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1. Scope of the Discord Policy

This document is the complete and unambiguous guide to behavior and rules regarding use of all 7th Cavalry Discord servers. It supersedes all previous guidance on the subject.

2. Definitions

Term Definition
Public Text Channel A channel specifically designated as opt-in that is identified as such.
Private Text Channel All channels on any 7th Cavalry Discord Server are considered public unless otherwise specified here. The contents/posts of those channels are stored virtually forever and may not be deleted by anyone except a Server Admin or other delegated personnel. This includes both channels that only members can see and channels that non-members can see.
Direct Message (DM) Direct messaging between 2 people that is stored virtually forever and is view-able only by those two individuals.
Voice Channel All voice channels on the 7th Cavalry Discord are considered public unless otherwise specified here.
Meme A meme is a humorous image, video (including Gifs) or text.
Offensive Content Content of any type that is posted in Discord and contravenes the 7th Cavalry General Orders, Code of Conduct or the rules spelled out in this document.
Official 7th Cavalry Server A server that is intended for any business related to the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment. This may include game servers, discord servers, website servers, and TeamSpeak servers.
Official 7th Cavalry Discord Server The official and sole server used by the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment for game, unit, department, and other communications outside of the 7cav.us domain which may be joined here.

Public versus Private Channels Definition (voice)

The following are considered public channels (channels anyone on the 7th Cavalry Discord can use):

  • All Game Voice Channels
  • All Public and Voice Room Channels

The following are considered private channels (channels only 7th Cavalry Members can use):

  • Training Ground Channels
  • Department Channels
  • Regimental Lounge and HQ Channels
  • Battalion Lounge and HQ Channels
  • Company Lounge and HQ Channels
  • Platoon Lounge and HQ Channels
  • Operations Channels

Specific definitions of the Discord Code of Conduct

Presence in Discord

  • All 7th Cavalry personnel are required to be present in the Discord server during game-play on any and all official 7th Cavalry public and private game servers. The only exception to this rule is for those in the ARMA III area of operation in which all members are to conduct their in-game communications on TeamSpeak. Further guidance can be sought here.

Spirit of the Rule: This is to facilitate accountability of action, communication, and enable the Admin staff to immediately recognize outsiders posing as 7th Cavalry personnel.

Absence and inactivity

  • Troopers are required to avoid longer periods of online inactivity or absence when logged into the Discord server. If stepping away for more than 5 minutes, mark yourself away. If planning to be away for an extended period simply disconnect from the voice channels.

Spirit of the Rule: This is to ensure that people who are away are clearly identified as such to prevent people looking for help from approaching them and wasting time trying to contact them.

Behavior and Language in Public Channels

  • Patterns of abusive behavior and profanity will not be tolerated.
  • No discussion of politics, religion or other potentially volatile subjects
  • No direct personal attacks of any kind on other members or guests.
  • Treat each other with respect no matter their rank, position, or anything else.

Spirit of the Rule: The intent of these rules is to ensure that interactions between members are respectful of one another.

Behavior and language in Private Channels

At the discretion of the Authority in channel, the above public rules may be loosened except for the following:

  • Discussion of politics, religion or other potentially volatile subjects are not permissible. The purpose of private channels is to allow for a less formal area for discussion or game play where the use of profanity is allowed.

Spirit of the Rule: This is to create a place where people must opt in to a looser set of rules regarding language.

Push-To-Talk vs. Voice Activation

  • All regimental personnel may use Voice Activation. Do so responsibly, adjusting your levels so as to avoid annoying others.

Personnel Identification on Discord

  • All personnel, including both active and former members, are required to have their Discord identify synced with the website at all times to properly display their rank and permissions.
  • All personnel, including both active and former members, shall have their server profile nickname set up as follows: RANK.Last.First Initial.
Example: Corporal John Smith would set their nickname as CPL.Smith.J
Example: A discharged/former member would set their nickname as CPL.Smith.J DISCH
Example: A retired/former member would set their nickname as CPL.Smith.J RET
  • All aviation personnel, including both active and former members, that have earned their respective Wings/aviator badge and a call-sign name from a ceremony can display their aviation call-sign at the end of their name. This is authorized for official aviation MOS personnel only.
Example: Warrant Officer 1 John Smith with a "Maverick" aviation call-sign would set their nickname as WO1.Smith.J "Maverick"
  • All personnel, including both active and former members, are required to have non-offensive and appropriate Discord avatars as part of their server profile while operating on our Discord server. Memes and offensive content are not allowed.

Spirit of the Rule: All current and former members will be easily identifiable and in uniform.

Discord confirmation of orders

  • Any order to kick or ban a player on a server issued over in-game chat is invalid unless it is confirmed by the person issuing it in Discord.

Spirit of the Rule: This ensures no imposter in-game will cause us to kick or ban a player.

Inviting the public into Discord

  • The public are welcome into the Official 7th Cavalry Discord Server as long as they adhere to this code of conduct. Ensure that any public player who transgresses is pointed to this policy as a guide to their behavior in our Discord.

Military Courtesy

Military courtesy is the bedrock upon which unit discipline is maintained. We demonstrate courtesy in the manner in which we address members of superior rank. Remember that in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, everything is earned, and so we must respect the achievements that earned a member the rank they currently hold. There are three 'settings' that determine how we address each other.

