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7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment
Command Staff
Commanding Officer: GOA.Chance.JT
Executive Officer: GEN.Kleinman.H
Chief of Staff: LTG.Burgundy.C
Adjutant General: MG.Tharen.R
Recruiting Oversight Officer: LTG.Baeder.S
Command Sergeant Major: CSM.Nexhex.A
1st Battalion HQ
Battalion Commander: COL.LaCombe.M
Battalion XO: LTC.Dread.M
Battalion SGM: SGM.Schmidt.A
2nd Battalion HQ
Battalion Commander: COL.Rob.Y
Battalion XO: LTC.Hayes.J
Battalion SGM: SGM.West.B
3rd Battalion HQ
Battalion Commander: MAJ.May.J
Battalion XO: MAJ.Walsh.D
Battalion SGM: SGM.Hill.MR
Auxiliary Combat Detachment HQ
Detachment Commander: COL.Rogers.S
Detachment XO: COL.Budd.D
Detachment SGM: SGM.Preacher.A


7CAV Gaming Black.png

The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment, often referred to as "7CAV" or "the Cav", is a long-standing Military Simulation (MILSIM) gaming community that primarily plays first person military shooter and simulation games that values tactical realism, higher standards of conduct, and brotherhood. The Regiment was founded in October 2002, making it one of the oldest milsim clans in existence. The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment currently supports multiple games: Arma 3, Hell Let Loose (PC), Hell Let Loose (Console), DCS World, Squad, Star Citizen, Star Wars RPG, Counter-Strike 2, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Cav is always looking to expand its presence through new, popular games that support tactical team-based gameplay. As of 2024, the Cav currently supports a community of over 700 active members!

This page will introduce new or prospective members to the capabilities of the Regiment, our traditions, our history, and other introductory information. The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment has always been run with a military structure, similar to the United States Army. However, the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment makes a number of changes to represent the structure in a manner that is compatible with a casual video game environment. Since founding, military simulation and tactical realism principles have always been employed. The earliest games played by the Cav included Call of Duty 1 and 2. However, the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment began to see large growth beginning in 2008 when adopting Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and then in 2009 when we adopted Arma 2. With Arma 2, 1st Battalion was activated, and the Cav has utilized a multi-Battalion structure ever since. The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment has played a number of games including Call of Duty, Arma, Hell Let Loose, Squad, Post Scriptum (now Squad 44), America's Army, Day of Defeat, Insurgency, Planetside 1 and 2, and many others. Whatever games we play, it's always with a focus on tactical realism and team based gameplay! If you'd like to be part of our 20+ year history and success, enlist today!

Enlistment Application: https://7cav.us/enlist
New Trooper Guide: https://wiki.7cav.us/wiki/New_Trooper_Guide

What We Offer

The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment offers the following for all of its officially supported games:

  • Operations for every game, with people working together as a team striving for tactical realism
  • Weekly organized practices
  • Optional classes for every game to help you become a subject matter expert
  • Ranks, promotions, and a robust medals system
  • Leadership opportunities and personal development
  • A customized MILPAC and uniform to display all your achievements
  • Public and private servers to play all of our officially supported games
  • A large community and brotherhood that values higher standards, a code of conduct, and supporting one another!

For more details on each game we play and how to get started, please check out our Games Guide on our Wiki: https://wiki.7cav.us/wiki/Game_Guides.

Order of Battle

Currently the Regiment is divided into four distinct Battalions, supported by a range of departments.

1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment (1-7 CAV)

The 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment is fully dedicated to the Arma 3 area of operations. It has three Companies with distinct roles that form a combined-arms force. It is commanded by a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel, supported by a range of expert and specialist Staff. Each Company or Troop is commanded by a Major or Captain. During war, the Battalion is designated as a "Combined Arms Battalion" or CAB, and forms part of a Task-Force or is assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division (1 CD), as part of a larger combined arms effort.

