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Security Operations
Superior Dept Security Operations Department
Motto Defensor Fortis
HQ Staff
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1IC MAJ Rubs Ronen
2IC SGT David D'Amico
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Aide to Security Operations {{{DepAide}}}
Aide to CoS {{{Aide}}}
Reporting Units


Every large complex system, no matter how well designed, has a weakness. For the system to consistently perform well, it is crucial that weaknesses be identified and either fortified or removed. Ours is a large organization with many moving parts. S2 stands as a sentinel protecting our brotherhood, ensuring our ability to perform, and safeguarding the untarnished reputation of the 7th Cavalry.

The first line of defense in this critical duty is the new recruit background check. As new recruits are welcomed into the 7th Cavalry, the S2 department conducts a gaming background check on the enlistee. We look at their gaming history using sites such as BattleMetrics and SteamRep. We review former gaming clan activity and gaming website participation. Points of interest include but are not limited to, checking to make sure that incoming members are currently not a part of another clan, don't have any VAC bans under five years, are not under-aged, and have no history of game hacking.

S2 Standard Operating Procedures

Document Number Policy Letters
7CAV-DR-002 S2 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-003 S2 Department - Application Denial Reference
7CAV-DR-046 S2 Department - Discharge Notification

Previous Commanders

Rank Name Dates of Service
Major Rubs Ronen 22 FEB 2019 - Present
Sergeant Patrick Burton 29OCT18 - 17FEB19
Staff Sergeant Kovalsck Schmidt 07JUN17 - 29OCT18
Sergeant Aaron Cass 23OCT16 - 25MAR17
Staff Sergeant Helene Binder 17OCT15 - 04JUL16