Official Setting

  • Regimental or other unit meeting.
  • Any room when on official business.
  • Training grounds.
  • Any official training courses.
  • During the classroom portion of a section practice.

During activities in an official setting, ranks shall be observed, whether talking to or about a member. e.g. "Sergeant Yahoo just told me that..." OR "Yes Sir" when responding to an officer. When an officer enters a channel in an official setting, the senior member will acknowledge the officer by addressing them "Hello Sir" or "Good evening Sir". This ensures the members in a channel know an officer has entered the channel and creates a break in the conversation to allow them to speak. You may be instructed by a specific NCO or Officer to drop ranks in an official setting. This applies only for that specific NCO or Officer and in that instance.

Battlefield Setting

  • Any game channel.
  • Any operations channel while in the operation.

Ranks are dropped in game or during operations for the sake of brevity.

Private Setting

  • In private channels, ranks may be dropped at the discretion of the members in the channel when not on official business.

Spirit of the Rule: In official settings, we observe the proper customs and courtesies. Otherwise, ranks can be dropped as the situation dictates.


  1. What to do if I want to enter an HQ or Departmental Channel
    Should you need to enter an HQ channel or that of a Department, please send the highest ranking person in that channel a Private Message over discord with a simple "knock knock?" and wait for a reply. That person will either allow you to come in, or will tell you to standby.
  2. Military Courtesy Cheat Sheet by rank
Military Courtesy
Class Type Grade Rank Address
Enlisted & Warrant Officer Ranks Enlisted E-1 RCT "Recruit"
E-2 PVT "Private"
E-3 PFC "Private"
E-4 SPC "Specialist"
NCO E-4 CPL "Corporal"
E-5 SGT "Sergeant"
E-6 SSG "Sergeant"
E-7 SFC "Sergeant"
E-8 MSG "Sergeant"
E-8 1SG "First Sergeant", "Top"
E-9 SGM "Sergeant Major"
E-9 CSM "Sergeant Major"
Warrant W-1 WO1 "Mister" / "Miss[es]"
W-2 CW2 "Mister" / "Miss[es]", "Chief"
W-3 CW3 "Mister" / "Miss[es]", "Chief"
W-4 CW4 "Mister" / "Miss[es]", "Chief"
W-5 CW5 "Mister" / "Miss[es]", "Chief"
Officer Ranks Company O-1 2LT "Sir" / "Ma'am", "Lieutenant"
O-2 1LT "Sir" / "Ma'am", "Lieutenant"
O-3 CPT "Sir" / "Ma'am", "Captain"
Field O-4 MAJ "Sir" / "Ma'am", "Major"
O-5 LTC "Sir" / "Ma'am", "Colonel"
O-6 COL "Sir" / "Ma'am", "Colonel"
General O-7 BG "Sir" / "Ma'am", "General"
O-8 MG "Sir" / "Ma'am", "General"
O-9 LTG "Sir" / "Ma'am", "General"
O-10 GEN "Sir" / "Ma'am", "General"
Special GOA "Sir" / "Ma'am", "General"

3. Overview

At all times, in all situations, user behavior and language must conform to the 7th Cavalry Regiment General Orders and Code of Conduct. Exceptions for private areas will be spelled out in detail. Specifically:

  • All users will at all times and in all situations, treat each other with respect. This includes memes, verbal and non verbal communications and includes both public and private channels.
  • In public channels, all users will refrain from engaging in discussion or debate of political, religious or other similarly volatile subject matters. This includes posting memes that contain this content.

4. Direct Messaging

While direct messaging is not view-able by anyone except the two participants, communication between two people (regardless of membership) who are both members of the 7th Cavalry Regiment Discord must conform to our Code of Conduct, specifically:

  • Treat all members and guests of the Unit with respect, dignity and empathy.
  • All verbal, nonverbal and written communication will be conducted in a mutually respectful manner.
  • Be honest; honorable in all encounters, principles, intentions and actions with all members and our guests.

5. Private Discord Servers

While we cannot and would not stop people from creating private servers, no private discord server is permitted to be created or exist for the purpose of anything related to the performance of Cav duties. Use only the official 7th Cavalry Discord Server for any Cav business. On unofficial discord servers we cannot enforce our rules, and therefore a situation can develop which subverts our rules, regulations, Code of Conduct, and/or the Chain of Command.

6. Group Notification Spam

Due to how discords permissions are laid out, we cannot give specific people the ability to 'ping' a group, such as @arma or @squad. As such, it means it's all or nothing. With the ability to send notifications being a helpful hand for gathering members for events, we cannot disable it. You may only use group 'pings' with an 'agreeable length of time between subsequent pings. Agreeable is defined as what the ranking officer in the discussion says, as required to keep spam down to a minimum.

7. Contraventions of These Rules

As with all other rules and regulations in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, the consequences for contravening these rules will be relative to the rule being broken and the severity of the misconduct.

8. Server Management

The official 7th Cavalry Discord Server is to be owned and administered by General Staff. S6 HQ and other appropriate personnel will be delegated as Administrators as determined by General Staff.