Alpha Company 1-7 CAV Bravo Troop 1-7 CAV Charlie Company 1-7 CAV
ACoButton.png BTrpButton.png CCoButton.png
Alpha Company is the Aviation Company in the 1st Battalion. It provides both fixed wing and rotary wing Army Aviators. They operate a wide range of aircraft, including the UH-60M Helicopter, AH-64D Attack Helicopter, MH-6 Littlebird Helicopter, CH-47F Heavy Lift Helicopter, as well as a wide range of fixed-wing platforms including the C-130J, A-10, and F-35. Bravo Troop is a composite Troop comprised of Mechanized Infantry and Health Service Support/Combat Service Support. It has 2 Platoons with each Platoon with one of these capabilities. Bravo Troop Soldiers primarily operate the M1126/M1127 Stryker and other infantry carrier vehicles (ICV) for maneuver and assault. Charlie Company is a Light Infantry Company that specializes in Airborne and Air Assault Operations. It is tasked to provide a high readiness force to the 1st Battalion through operational mobility. It has 2 Platoons of Light Infantry.

2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment (2-7 CAV)

The 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment currently plays Hell Let Loose (PC) with four Companies. All Companies have a combined-arms focus. Like the 1st Battalion, the 2d Battalion is commanded by a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel, with Major or Captain Company Commanders. The 2d Battalion is the original Battalion in the Regiment, and has played all games prior to Arma since the Regiment's inception in 2002.

Able Company 2-7 CAV Baker Company 2-7 CAV Charlie Company 2-7 CAV Easy Company 2-7 CAV
A27CoButton.png B27CoButton.png C27CoButton.png E27 flag.png
Able Company is a combined-arms Company assigned to the Hell Let Loose (HLL) Area of Operations. It currently employs Infantry in a WW2 environment. Baker Company is a combined-arms Company assigned to the Hell Let Loose (HLL) Area of Operations. It currently employs Infantry in a WW2 environment. Charlie Company is also a combined-arms Company assigned to the Hell Let Loose (HLL) Area of Operations. It also currently employs Armor crewman in a WW2 environment. Easy Company is a combined-arms Company assigned to the Hell Let Loose (HLL) Area of Operations. It currently employs Infantry in a WW2 environment.

3rd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment (3-7 CAV)

The 3rd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment is fully dedicated to the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World area of operations, and is currently comprised of two Companies: Alpha and Bravo. 3-7 aims to be one of the premier aviation simulation units in the world!

Alpha Company 3-7 CAV Bravo Company 3-7 CAV
Navybutt.png Bravo final.png
Alpha Company serves as the naval and support section. Alpha flies the F/A-18C “Hornet” and F-14B “Tomcat” Carrier based aircraft whilst the remainder of the Company fields the A-10C "Warthog" Close-Air Support attack aircraft, And the AV-8B Harrier. The Support Section provides many functions that serve to provide deeper and immersive gameplay including: Air Traffic Control, Marshall and Landing Signal Officers, C2 Command & Control, Advanced Warning and Control Systems, and flight logistics utilizing aircraft including the UH-60 Medium Lift Helicopter, CH-47 Heavy Lift Helicopter, and the C-130J Hercules transport aircraft. Bravo Company serves as the USAF and Army section. Bravo flies the F-16C “Viper”, F-15E “Mudhen”, and the AH-64D “Apache” Attack Helicopter. Bravo Company is also home to our “Front-seater”/ “Back-seater” MOS: the Co-Pilot Gunner (CP/G) of the Apache, and the Weapons System Officer (WSO) of the Mudhen. These aircraft provide extremely powerful air-to-air and all-weather capabilities as well as synergy for combined attack tactics utilizing their multicrew capabilities.

Auxiliary Combat Detachment, 7th Cavalry Regiment (ACD-7 CAV)

The Auxiliary Combat Detachment, 7th Cavalry Regiment, formed on October 7th, 2021, is a newer concept with an emphasis on growing new games in order for them to become their own battalion. It currently has two companies, each its own respective game. The Regimental Reserve, as well as any potential starter platoons, are also under the command of ACD-7. It is commanded by a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel, with Major or Captain Company Commanders.

Bravo Company ACD-7 CAV Charlie Company ACD-7 CAV
Bravo.png Pasted image 0 (2).png

Bravo Company is fully dedicated to the Hell Let Loose (Console Version) area of operations.

