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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-R-047
Scope: Billets
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 10OCT21
Last Modified Date: N/A
Approving Authority: Regimental Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: Regimental Chief of Staff

Billets within the 7th Cavalry

Billets are used in order to track the responsibilities, duties, and obligations of personnel to the 7th Cavalry. The 7th Cavalry has two types of billet, primary and secondary.

Primary Billet

Primary Billets are those that are considered the main responsibilities, duties, and obligations of 7th Cavalry personnel.

Types of Primary Billet

Secondary Billets

Secondary Billets are responsibilities, duties, and obligations 7th Cavalry personnel can take on in addition to their Primary Billet.

Types of Secondary Billets

Secondary Billets as a Primary Billet

In some cases, the work being done within a Secondary Billet by a particular individual may be more than what would be considered an additional duty. As such, a particular individual may request that their Secondary Billet become their Primary Billet, and transfer into such position.

Requesting a Secondary Billet as a Primary Billet

In order to request a Secondary Billet, as listed above, to become a Primary Billet for a particular individual, said individual will need to submit a request the department's 2IC, 1IC, and Regimental Oversight Staff. Such personnel can be found on the department's respective WIKI pages.

Removal of a Secondary Billet as a Primary Billet

Regimental Oversight Staff may remove personnel that are in a Secondary Billet as a Primary Billet at any time. Personnel will be then transferred back into an available and appropriate Primary Billet, as listed above, of their choice. If they fail to transfer to any suitable position within fourteen days they will be retired/discharged as applicable.