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Upcoming Events

1st BN BRCC (ArmA3) 9 September 2015 1900Z
1st BN FSOC (ArmA3) 10 September 2015 1930Z
2nd BN BRCC (Insurgency} 12 September 2015 1500Z
2nd BN Operation WARHEAD (Insurgency} 13 September 2015 1900Z
1st BN BAAC (ArmA3) 20 September 2015 1700Z
1st BN BAC (ArmA3) 22 September 2015 2100Z
2nd BN BAMC (Insurgency) 20 September 2015 1300Z

Courses and Schools


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Our Forum

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Staff Departments

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A Staff Department is a group of officers and enlisted personnel that provides a bi-directional flow of information between a commanding officer and subordinate military units.


Regimental Departments

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Regimental Departments are groups of officers and enlisted personnel that provide specific functions for the 7th Cavalry.


Our Organization

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  • Command Structure leading from the Regimental Commander through the Regimental Command Staff (HQ) and Battalion Staff down to the newest recruits.
  • Rank System of hierarchical relationships in the 7th Cavalry. It is modeled after the US military ranking system.
  • UCMJ for 7th Cavalry is based on the Uniform Code of Military Justice used by the United States military. It has been modified and simplified to support the needs of our gaming community. All members of 7th Cavalry are subject to the standards set forth in the UCMJ.

Testing Section

SOP UI/UX Revamp


This page lists Regimental Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that provide the highest level guidance on systems, processes and procedures critical to the smooth and effective running of the Regiment.

