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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-E2-006
Scope: Operation Slot Priorities Policy
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 14APR20
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: E/2-7 Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: E/2-7 Executive Officer


Echo Company Operation Slot Priorities Policy

Echo company has multiple MOS's. If you are a rotary pilot you will have priority on rotary slots and if you are an armor crewman you will have priority on armor slots during operations. The way to currently 'claim' a slot is to:

  • A) Sign up in the mission thread with your desired leadership (i.e. pilot) role.
  • B) Attend the briefing (on time).

If you did not do any of the above, your slot 'claim' is forfeit. Anyone else that signed up that has the specific MOS required for the role, can take up the slot if they at least attended the briefing on time. Practically the slots are assigned by the mission CO, Warhorse or Iron Buffalo, the highest ranking E/2-7 member at the start of the briefing based on who signed up in the operation post. If there are any slots remaining during the slotting-in period after the briefing, the remaining slots are generally designated by Pegasus or the mission commander (if not present then the highest ranking aviation member).

Priority List

  1. Required MOS
  2. On time for the briefing
  3. Part of E/2-7 and has the required evaluations/classes
  4. Anyone else that has the required evaluations/classes


The order of who has priority and who does not can be changed by the mission commander, the aviation leader and as a fall back the highest ranking A/1-7 member. For example; two people sign up on the operation post. Generally the first one that signed up will be placed in the slot in the initial post of the thread. This is generally a tool for the mission maker to confirm what leadership roles are filled. The actual assignment takes place at the start of the briefing.

Officers and Higher NCOs

All of the above count for any section leader & trooper. If you are in a position of SL or above, your MOS gives you priority in slots for aviation general leadership, like a Warhorse slot. The moment you accepted your additional responsibility in the company, guiding the troopers below you and structuring our company while receiving extra privileges, you forfeited the claims on any 'operational' slots during operations.

What happens when multiple people show up and none have valid claims on slots? Be civil, be kind. If you are the highest ranking aviation member, take up your responsibility to guide the other troopers to slot in a civil manner. If you know someone has not been able to attend operations and get some action, by all means let them. We are all here for fun, if you are just here to get medals and jump the gun on any slot, we believe you should find another unit.

Be civil, respect your fellow company-mates and have fun

If you still have questions or anything is unclear, please contact E/2-7 CO or XO. If you feel someone is intentionally breaking these rules you are free to contact them.


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