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Military Police
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Superior Dept Security Operations Department
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HQ Staff
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1IC 2LT Mike Jay
2IC CW4 Don Dalton
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The Military Police Department is responsible to act as the subject matter experts for force protection on the 7th Cavalry Regiment's servers. They are responsible to control the administration of all servers, advise the commander on force protection, and train 7th Cavalry soldiers on server administration.


The mission of the Military Police (MP) Department is to ensure a safe and fair gaming environment for all players wishing to use our servers, both members and non-members alike. This is accomplished by educating all players in our rules and standards of etiquette, accompanied by the swift impartial hand of justice when necessary. Specifically, MPs are guardians of our Discord/Teamspeak Policy, General Orders, Code of Conduct and individual game Rules of Engagement.

Membership in our brotherhood extends a number of privileges to each trooper. These privileges come with corresponding responsibilities. Standards of accountability for the exercise of one's privilege and discharge of responsibilities are outlined in our Code of Conduct and General Orders. The rules we have codified and adhere to as a community stand as a bulwark against disorder and chaos. When a trooper strays outside these established guardrails, the MP Department is the next line of defense. Similarly, when the general public is invited to join our servers and events, we educate and hold them to definable standards of behavior. MPs educate, observe, report, and aid in the removal of anyone who threatens the security or decorum of our gaming community.

Traditions and History

Previous MP Department Heads

Rank Name Dates of Service
2nd Lieutenant Mike Jay 28 Aug 2022 - Present
Colonel Maxwell Lombardi 07 Feb 2022 - 20 Jun 2022
Colonel Ryu Mitsuma 29 Jul 2019 - 11 Nov 2021
Chief Warrant Officer 3 North Dakota 16 Mar 2019 - 28 Jul 2019
Sergeant First Class Arthur Volkerson 10 Mar 2018 - 25 Feb 2019
Master Sergeant Jean Paul Frantz 16 Aug 2016 - 01 Mar 2018
Captain Dave Sloth 05 Mar 2013 - 15 Aug 2016

Policies and Procedures

The MP Department has various policies and procedures governing server administration, and policies and procedures.

Document Number Policy or Standard Operating Procedure
7CAV-R-022 Server Administration Procedures
7CAV-DR-04 Military Police - Regulations and Procedures