Document Number Regulation / Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-R-000 Accountability System at the Regimental Headquarters Level
7CAV-R-001 Guidelines for Enlistment and Re-enlistment
7CAV-R-002 Minimum Requirements for Enlistment
7CAV-R-003 Leave of Absence
7CAV-R-004 Extended Leave of Absence
7CAV-R-005 Rank Promotion and Reduction Guidelines
7CAV-R-006 Guidelines for the processing of Discharges and Retirements
7CAV-R-007 Delegation of Authority Through Billeting in the Chain of Command
7CAV-R-008 Requests for Aid
7CAV-R-009 Trooper Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-010 Section Leader - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-011 Platoon Staff - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-012 Company Staff - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-013 Battalion Staff - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-014 Initial Counseling Statement
7CAV-R-015 No longer in Use Verbal Counseling Statement
7CAV-R-016 No longer in Use Negative Counseling Statement Procedure
7CAV-R-017 No longer in Use Article 15 Procedures
7CAV-R-018 No longer in Use Courts Martial Procedures
7CAV-R-019 Uniform Code of Military Justice
7CAV-R-020 Awards and Decorations
7CAV-R-021 Assistant Section Leader - Duties and Responsibilities
7CAV-R-022 Server Administration Procedures
7CAV-R-023 Chain of Command Right of Review
7CAV-R-025 Assignment of Admin Access
7CAV-R-027 Unit Size Requirements
7CAV-R-028 Naming Conventions
7CAV-R-029 Reports
7CAV-R-030 Accountability For Minimum Requirements
7CAV-R-031 Event Scheduling Guidance
7CAV-R-032 Of The Quarter Awards
7CAV-R-033 Officer Development School
7CAV-R-034 Roll-Calls
7CAV-R-035 7th Cavalry Reserve
7CAV-R-036 Security of Information
7CAV-R-037 Trooper Transfers
7CAV-R-038 Billet Selection SOP for ASL, SL, and PSG
7CAV-R-039 Military Service Medals - Award Criteria and Verification Procedure
7CAV-R-040 Trooper Server Hosting
7CAV-R-041 Regimental Disciplinary Process
7CAV-R-042 Developmental Counseling Statement
7CAV-R-043 Letter of Reprimand
7CAV-R-044 Article 15 - Commander’s Investigation & Hearing
7CAV-R-045 Article 32 - Pre-Trial Investigation & Court Martial
7CAV-R-046 Application Requirement SOP for Staff
Document Number Policy Letter
7CAV-POL-001 Logging of forum moderation actions
7CAV-POL-002 Sunset of Womens Army Corps Service Medal
7CAV-POL-003 Regimental AFSM Tracking / Use
7CAV-POL-004 Regarding Steam Tags & Family Sharing
7CAV-POL-006 Additional guidance on Leave of Absence & ELOA
7CAV-POL-007 Additional guidance on Retirement, Benefits and Responsibilities
7CAV-POL-008 MMO Gaming
7CAV-POL-010 Regarding the use of tags in games that support clan systems
7CAV-POL-011 Regarding AAR posting
7CAV-POL-012 Regimental Combat and Service Medal Recommendation Policy
7CAV-POL-013 Regarding Discharges and Joining Another FPS Unit
7CAV-POL-014 Updated Game ROEs
7CAV-POL-015 7th Cavalry Forums Graphics and Imagery Use
7CAV-POL-016 Furlough Policy
7CAV-POL-017 Chain of Command Escalation
7CAV-POL-018 Command Staff Call
7CAV-POL-019 Further Guidance Around Politics and Political Expression
7CAV-POL-020 Regimental Meeting
S Shop Document Number Regulation / Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-DR-008 1BN S3 Department - Mission Development Procedures
7CAV-DR-004 Military Police - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-031 RRD - Regimental Recruiting Department - Enlistment Processing
7CAV-DR-007 RRD - Regimental Recruiting Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-033 RTC - Arma 3 Basic Training Guide
7CAV-DR-020 RTC - Recruit Processing Guide
7CAV-DR-019 RTC - Roles and Responsibilities
7CAV-DR-018 RTC Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-032 RTC Recruit Briefing Guide
7CAV-DR-001 S1 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-026 S1 HQ - Adding and Removing Personnel
7CAV-DR-024 S1 HQ - Disciplinary Processing
7CAV-DR-025 S1 HQ - Helpdesk
7CAV-DR-023 S1 HQ - Name Change Requests
7CAV-DR-022 S1 HQ - Roles and Responsibilities
7CAV-DR-028 S1 MILPACS - Clerk Standard Operating Procedures
7CAV-DR-027 S1 MILPACS - Standard Operating Procedures
7CAV-DR-014 S1 Operations - After Action Review Tracking
7CAV-DR-016 S1 Operations - Citation Creation
7CAV-DR-015 S1 Operations - Extended Leave of Absence Tracking
7CAV-DR-013 S1 Operations - Good Conduct and Promotions Tracking
7CAV-DR-041 S1 Operations - Processing and Posting Service Ribbons
7CAV-DR-012 S1 Operations - Roles and Responsibilities
7CAV-DR-006 S1 Operations - AAR Life Cycle
7CAV-DR-021 S1 Uniforms - Standard Operating Procedures
7CAV-DR-040 S2 Department - Initial Check Checklist & Procedures
7CAV-DR-002 S2 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-003 S3 Department - Standard Operating Procedures
7CAV-DR-005 S5 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-043 S5 Department - Processing timeline of a Graphic request​
7CAV-DR-038 S6 Department - Acceptable Use Policy
7CAV-DR-037 S6 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-039 S6 Department - Responsibilities and Duties
7CAV-DR-042 S6 Department - Billet Restriction Policy
7CAV-DR-017 S7 Department - Class Posting
7CAV-DR-034 S7 Department - Master Pre-Requisite Matrix
7CAV-DR-029 S7 Department - Regulations and Procedures
7CAV-DR-011 S7 Training - Cadre, and Cadre Awards
7CAV-DR-009 S7 Training - Roles and Responsibilities
7CAV-DR-030 Wiki Admin Group - Regulations and Procedures

Unit, Sub-Unit SOPs and TTPs

Each Sub-Unit (Company/Troop) is permitted to generate their own SOPs and TTPs. These documents are sub-department specific and are based on the authorities and regulations contained in applicable Branch, Battalion, or Regimental policy.

