7CAV-S1-401 - S1 Signature Shop SOP

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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-S1-401
Scope: S1 Signature Shop - SOP
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 24JAN2016
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: COL.Hathcock, Kent
Point of Contact: 1SG.Schoenhoff.N

7th Cavalry S1 Signatures Shop SOP

Section 1 - Sig Shop Description

The S1 Signatures Shop was created with the intention of supplying members of the 7th Cavalry with one of a kind works of art that would be personalised and professionally done for use on the Forums.

Section 2 - Requests

2.0 - Assignments

Once a forum post is made, Artists should assign themselves within a 24-hour period. If an artists does not assign themselves to a request within this timeframe, the Shop Lead will assign an artist, confirmed by a post on the forums; e.g. “Artist Assigned: @Bloggs.J”

2.1 - Work Procedure

  • Create a PSD File for your signatures, this can either be one singular PSD titles “Signatures_LASTNAME” with the maximum canvas size of 600x200px, or one PSD for each signature made titled with signature_LASTNAMEOFRECIPIENT
  • Sign each signature with your name in one of the corners of the image, to help identify the artist when a request for an update is made. This allows ease for noting the respective artist for the signature.
  • In DropBox, create a folder for yourself titled LASTNAME.FIRSTINITIAL, store your PSD Files in this folder for your signatures.
  • DO NOT post images used for the signature in this folder, as it takes up space and overcrowds everyone's account.
  • Save a local copy of the PSD, and save the final image as PNG.
  • Upload the PNG to a photo source such as IMGUR or PHOTOBUCKET, and post the DIRECT LINK in the respective request topic.
  • Try to complete at least a first draft within a 7-day timeframe.

2.2 Review & Request for Change

ALWAYS check that the recipient is satisfied with the work you have created. Should they request any changes be sure to accommodate them up to 3 times. After this it is to the artist's discretion if they wish to continue making adjustments. Any conflicts or doubts should be brought up with the Shop Lead.

2.3 Closing the Topic

Once the recipient is happy with the final product, post “COMPLETE” in the topic. The Shop Lead will check the Thread, close it for further replies and mark the title with “COMPLETE”.

2.4 Updates

Should someone request an update, they will create a separate thread within the forums. The original artist should take updates for their own signatures, although exceptions can be made for artists no longer apart of the department, or who are away. The ORIGINAL signature should be left on the file, not replaced. Procedure for closing an update topic is the same as a new request.

2.5 Private Requests

Should an Artist receive a private request via any 7CAV medium, they are free to accept the request. All SOP and CAV regulations apply to private requests, but SOME deviation from Sig Shop SOP is acceptable, such as GIF Signatures, however this may void the ability for other artists to update the work. The Artist should consult the Shop Lead regarding deviations from SOP when taking a private request. The Artist should make sure official work is completed before taking on a Private Request.

Section 3 - Roles & Responsibilities

Sig Shop Lead - Ensure that all new Sig Artists have this information, and are following this procedure. Track artists’ assignments. Shop Lead will fill in as needed to keep up with workload and complete signatures in a timely manner.

Sig Artist - Read and follow the SOP and agree to it before being assigned to a Sig Shop Position. Keep up with own work and assignments.

3.1 - Further Responsibilities

Artists assigned to the Signature Shop have several responsibilities that must be completed in order to keep the shop running smoothly. All members will follow the procedures set above on this document at all times. Failure to follow these could result in punishment up to and including full dismissal from the Shop. The following is a highlight of each responsibility, which are explained in further detail bellow.

  1. Be an artist – Think of yourself as an artist and act accordingly. Make each signature you create unique. Always try to complete the work with the individual in mind, follow their requests to the best of your abilities. Continue to expand your knowledge of techniques through tutorial or by asking your fellow artists for help. We work as a team to produce quality work.
  2. Timeframes – We established timeframes to post, accept and complete first drafts. The timeframes are designed to provide you with enough time to gather materials, do your work and submit your first drafts to the requesting party- No signature should take longer than 7 days from request to first draft.
  3. PSD Files – All members are responsible for saving their work in PSD format. This is to keep a common format so that future updates to signatures can be done by any member of this shop. All files are to be saved into the Signature Shop Dropbox in the prescribed naming format. All work done by the artists is done with the understanding that the requesting party becomes the owner of the work and has the right to use or change it as they see fit.
  4. Dropbox – All members will maintain an account in the S1 Signature Shop Dropbox. This is our area of work and storage. Any file you are currently working on will remain in the dropbox throughout the process and archived there following completion for future use.
  5. You may not use any slanderous remarks or foul language. Use care when using religious statements or images as there are often mistaken as offensive even if they are used with the utmost respect (if in doubt about a request look for guidance of the Signature Shop Lead or the S1 Leadership).
  6. Signatures must conform to the 7th Cavalry Code of Conduct. If you are unsure if something is violating the CoC do not use it. Common sense is your best tool determining this. If you do not feel comfortable working on a particular request, talk to the client first to try to find a solution, or address it with the S1 Leadership.