Charlie Company is fully dedicated to the Squad area of operations.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Enlistment in the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment

  1. Minimum age is 18, not debatable, no exceptions
  2. You must have a microphone and speak fluent English
  3. Must have Discord
    • and TeamSpeak 3 if you play Arma3
  4. Must have one of the following games to join:
    • Arma 3 WITH Apex DLC
    • Hell Let Loose
    • Hell Let Loose (Console)
    • DCS World
    • Squad
    • Star Citizen
    • Star Wars Roleplaying Game
    • Counter-Strike 2
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  5. Must be willing to play in a Military and Tactical Realism Unit
  6. Must be willing to take orders and follow the chain of command
  7. Once you complete Boot Camp you will be assigned to a Section/Squad and you must practice with that group. If you cannot attend the practice of your assigned Section/Squad due to work or some other real life event, you must be excused by your Section/Squad Leader. Options for making up the practice can be discussed with your Section/Squad Leader and Platoon Chain of Command.
  8. Must be active on the forum 1 time a week. Your Section/Squad Leader will make a roll call post once a week, you must respond to this post in the required manner.
  9. Must not be a member of another FPS Clan/Unit. Dual Clanning is prohibited.
  10. Must not have a VAC or Game Ban on record for any reason within the last 5 years.

NOTE: Minimum requirements 'issues' must be resolved within 10 days of enlistment or the enlistee will be DISCHARGED.

Roles and Specializations

The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment offers many Military Occupational Specialties based around the real roles in the United States Army.

Primary Roles

Known as A primary billet, this is a Troopers primary assignment in the Regiment. After joining and passing through our Recruit Training Command, a Troop will be assigned to their requested Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). They are then assigned to a section, squad or tank that they will practice with every week. The current MOS' offered are listed below.

Arma 3

Arma 3 has a range of realistic Military Occupational Specialties available through different Companies.

Branch Insignia MOS Name / Code Company Description
Aviation Operations Specialist - 15P Alpha Company 15P, Aviation Operations Specialist are usually known as Air Crew. These Soldiers operate the crew served weapons on a variety of Rotary platforms, as well as performing maintenance and resupply.
Rotary Wing Aviator - 153A Rotary Wing Aviators are US Army Pilots who are commissioned as Warrant Officers upon successful completion of training. They are responsible to fly the range of Aircraft including the UH-60M, AH-64D, and CH-47F among others.
Fixed Wing Aviator - 155A Fixed Wing Aviators are US Army Pilots who are also commissioned as Warrant Officers. They are responsible to fly a range of tactical cargo, multi-role, and attack fixed wing Aircraft.
Infantryman - 11B Bravo Troop Infantrymen are the main combat power of the Army. The Infantry Branch is responsible to close with and destroy the enemy through direct fire. They are experts in using individual and crew served weapons. In Bravo Troop, Infantrymen are experts in Mechanized Infantry. Infantrymen have the opportunity to complete a number of specialized courses such as Heavy Weapons, Cavalry Scouts, and Ranger School.
Combat Medic - 68W Combat Medics are experts in providing Life-Saving care at all levels of Army Medicine. Combat Medics can be employed down to the Platoon level, and provide integrated Health Service Support to the Combined Arms Battalion.
Infantryman - 11B Charlie Company Infantrymen are the main combat power of the Army. The Infantry Branch is responsible to close with and destroy the enemy through direct fire. They are experts in using individual and crew served weapons. In Charlie Company, Infantrymen are experts in Airborne, Air Assault, and Air Mobile Operations. Infantrymen have the opportunity to complete a number of specialized courses such as Heavy Weapons, Airborne and Air Assault School, and Ranger School.

Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose has a range of realistic Military Occupational Specialties available throughout both of their combined arms Companies. Because of the historical context of the game, all MOS operate WW2 era equipment.

Branch Insignia MOS Name / Code Company Description
Armor Crewman - 19K Able Company, Baker Company, Charlie Company, and Easy Company Armor Crewmen are members of the Combat Arms and responsible to field all US Army direct fire weapons, with the exception of Tank Destroyers. Primarily, Armor Crewmen operate all versions of the M4 Sherman Medium Tank. Armor Crewmen may also be assigned as reconnaissance soldiers in M3 or M5 Stuart Light Tanks, or M8 Grehyound Scout Cars.
Infantryman - 11B Infantrymen are the main combat power of the Army. The Infantry Branch is responsible to close with and destroy the enemy through direct fire. They are experts in using individual and crew served weapons. In both companies, Infantrymen are responsible to operate in both the mechanized and light roles.