Document Number OPI Regulation / Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-BATT1-001 1st Battalion 1BN Battalion-Level Guide to Processing AWOLs
7CAV-BATT1-002 1st Battalion 1BN Battalion-Level Guide to Processing Discharges
7CAV-BATT1-003 1st Battalion 1BN Battalion-Level Guide to Processing ELOA's
7CAV-BATT1-004 1st Battalion 1BN Reporting Deadlines
7CAV-BATT1-005 1st Battalion 1BN - Company Operation/FTX Policy
7CAV-BATT1-006 1st Battalion Free
7CAV-BATT1-007 1st Battalion 1BN Loadout SOP
7CAV-BATT1-008 1st Battalion 1BN - Use of OPFOR Weapons in Official Operations
7CAV-BATT1-009 1st Battalion 1BN Accountability SOP
7CAV-BATT1-010 1st Battalion 1BN Platoon & Company Staff Roles at an SP
7CAV-BATT1-011 1st Battalion 1BN Arma 3 Units Page
7CAV-BATT1-012 1st Battalion 1BN Trooper Transfer Process
7CAV-BATT1-013 1st Battalion 1BN Section Practice Makeup Policy
7CAV-BATT2-001 2nd Battalion 2BN Battalion-Level Guide to Processing AWOLs
7CAV-BATT2-002 2nd Battalion 2BN Battalion-Level Guide to Processing Discharges
7CAV-BATT2-003 2nd Battalion 2BN Battalion-Level Guide to Processing ELOA's
7CAV-BATT2-004 2nd Battalion 2BN Reporting Deadlines
7CAV-BATT2-005 2nd Battalion 2BN Company Operation/FTX Policy
7CAV-BATT2-006 2nd Battalion 2BN Accountability Policy for Missing SP and RC
7CAV-BATT2-007 2nd Battalion 2BN Changing Staff Duties & Responsibilities
7CAV-BATT2-008 2nd Battalion 2BN Additional Staff Duties & Responsibilities
7CAV-BATT2-009 2nd Battalion 2BN Weapon Qualifications
7CAV-BATT2-010 2nd Battalion 2BN Leadership Accountability Policy and Procedure
7CAV-A1-001 Alpha Company A/1-7 Section / Platoon Reports
7CAV-A1-002 Alpha Company A/1-7 Roll Call Posting
7CAV-A1-003 Alpha Company A/1-7 Operation Slot Priorities
7CAV-A1-004 Alpha Company A/1-7 Mod Proposal Policy
7CAV-A1-005 Alpha Company A/1-7 Platoon Challenge Coin Distribution Policy
7CAV-A1-006 Alpha Company A/1-7 Winged Pilot Master Callsign List
7CAV-B1-001 Bravo Troop B/1-7 1BN Bravo Troop - Field Training Exercise
7CAV-C2-001 Charlie Company C/2-7 Makeup Section Practice
7CAV-C2-002 Charlie Company C/2-7 Charlie Company Official Of The Quarter Recommendations Policy
7CAV-C2-003 Charlie Company C/2-7 Company FTX Policy
7CAV-C2-004 Charlie Company C/2-7 Section, Platoon and Company Leadership Reports Policy
7CAV-C2-005 Charlie Company C/2-7 Training Plan Release Policy
7CAV-E2-001 Echo Company E/2-7 Makeup Section Practice
7CAV-E2-002 Echo Company E/2-7 Official of the Month
7CAV-E2-003 Echo Company E/2-7 Platoon/Company FTXs
7CAV-E2-004 Echo Company E/2-7 Section / Platoon Reports
7CAV-E2-005 Echo Company E/2-7 Roll Call Posting
7CAV-E2-006 Echo Company E/2-7 Operation Slot Priorities
7CAV-E2-007 Echo Company E/2-7 Squad Admin Info & Commands

Sub-Department SOPs and TTPs

Each Sub-Branch is permitted to generate their own SOPs and TTPs. These documents are sub-department specific and are based on the authorities and regulations contained in applicable Branch, or Regimental policy.

Document Number OPI Regulation / Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-S1-XXX S1 7CAV-S1- Archived Documents
7CAV-S1-001 S1 FREE
7CAV-S1-002 S1 7CAV-S1-002 - Statutory Medals & Citations
7CAV-S1-003 S1 FREE
7CAV-S1-004 S1 7CAV-S1-004 - Medal Boxes

Regimental SOPs

NewTroopGuide.png CavPack.png TS3Help.png

Support Department SOPs

RulesRegs.png SOPs.png RankGuidelines.png FieldManuals.png BlankForms.png MedalsAwards.png UsingReports.png RequestAid.png OfficialAvatars.png LOAGuidelines.png ELOAGuidelines.png WikiIssue.png Forums.png

Document Number Policy Letters
7CAV-E2-001 Makeup Section Practice
7CAV-E2-002 Official Of The Month
7CAV-E2-003 Platoon / Company FTX's
7CAV-E2-004 Section / Platoon Reports
7CAV-E2-005 Roll Call Posting
7CAV-E2-006 Operation Slot Priorities
7CAV-E2-007 Echo Practice Times
7CAV-E2-008 Squad Rules of Engagement
Document Number Document
7CAV-E2-007 Squad Admin Info & Commands