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Superior Dept Regimental HQ
Motto Innovatione et Excellentia
HQ Staff
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1IC MAJ Artyom Stetchkov
2IC MAJ Ross Strider
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The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment is the premier gaming clan in the tactical realism community which is due in no small way to the breadth and professional excellence of our technology platforms and services. A carefully tested and maintained collection of custom and off the shelf software provides our members with the tools necessary to build and expand a vibrant virtual community. These tools help bind us together in common goals and values in spite of our divergence into multiple games. Carefully selected and maintained server hardware with complex hosting relationships are the foundation of the S6 Department which is expertly administered 24/7 by a dedicated cadre of highly skilled volunteer system administrators and development staff. The S6 Department is the home to those hard working individuals.

Ticket System

The S6 Department tracks current and ongoing issues with our servers and resources via a forum based Ticket System. Request for Features, Support, or Inquiries on our servers, website, or other resources are handled by S6 Staff via Tickets. Tickets for S6 Issues, Feature Requests, and Inquiries are assigned specific categories depending on what service they are related to:

Ticket Category Description
  • Requests for modification, creation or deletion of threads, forums or permissions to view or special actions.
  • Requests or modification of special extensions, widgets or custom scripts in use or suggested.
  • Issues with viewing, editing or creating threads or posts.
  • Issues with user account, logins or any technical issues with the www.7cav.us website as a whole.
  • Requests for modification, creation or deletion of roles, messages or channels.
  • Requests for Features such as but not limited to, Discord bots, API/Website integrations.
  • Issues with roles, Discord bot permissions, permissions on channels.
  • Requests for access to RCON for Battlemetrics supported games that are operated by 7th Cavalry.
  • Requests for Features such as but not limited to, Triggers, notifications, Global messages, Player Tags.
  • Issues with permissions, roles assigned or technical issues with the third-party application.
  • Issues with adding/removing bans, player tracking, native bans and community bans.
  • Requests for modification, creation or deletion of Channels, Server Groups, Group Icons.
  • Requests for features such as but not limited to, Teamspeak bots, TS3 Server Side Addons/Extensions.
  • Issues with permissions, Server group assignments or teamspeak in general.
  • Requests for invite into 7Cav organization github.
  • Requests forinvitation to Teams or Collaborator access to specific repositories.
  • Modification, removal, archival or deletion of Repositories, Workflows, Projects.
Hell Let Loose
  • Requests for in-game admin.
  • Issues with game server(s) availability or performance.
Arma 3
  • Requests for addition, modification or deletion of mission files or game mods.
  • Requests for in-game admin, server password changes, "Zeus" Access on public servers.
  • Issues with game server configuration or allocation of resources.
  • Issues with game server(s) availability or performance.
  • Requests for addition or deletion of game mods.
  • Requests for in-game admin, server password changes.
  • Issues with game server configuration or allocation of resources.
  • Issues with game server(s) availability or performance.
Post Scriptum
  • Requests for addition or deletion of game mods.
  • Requests for in-game admin, server password changes.
  • Issues with game server configuration or allocation of resources.
  • Issues with game server(s) availability or performance.
  • Request for Token Approval or Removal.
  • Request for Features such as but not limited to, Endpoints, Additional functions, Oauth.
  • Issues with the API, Rate limits, or general use.
  • Issues or Requests that do not pertain to the above categories and is a function or resource maintained by S6

S6 Applications

The S6 department has a commitment to providing administration and development of our services and operations. While this is a voluntary position, we have high standards for our department staff and require a vetting process to determine if a candidate for S6 is best suited for the responsibilities and duties that come with the position. This vetting process will evaluate your skills, talents, past experience, and overall knowledge and availability to do the tasks required. With exception of the S6 - Developer role, availability of these roles are upon position opening and are not available by request.


  • ARMA Game Clerk
  • Squad Game Clerk
  • Hell Let Loose Game Clerk
  • Post Scriptum Game Clerk
  • Developer

S6 Game Clerk

Game Clerks are responsible for operation and basic administrative tasks for their respective game server(s). While in some cases a game clerk may have assigned duties to more than one game, they are considered subject matter experts in their role. Game Clerks are expected to know and understand how to configure, troubleshoot, and maintain our game servers where in addition they are the first point of contact for issues with our game servers and the first to respond.

S6 Developer

The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment has several custom services, scripts, and software actively maintained by S6 Administrators and Developer staff. With efficiency and accessibility in mind, S6 Developers actively work to improve day-to-day operations by introducing new ways to automate tasks, implement services, and the overall development of the technologies we use. Developers are individuals with an aspiration to further their knowledge and to learn or work with several programming languages or systems in order to improve our organization and member experience. S6 Developers are given special tools or access to resources that are required to perform duties as assigned where they otherwise would not be available or not permitted. While other S6 roles have defined duties or responsibility, development staff, due to their nature are chosen projects or duties as per their individual skills or interest. An understanding of programming languages such as JavaScript, Golang, PHP, Python, C#/C++, Powershell, etc. are typically what is looked for when we are assessing if someone has the knowledge required. Development staff positions are a position given by request or invitation.


We are looking for members who are willing to learn and have an interest in taking lessons or working with another developer with consideration to availability. Developers are always open to provide feedback and opportunities to train new members for posterity. Internship within the S6 Department as a Jr. Developer is available upon request.

Policies and Procedures

The S6 Department has various policies and procedures governing all aspects of the S6 organization, including use of assets, operating procedures, and responsibilities.

Document Number Policy or Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-DR-037 S6 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-038 S6 Department - Acceptable Use Policy
7CAV-DR-039 S6 Department - Responsibilities and Duties
7CAV-DR-042 S6 Department - Billet Restriction Policy

Traditions and History

Below is a list of all previous S6 Officers in Charge.

Rank Name Dates of Service
Major Artyom Stetchkov 18 Mar 2024 - present
Captain Ron Sypolt 10 Jan 2023 – 07 Jan 2024
Colonel Isaac Sweetwater 22 Jul 2020 – 08 January 2023
Colonel Adam Jarvis 11 Feb 2019 - 22 Jul 2020
Colonel Matt Treck 15 Feb 2016 - 11 Feb 2019
General Stephen Carter 13 Mar 2009 - 15 Feb 2016