Secondary Roles

Secondary Roles (also known as Billets) are extra duties that members may volunteer for and cover a wide range of areas. Secondary roles cover areas such as administration, training, recruiting, security and intelligence, server administration, communications and information systems, and mission development. Secondary Roles are named such because a member performs these extra duties in addition to their primary role, as a soldier in an operational unit. However, most secondary roles have full-time leadership. While these extra roles demand time, skill, and professionalism, they are critical to providing the wide range of services and making the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment one of the most organized, disciplined, and professional military simulation units. Participation in secondary roles may also grant the member special qualifications, such as Master and Expert badges reserved for instructors. Soldiers also have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge they have learned, and provide a fun, realistic and engaging environment for newer members. Secondary Roles are organized into Support Departments, Staff Branches, and Schools. Support Departments are the highest level of Secondary Role and are in command of several staff branches or Schools.

Support Departments

Support Departments oversee a wide range of administrative, training, and other matters.

Security Operations Department Recruitment Oversight Office
S2Crest.png Mstr-recruiter.png
The Security Operations Department is in charge of all intelligence, discipline, and Judge-Advocate General functions. The Recruitment Oversight Office is responsible for all recruiting and training of new members. It controls the Regimental Recruiters, and runs the Basic Combat Training (BCT) that trains new members in their respective Area of Operations.
Subordinate Departments
S2Crest.png S2 - Intelligence PublicAffairsCrest.png S5 - Public Affairs
CavMPPatch.png Military Police RRD.png Regimental Recruiting Department
JAGCrest.png Judge Advocate General Corps TRADOC.png Recruit Training Command

Wiki Administration Group

The Wiki Admin Group (WAG) is responsible to maintain the 7th Cavalry wiki site. The WAG only has one role available, Wiki editor.

  • Wiki Editor: Editors are responsible to perform edits, create and delete articles, and maintain the 7th Cavalry Wiki.

Military Police Department

The Military Police Department is responsible to ensure that all guests adhere to the rules on all Public Servers. They are the server administrators of the 7th Cavalry Regiment.

Judge Advocate General Corps

Known as Judge Advocates or JAG, these specialized soldiers are the legal experts of the 7th Cavalry Regiment. The JAG is responsible to deliver support to Article 15 (Non-Judicial Punishment) and Courts Martial trials. The JAG Corps includes a number of roles:

  • Clerk: JAG Clerks are responsible to perform all administration related to military judicial proceedings. Common roles include court records transcribing, file management, and legal research.
  • Attorney: Known in the civilian world as a lawyer, members of this profession are assigned to either the Defense Counsel service or as the Prosecutor. They are responsible to represent accused members at trial, and provide the commander with legal advice.

Regimental Recruiting Department

The Regimental Recruiting Department, or RRD is responsible to provide information to guests about how to join the 7th Cavalry Regiment, and answer any questions about the structure, commitments, and opportunities available. Mainly, recruiters explain what roles and duties members can pursue, and assist new members in completing the application process. The primary job in this department is the Recruiter.

  • Recruiter: Explains the commitments of being a Cavalry member to guests, assists in the application process, and provides information about the range of opportunities available.

Recruit Training Command

Once a new member joins the 7th Cavalry, they are assigned to the Recruit Training Command. Here, new members learn about the rules, regulations, and policies of the unit. Depending on the game environment, they may be shown how to install any applicable mods. They then attend a game-specific Basic Combat Training, or BCT. This orients members to the Regiments way of operating various weapons, basic tactics and soldier skills.

  • Drill Sergeant - A Drill Sergeant is an experienced Non-Commissioned Officer who is responsible to deliver Basic Combat Training to new recruits.

