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Information Management Office
Superior Dept Regimental HQ
Motto '
HQ Staff
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1IC BG.Jarvis.A
2IC {{{DepXO}}}
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Aide to Information Management Office 1LT.Cass.A
Reporting Units S1 - Personnel Administration
Wiki Admin Group
S6 – Regimental Information Management Systems

The Information Management Office (IMO) is responsible for command of all 7th Cavalry Gaming signal/information systems management, personnel administration, and services management functions. The department has full command of the S1 Branch, Wiki Admin Group, and S6 Banch. The Branch is referred to as "IMO". The commander of the Information Management Office is referred to as either the: "Officer in Charge", "Commanding General", or "Commander". The Department reports to Regimental Headquarters. The department was established in 2020 when all administrative functions were merged under a unified command system.


The Information Management Office oversees all information management and administration systems in the 7th Cavalry Regiment. The department is responsible to advise the commander on all matters involving personnel, information systems, and services. Day to day operations of the department include processing of personnel administration such as honors and awards, operations tracking, and position recording. Technical aspects of the department include server administration, service and link monitoring, and maintenance of the website, and voice servers such as Teamspeak 3 or Discord. The department is also responsible to command the Wiki Administration Group, responsible to administrate the wiki.


The mission of the Information Management Office is to provide outstanding personnel administration, information system management, and service management effects to the commander, as well as providing expert and timely advice about these fields.

Subordinate Departments

The Information Management Office Department has full command of three departments: The S1 Branch, S6 Branch, and the Wiki Administration Group.

S1 Branch (Personnel) S6 Branch (Information Systems) Wiki Administration Group
S1Crest.png S6.png Wag.png
The S1 Branch is responsible for all force structure, manpower, personnel, and administration requirements for the Regiment. The branch provides recommendations to command staff in resourcing current manpower requirements and in determining future organizational structure. The S6 Branch is responsible to manage and advise the commander regarding all signal capabilities, such as information systems, services, and links. The S6 Branch manges all game servers, provides troubleshooting, and maintains all websites and other services. The Wiki Administration Group is responsible to maintain, and develop the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment Wiki, as well as providing first line maintenance of all pages. The Wiki Admin Group also advises the commander on wiki capabilities and limitations.
First in Charge: First Lieutenant Christopher Ball First in Charge: Major Isaac Sweetwater First in Charge: Staff Sergeant Dammond Richards
Second in Charge: VACANT Second in Charge: VACANT Second in Charge: VACANT

Traditions and History

The department has had several previous commanders, listed here.

Previous Information Management Office Commanders

Rank Name Dates of Service
Brigadier General Adam Jarvis 24 May 2020 - Present

Policies and Procedures

The Information Management Office has various policies and procedures governing server administration, information systems, and administration.

Document Number Policy Letters
7CAV-R-040 Trooper Server Hosting