Recruitment Oversight Office

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Recruitment Oversight Office
Superior Dept Regimental HQ
Motto '
HQ Staff
Lead {{{DepLead}}}
1IC MG Stefan Baeder
2IC {{{DepXO}}}
3IC {{{DepNCOIC}}}
Aide to Recruitment Oversight Office COL Nicholas Wildfire
Aide to CoS {{{Aide}}}
Reporting Units S5 - Public Affairs
Regimental Recruiting Department
Recruit Training Command

The Recruiting Oversight Office (ROO) is responsible to administer all 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment recruiting efforts, and public affairs activities. The department has full command of the S5 Public Affairs Branch, Regimental Recruiting Department, and the Recruit Training Command. The Branch is referred to as "ROO". The Department reports to Regimental Headquarters. The department was established on March 24th, 2020 when all functions were merged under a unified command system.


The Recruiting Oversight Office oversees recruiting, recruit training, and public affairs activities in the 7th Cavalry Regiment. The department is responsible to advise the commander on all matters involving recruitment, basic training, and public affairs. Day to day operations include running the recruiting department, training all new enlistees in Basic Combat Training, and producing public affairs products for bother internal and external distribution.


The mission of the Recruiting Oversight Office is to provide demanding and realistic recruit training, outstanding recruiting excellence, and public affairs effects to the commander, as well as providing expert and timely advice about these fields.

Subordinate Departments

The Recruitment Oversight Office has full command of three departments: The Regimental Recruiting Department, the Recruit Training Command, and the S5 Branch.

Regimental Recruiting Department Recruit Training Command S5 Branch (Public Affairs)
RRD.png TRADOC.png PublicAffairsCrest.png
The Regimental Recruiting Department is responsible for all recruiting activities, processing of recruitment administration, and re-enlistment administration. The Regimental Recruiting Department also develops and produces recruiting material. The Recruit Training Command processes all new enlisted members, and administers Basic Combat Training. The Recruit Training Command is the first contact for many new members, and introduces them to the rules, regulations, and traditions of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment. The S5 Branch produces public affairs products that communicate the message of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment to external and internal audiences.
First in Charge: Lieutenant Colonel Derek Budd First in Charge: Colonel Steve Rogers First in Charge: Sergeant First Class Quinlan Fields
Second in Charge: Staff Sergeant Joseph Adler Second in Charge: Second Lieutenant Donald Moore-Allen Second in Charge: First Lieutenant Rick Smithson

Traditions and History

The department has had several previous commanders, listed here.

Previous Recruitment Oversight Office Commanders

Rank Name Dates of Service
Major General Stefan Baeder 02 May 2020 - Present

Previous Recruitment Oversight Office Aides

Rank Name Dates of Service
Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Wildfire 23 Jun 2023 - Present
Major Mike Ratcliff 02 May 2020 - 19 Jun 2023