Staff Branches

S1 - Personnel S2 - Intelligence S3 - Operations S5 - Public Affairs S6 - Information Systems S7 - Training
S1Crest.png S2Crest.png S3Crest.png PublicAffairsCrest.png S6Crest.png TRADOC small.png
The S1 Branch is responsible to administer all personnel including records, creating and editing uniforms, tracking medals and awards and operational tracking. The S2 Branch ensures that all members of the Regiment are of good character. Primarily, they screen all new members when they apply to the Regiment. The S3 Operations Branch is responsible to design and execute all private and public operations. In the Arma 3 environment, the S3 Branch designs all operations, and controls public and private operations through Zeus. The S5 Branch is the public face of the Regiment. It designs and produces multimedia products for public and private usage. The Branch primarily produces edited videos and graphics for social media platforms. The S6 Branch controls all Regimental Information Systems. This includes servers, the website, and all applications and services. The S7 Training Branch controls all Regimental Schools, and delivers training in all game environments.
  • S1 Uniforms: Creates and edits the Army Service Uniforms for all members
  • S1 MILPACS: Edits the Military Personnel Accessory System
  • S1 Signatures: Create and edit forum signatures
  • S1 Operations: Tracks all courses, awards, and operations
  • S2 Investigator: Investigators are responsible to screen all new members to ensure they are suitable for the Regiment.
  • S3 Operations: Designs and executes all game specific Operations
  • S3 Development Staff: These members develop scripts and addons, as well as test addons in the Arma 3 environment
  • S5 Editor: S5 Editors produce multi-media products
  • S5 Live Streaming Operator: These soldiers broadcast operations live and promote the Regiment on live-streaming platforms
  • S6 Game Clerk: Game Clerks are responsible to perform routine maintenance such as server restarts for a specific game
  • S6 Developer: S6 Developers maintain the website, and all other applications and services
  • Instructor: Instructors are qualified soldiers in their respective field who teach at one of the many S7 Controlled Schools.


The 7th Cavalry Regiment conducts weekly large scale, combined-arms Operations throughout all game environments.

Arma 3 Operations

Operations are where the 7th Cavalry fights in realistic and demanding tactical missions. Operations vary in size, scope, and scenario depending on the game and overall campaign theme. In Arma 3, 60-100 Soldiers take part in combined-arms tactical game-play. Usually, specific elements of the Combined Arms Battalion are employed depending on the enemy and ground. This could include a combined Armor and Mechanized Infantry mission, if the enemy is operating conventional equipment. In another scenario, Airborne Soldiers of Charlie Company could be tasked to perform a Company level Airborne Operation against a mobile enemy. In another scenario, Cavalry Scouts from Bravo Troop could be directing Close Air Support and Indirect Fires as part of a Reconnaissance in Force. Operations in Arma 3 also vary in threat and enemy. Because Arma allows a wide range of enemy threats, campaigns focus on a specific enemy force. Also, Operations take place across the spectrum of conflict, from Counter-Insurgency operations (COIN), to full-scale combined arms War against a near-peer adversary. Operations occur weekly, and are grouped into larger campaigns with overarching objectives and themes. In Arma 3, most operations are co-op, also known as Player versus Enemy (PVE). However, Arma 3 does conduct Player versus Player (PVP) Operations as well, but less frequently.

Hell Let Loose Operations

Hell Let Loose Operations focus largely on the clan scrimmage format, or internal Player Versus Player missions. In 7th Cavalry only Operations, players may be engaged in more realistic scenarios. Examples could include one team only defending, or using a specific realistic set of vehicles and equipment. However, the primary means for Hell Let Loose Operations is through community PVP play. Weekly the 7th Cavalry tests its might against other clans in competitive military simulation match-making.


The 7th Cavalry Regiment has one of the most comprehensive, optional training programs around. In Arma alone, we have over 30 training courses that are run regularly in Arma Schools. Arma has the following schools, which offer a range of courses.

