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Recruit Training Command
Superior Dept Recruitment Oversight Office
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HQ Staff
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1IC CW3 Donald Moore-Allen
2IC SSG John D'Amico
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Welcome recruit to the Recruit Training Command (RTC) of the 7th Calvary regiment. From here you will Be able to review the RTC departmental policies and as well the departmental history and traditions.

The Recruit Training Command (RTC) is responsible for conducting Basic Combat Training (BCT), turning new enlistees into qualified Soldiers. The Recruit Training Command was placed under the command of the Recruiting Oversight Office (ROO) on May 6th, 2020.


The mission of the Recruit Training Command is to transform enlistees to become qualified Army Soldiers through demanding, realistic and professional training.

Policies and Procedures

The Recruit Training Command has several policies which govern how training is conducted.

Document Number Policy or Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-DR-018 RTC Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-019 RTC - Roles and Responsibilities
7CAV-DR-020 RTC - Recruit Processing Guide
7CAV-DR-032 RTC Recruit Briefing Guide
7CAV-DR-033 RTC - Arma 3 Basic Training Guide

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Traditions and History

Previous Recruit Training Command Commanders are listed below, beginning with most recent.

Rank Name Dates of Service
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Donald Moore-Allen 26 Oct 2023 - Present
Colonel Steve Rogers 12 Oct 2020 - 26 Oct 2023
First Lieutenant Kyle York 18 Dec 2019 - 09 Oct 2020
First Lieutenant Marvin Graton 18 May 2019 - 14 Dec 2019
First Lieutenant Avel Rini 23 May 2018 - 07 May 2019
First Lieutenant Sammy Muir 23 Sep 2017 - 25 Apr 2018
Major Nate Thumper 04 Feb 2017 - 21 Sep 2017
Major Kieran Kastor 17 Nov 2016 - 23 Jan 2017
Major Charlie Malloy 01 Feb 2016 - 08 Aug 2016
First Lieutenant Steve Rogers 22 Sep 2013 - 31 Oct 2015