2nd Battalion

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2nd Battalion
XO LTC.Hathcock.K
Superior Unit Regimental HQ
Reporting Units

2nd Battalion is currently closed

2nd Battalion is a military unit of the 7th Cavalry. It is administratively known as 2-7, this abbreviation is used in MILPACs and the Forums. 2-7 is currently comprised of Two (2) Companies: Bravo and Charlie. 2nd Battalion's Area of Operation (AO) are currently: Squad.

2nd Battalion Headquarters

Battalion Commander Colonel Mac Way
Battalion Executive Officer Lieutenant Colonel Kent Hathcock
Battalion Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Martin Pune

Previous Commanders


Bravo Company (B/2-7) Charlie Company (C/2-7)
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Insurgency & Squad CS:GO


The main mission of the 2nd Battalion in the 7th Cavalry regiment is to provide a sense of [I]brotherhood[/I], [I]integrity[/I], and [I]structure[/I] for all it's members, while in a mature and respectful environment playing the supported games that everyone loves.

  • Brotherhood - The bond between trooper (both enlisted and commissioned), grow through the time playing together, to where everyone feels that they belong.
  • Integrity - It is vastly important that every trooper holds a high degree of integrity while in the Cavalry, which should then translate over into the real world. From being at a section practice every week to attending to more specific duties, a trooper must have a great deal of honesty.
  • Structure - Even though often we as a group can be laid back, there is always a sense of structure throughout the ranks. There is a time and place both to goof off and to get down to buisness. Here in 2nd Battalion it is crucial that everything is kept tidy and structurally sound.