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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-R-032
Scope: In Game Administrator Procedures for Squad
Version: Version 1.1
Effective Date: 27 NOV 18
Last Modified Date: 22 SEP 22
Approving Authority: Regimental Commander
Point of Contact: Chief of Staff


This page is dedicated to the technical nature around performing administrative action related to our servers i.e. kick, ban, monitor, etc. For the procedures to follow when carrying out such action please refer to Server Administration Procedures

In Game Procedures - BattleMetrics


For this tool you will need an account synchronized to our BattleMetrics profile. If you do not yet have access to this tool, and you qualify for having access, reach out to your Chain of Command for more help. Once you have followed the Server Administration Procedures, it may be time to take action in removing the problematic person, given you have the ability to do so.


Player Profile

This is an example of a player profile, this can be found by clicking on a players name anywhere in BattleMetics. Within their profile, you can view their past actions, identifiers, last visited servers, Organization Notes, Steam Information, etc. A Player can also be banned from this screen by clicking the Ban Button in the upper right hand side.

Player Profile


Server Monitor

The Server Monitor is the best tool to get a real time overview of a server, all connected players are listed in the left column along with a drop down arrow that can be use to perform some quick actions such as: kick, ban, change teams, etc. On the right hand side is a log that will show a variety of information depending on your setting and the type of game server. It can list thing such as: chat, connects/disconnects, admins commands etc. This can all be further tweaked by clicking on the gear on the top left of the window and changing the settings.

Server Commands

Preset server commands can also be executed from this screen, clicking on the server commands button on the top left will open a list of commands that can be run on the servers, BE CAREFUL some of these run right away some have additional pop up windows and confirmations, know what the button will do before you press it!

Server Monitor


Server Commands


Banning a Player

Follow the drop down below for a step by step picture guide on banning a player, DO NOT ban people by their steam name, this will ban ALL Players that have that name, make sure to only use unique identifiers like Steam Id, or BattleEye GUID. Once the ban is complete don't forget to fill out a Ban Report on the forums.

Banning a Player

Step One: Select The Offending Player

  • The simplest step, select the offending player


Step Two: Verify and Select Punitive Measure

  • During this step, it is imperative you ensure you've selected the right person. Double check their name and activity log. After you've verified the identity, select "Ban Player" or "Kick Player". "Kick Player" will only be visible if the player is currently connected to the server.


Step Three: Punishment Duration and Details

  • An important step - Do not forget to add as many details as possible to your Battlemetrics Ban Report. Your Ban "reason" should be concise, and you can add as many details as you want (i.e. screenshot/vid links, log snips, etc.) in the "Note" subsection. Remember to only temp-ban for 1 hour for the first offense, 2 hours in the second offense. No other duration is acceptable (24 hour bans, etc.). Please refer to Server Administration Procedures for the step-by-step process on how to issue administrative action.


Step Four: Final Identity Check and BattleMetrics Submission

  • When selecting Identifiers for player bans, be sure to select unique Identifiers (Such as BattleEyeGUID, or Steam ID). This prevents wrongful kicks and bans, as oftentimes players may have common names, or intentionally change theirs to that of another innocent person actively connected to the server. When you have done your final checks and are satisfied with your completion of the above steps, select "Save Ban".


Step Five: Reporting Your Actions

  • To remain transparent and keep everyone in the loop, it is up to you (the admin) to submit your ban report. Any temp bans only require a player note in Battlemetrics as to the reason for the temporary ban. Permanent bans will require a full Ban Report. Refer to Filing a Report for more on this.