Echo Practice Times

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Section Practice Times

Platoon Unit Section Leader Role Day/Time
1st Platoon A/1/E/2-7 Sergeant Drew Anderson Infantry Sat 0100z (Fri 9pm EST)
1st Platoon B/1/E/2-7 Sergeant Tyler Ritzenthaler Infantry Tues 0000z (Mon 8pm EST)
1st Platoon C/1/E/2-7 Sergeant Tyler Whittle Infantry Sun 1900z (Sun 3pm EST)
2nd Platoon A/2/E/2-7 Sergeant Christopher Giron Infantry Mon 0100z (Sun 9pm EST)
2nd Platoon B/2/E/2-7 Sergeant Renan Grey Armor Sun 1800z (Sun 2pm EST)
2nd Platoon C/2/E/2-7 Warrant Officer 1 Gregory Schwartz Rotary Wing Mon 0000z (Sun 8pm EST)


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