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Charlie Company
Warlords small.jpg
CO CPT Ross Strider
1SG 1SG Balazova
Aide to Charlie Company
Superior Unit 2nd Battalion HQ
Reporting Units
Esprit De Corps
Unit Motto "Forged in Fire, Bound by Brotherhood"

Company Standard Operating Procedures

Document Number Policy Letters
7CAV-C2-001 Charlie Company SOPs & Policies


Charlie Company's mission is to provide an environment of camaraderie and respect for all future and current members to gather together. Our number one drive is to build community, closely seconded by our love for armored vehicles with large caliber cannons. We host several events weekly to build the community around us and grow the friendships started here. We welcome anyone both in and outside of our company to come join in the fun.

19K - Armor Crewman

As an Armor Crewman, you’ll work as part of a team to operate tanks and assault vehicles and fire weapons to destroy enemy positions. You’ll need to be ready to operate various armored chassis in all positions. These positions include Driver, Gunner, and Tank Commander (TC). The Driver is responsible for maneuvering the vehicle and operating the bow gun, if equipped. The Gunner is responsible for round selection and engagement of targets designated by the TC. The TC is in command of the vehicle, and is responsible for issuing orders to crewmen within their vehicle, prioritizing target assignments, coordinating with other units, and executing orders given by the Commander.

Armor is a mobile support force capable of running operations on its own on a limited scale. Armor are primarily a support force engaged with infantry used to take and hold a key area from the enemy or to deny them access to such by utilizing combined arms warfare. Armor is to be used in close order with Infantry.

Traditions and History


The following is a list of Company Commanders beginning with the most recent.

Rank Name Dates of Service
Captain Ross Strider 13 July 2023 - Current
Captain Yvon Rob 05 Apr 2022 - 07 Aug 2022
Major Derek Budd 23 Mar 2021 - 26 Mar 2022
Captain Gareth Collins 25 Feb 2021 - 19 Mar 2021
Major Jareck Hollenshead 09 Aug 2019 – 24 Feb 2021
Captain Pete Gallagher 21 Jul 2019 – 09 Aug 2019

Wall of Meritorious Achievement

The following is a list of troopers who made a significant impact on the overall health and morale of C/2-7.

Date of Award Name Citation
10FEB22 Captain Yvon Rob For exceptional service and contributions that significantly impact the health and morale of the unit in a positive manner. During the months of December 2021 and January of 2022, Captain Yvon Rob has gone above and beyond his duties as Executive Officer of C/2-7. Captain Yvon Rob stepped up to help a group of new Troopers joining operations for the first time that fall and winter with his positive input, listening ear, boosting their morale and guiding them through their first steps as trooper in operations that he planned. By welcoming and implementing them into the January operations and assisting them in their roles by believing in them, Captain Yvon Rob subsiquently boosted their morale. aptain Rob's attitude of help and assistance is an example to many. Captain Yvon Rob's dedication to duty and exceptionally meritorious service are in great credit to themselves and the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.
11MAY21 Sergeant Eric Kinser For contributions in Alpha Section, Second Platoon, Charlie Company, Second Battalion. Sergeant Eric Kinser distinguished himself by attending and conducting his weekly section practice while on the road in a hotel due to work. Sergeant Kinser went above and beyond his duties as section leader in making sure that he had the ability to attend his section practice while on a laptop in his hotel room. Sergeant Kinser could have taken a leave of absence while on the road but he displayed extreme dedication to his section and the 7th Cavalry by running the section practice. Sergeant Eric Kinser's dedication to duty and commitment is in great credit to himself, Alpha Section, Second Platoon, Charlie Company, Second Battalion and the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.
10MAY21 Sergeant Norm Goings For exceptionally meritorious service to 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company, Second Battalion. Sergeant Norm Goings distinguished himself by crafting a new document for the Combat Engineer (11C) MOS. He dedicated multiple hours researching the real life MOS documents and created one single document that clearly spells out and defines the MOS. Sergeant Norm Going's document helped open the gateway to create an entire platoon of Combat Engineers. This document helped 2/C/2-7 obtain the red/white engineer cords that they had been working towards for 6-8 months. Sergeant Norm Going's dedication to duty and exceptionally meritorious service are in great credit to themselves and the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.

Order of Battle

The Company consists of 1 Platoons, and a Headquarters Section.

Element Callsign Size Role
Company Headquarters WarLord HHQ Section Command Team including the Company Commander, Executive Officer and Company First Sergeant
1st Platoon Iron Forge Platoon Armor Platoon
Alpha Section Iron Knights Squad
Bravo Section Iron Daggers Squad
Charlie Section Iron Shield Squad
Delta Section Iron Wolves Squad

S7 2-7 Schools and Courses
Hell Let Loose School of Armor Basic Armored Crewman CourseTank Driving CourseTank Gunnery Course