

Platform of Stream: Twitch/YouTube/Other

Title of Stream:

Game Played:

Duration (HH:MM:SS):

Peak viewer count:

Further, Streamers are required to have Cav decor on their streaming page and/or banner for the duration of their logged streaming times. Livestreamers are also required to stream at least 4 hours a month.