Arma 3 Schools

School Crest School Name Description Courses Offered
InfSchHeaderSmall.png Arma 3 Infantry School The Arma 3 Infantry School instructs Soldiers on all aspects of Infantry, Medical, and tactical Signal operations. The School is designated the Functional Center of Excellence (FCoE) for all Infantry, Infantry leadership, Heavy Weapons, Medical, and Soldier-level Signal training.
  • Basic Land Navigation
  • Basic Individual Training
  • Basic Radio Communications Course
  • Advanced Individual Training
  • Basic Leader Course
  • Advanced Leader Course
  • Infantry Heavy Weapons
  • Ranger School
  • Combat Lifesaver Course
  • Combat Medic Course
  • Advanced Care Course
S3TCSBadge.png The Cavalry School The Cavalry School delivers individual training at the crew level, from basic crew duties to advanced vehicle commander and leadership courses.
  • Basic Armor Crewman Course
  • Advanced Armor Crewman Course
  • Tank Commander Course
  • Basic Mechanized Infantry Course
  • Basic Mechanized Crewman Coure
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle Commander Course
  • Cavalry Scout Course
TASPatchColour.png The Airborne School The Airborne School delivers individual training on all airborne, air assault, and air mobile operations.
  • Basic Airborne Course
  • Basic Air Assault Course
  • Jumpmaster Course
  • Military Freefall Parachutist Course
S3AceBadge.png Aviation Center of Excellence The Aviation Center of excellence delivers individual and aircrew training on all operational platforms including rotary and fixed wing. The School also trains air crew.
  • Ground School
  • Basic Rotary Course
  • Basic Rotary Evaluation
  • Advanced Rotary Course
  • Advanced Rotary Evaluation
  • Basic Fixed Wing Course
  • Basic Fixed Wing Evaluation
  • Advanced Fixed Wing Course
  • Advanced Fixed Wing Evaluation
  • Door Gunner Course
  • Crew Chief Course
  • Forward Air Controller Course

Hell Let Loose Schools

The Hell Let Loose School of Infantry has multiple sections. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are either conceptual or under development.

Section Description Courses Offered
27InfSchHeaderSmall.png The Hell Let Loose School of Infantry Headquarters Section consists of the School Lead and Senior Instructors who are responsible for command of the School and ensuring training is delivered to a high standard. N/A
27InfSchHeaderSmall.png A Section delivers basic courses to the Regiment's newest soldiers, allowing them to operate as trained and effective basic troopers in their respective MOS.
  • Basic Infantry Combat Training (BICT)
  • Basic Land Navigation & Communication (BLNCC)
27InfSchHeaderSmall.png B (Infantry Skills Training) Section delivers individual training to members of the Combined Arms Battalion related to all infantry courses.
  • Assault and Automatic Rifleman Course (AARC)
  • Machine Gunners Course (MG)
  • Anti Tank Course (AT)
  • Combat Life Saver (CLS)
  • Basic Recon Course (BRC)
  • Elite Recon Course (ERC)*
  • Sniper Course (SC)*
  • Elite Sniper Course (ESC)*
27InfSchHeaderSmall.png C (Infantry Skills Training) Section delivers individual training to members of the Combined Arms Battalion related to all tactics-based courses.
  • Advanced Infantry Tactics I (AIT I)
  • Advanced Infantry Tactics II (AIT II)
  • Fire Team Leaders Course (BLC)*
  • Squad Leaders Course (ALC)*
  • Platoon Leaders Course (PLC)*
  • Commanders Course (CC)*
27InfSchHeaderSmall.png D (Artillery Training) Section delivers individual training to members of the Combined Arms Battalion related to all Artillery Courses
  • Artillery Crewman Course (ACC)
  • Advanced Artillery Crewman Course (AACC)


The 7th Cavalry Regiment offers members opportunities to advance as either a Non-Commissioned Officer or Officer. Progression allows members to lead fellow soldiers at all levels, from Team Leader to Battalion Or Regimental Commanding Officer.

Non-Commissioned Officer Progression

All members enlist as a Private, and may progress to becoming a non-commissioned officer through completion of the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. Upon successful completion of this School, members may be promoted to Corporal and assigned as a Squad Leader, and progress through the Non-Commissioned Officer path.

Officer Progression

Members who want to become officers must complete the Officer Development School. This competitive process teaches members the fundamentals of Platoon leadership, administration, and orders production. Members then complete a series of evaluations, and are ranked. When an Officer position is available, they are selected based on their performance in this course.


The 7th Cavalry Regiment offers an active community that is one of the hallmarks of the Regiment. It has a wide range of casual discussion areas, primarily on the official Discord server but also on our web forum and Teamspeak server.


The 7th Cavalry Regiment is an extremely old Military Simulation organization, and has been playing since October 15, 2002. You may learn more about the history here.