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Security Operations Department
Superior Dept Regimental HQ
Motto '
HQ Staff
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1IC GEN Harm Kleinman
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Reporting Units S2 – Intelligence and Security
Military Police
Judge Advocate General Corps

The Security Operations Department (SOD) is responsible to command and control all judicial, administrative, and force protection activities in the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment. The department is commanded by the Regimental Executive Officer. It is given full control of the Military Police Department, S2 Branch, and Judge Advocate General's Branch. The branch is commonly referred to as "SecOps", a combination of Security and Operations, however this is unofficial. The department reports to the Regimental Headquarters. The department was established in 2017, combining the roles of these 3 departments into a unified headquarters.


The Security Operations Department's mandate is to advise the commander on all matters relating to server administration, counter-intelligence, digital force protection, and provide expert legal advice. Day to day operations include administrating all 7th Cavalry game servers and Discord/Teamspeak 3, as well as screening all new applicants to ensure they adhere to the established Codes of conduct and values. Each of the three departments or branches has a commander, responsible to the Regimental XO and the Commander of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.


The mission of the Security Operations Department is to provide the commander with expert, timely, and relevant advice to safeguard personnel, equipment, and information in an evolving digital threat environment.

Subordinate Departments

The Security Operations Department has full command of three departments: The Military Police Department, S2 Branch, and Judge Advocate General's Office.

Military Police Department Office of the Judge Advocate General S2 Branch (Intelligence)
CavMPPatch.png JAGCrest.png S2Crest.png
The Military Police Department is responsible to act as the subject matter experts for force protection on the 7th Cavalry Regiment's servers. They are responsible to control the administration of all servers, advise the commander on force protection, and train 7th Cavalry soldiers on server administration. The Office of the Judge Advocate General provides the commander with timely, expert legal advice, and is responsible to operate and review the 7th Cavalry Regiment's judicial system. The S2 Branch provides the commander with relevant, timely, and detailed counter-intelligence and intelligence information. In the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment, it is responsible to conduct all initial checks for members joining to ensure they meet our requirements.
First in Charge: 2nd Lieutenant Mike Jay First in Charge: General Harm Kleinman First in Charge: Major Rubs Ronen
Second in Charge: Chief Warrant Officer 4 Don Dalton Second in Charge: N/A Second in Charge: Sergeant David DAmico

Traditions and History

The department has had several previous commanders, listed here.

Previous Security Operations Department Commanders

Rank Name Dates of Service
General Harm Kleinman 29 Sep 2019 - Present
Major General Alexander Grgich 05 Oct 2018 - 25 Sep 2019
Major General Cameron Burgundy 06 Feb 2017 - 05 Oct 2018

Policies and Procedures

The Security Operations Department has various policies and procedures governing server administration, policies and procedures, member screening, and intelligence.

Document Number Policy Letters
7CAV-R-036 Security of Information