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S3 Operations
Superior Dept Regimental HQ
Motto '
HQ Staff
Lead {{{DepLead}}}
1IC LTC Yvon Rob
2IC SSG Ulrich Raeder
Aide to S3 Operations {{{DepAide}}}
Aide to CoS {{{Aide}}}
Reporting Units

S3 Operations is a Staff Branch of the Regimental Headquarters. The S3 Branch consists of all Operations functions in the 7th Cavalry Regiment. The Branch provides expert advice to the Commander on all matters pertaining to the execution and control of the Regiment in battle. It provides administrative tasking, orders production, training, mission creation and testing, and modpack development sub-staffs. The Branch is led by the S3 OIC, the principal staff officer of the headquarters, second only to the Headquarters Commander, the Chief of Staff. The Second-In-Command of the Branch is the S3 XO. The Branch's NCO adviser is the S3 Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge or S3 NCO. S3 Operations is responsible for mission and orders production for operations, as well as, the maintenance of our in-house mods, and the collation of our public and private modpacks.


S3 Branch will provide timely expert advice to the Regimental Commander, and deliver operational excellence in the form of Operational Command and Control. S3 will act as the Commander's primary force for the execution of their intent, working to support the maneuver of units through high-quality products.

Order of Battle

S3 Operations is divided into three sub-cells.

S3 Overview

S3 Operations

S3 Operations provides expert mission creation, mission control, and product production in support of the 1st (Combined Arms) Battalion and 2nd Battalion. The S3 Shop is sub-divided into 1-7 S3 Operations and 2-7 S3 Operations, divided by game responsibilities. 1-7 S3 Operations only produces products for Arma 3, and 2-7 S3 Operations delivers products for Hell Let Loose. S3 Operations covers all 3 Areas of Operations, including Arma 3 and Hell Let Loose. The S3 Operations Branch is divided into 4 cells with distinct responsibilities.

S3 Public Operations

S3 Public Operations provides personnel who operate, design, and execute live scenarios on the Public servers. These events enhance realism, promote recruitment, and give members and guests alike a realistic military simulation experience. This S3 shop is sub-divided into 1-7 S3 Public Operations and 2-7 S3 Public Operations. 1-7 S3 Public Operations only delivers products for Arma 3; 2-7 S3 Public Operations only delivers products for Hell Let Loose.

S3 Scripting

S3 Operations Scripting cell creates and designs specific addons for the Arma 3 environment - mainly regarding the cScripts scripting package used in Arma 3 missions, as well as the official 7CAVADDON.

Policies and Procedures

The S3 Department has various policies and procedures governing mission creation, training development, and School regulation.

Document Number Policy or Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-DR-003 S3 Department - Standard Operating Procedures
7CAV-DR-008 1BN S3 Department - Mission Development Procedures