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The General Orders are a list of published directives, originated by the commander, and binding upon all personnel of the 7th Cavalry, the purpose of which is to enforce a policy or procedure unique to his unit's situation which is not otherwise addressed in applicable service regulations, military law, or public law. A general order has the force of law; it is an offense punishable by court martial or lesser military court to disobey one. What makes it a general order (as opposed to a direct order), is that the actor is not explicitly named, nor precisely that (or whom) which is to be acted upon.

A general order of indefinite duration may be referred to as a standing order. Standing orders are necessarily general and vague since the exact circumstances for execution occur in the future under unknown conditions. For example, in most military agencies there is a standing order for enlisted men to salute officers. The officers are required by the same law to return the salute to the enlisted person; however, the name of each enlisted man is not explicitly named in the order, nor is the name of each officer, nor is the exact time which the salute should occur.

The following is a numbered list of all General Orders of the 7th cavalry. These orders apply to all members of the cavalry regardless of any rank, positions, or game the member belongs to.

==General Order One==Unethical Game Play (Cheating)

I will not engage in any form of cheating and will not tolerate those who do.

General Order Two

7th Cavalry Servers

I will abide by all established game specific Rules of Engagement while playing within the 7th Cavalry servers. I will obtain proper authorization before using any of the Boot Camp Servers for training activities and understand that a Boot Camp always has priority in those servers. I will not utilize the 7th Cavalry Regiment tag when naming a private server without obtaining proper authorization.

General Order Three

Regimental Tags

I will wear my 7th Cavalry Regiment clan tags in all First Person Shooter (FPS) game servers regardless of area of operation or if game is supported by the Unit (exception being Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying games, often called MMORPG or MMO's as long as the 7th Cavalry Regiment does not support it). I will additionally wear my 7th Cavalry Regiment clan tags within the 7th Cavalry Discord Channel according to the standard format (RNK.Last.F).

General Order Four


I will attend all required meetings, trainings, and any other scheduled official events or will inform, in advance, the appropriate person in my chain of command.I will also endeavor to ensure I do not be deemed awol due to lack of attendance.

General Order Five

Server Administration

I will ensure that the Rules of Engagement are followed by all members and server guests, and will enforce them per the established administration guidelines (or will report the violator to the appropriate personnel in the event that action cannot be taken).

I will obtain a visual confirmation of a reported violation prior to taking action per the established administration guidelines (only exception is if verbally reported by a Corporal or above).

I will consider all orders issued via in-game chat invalid until auditory confirmation is obtained, whether via Discord or, in the case of the Arma 3 AO, the Teamspeak server.

General Order Six


I will refrain from engaging in discussion or debate of political, religious or other similarly volatile subject matters in any 7th Cavalry owned medium (game servers, forums, Discord, Teamspeak)

General Order Seven

Military Courtesy

I will observe military courtesy as explicitly defined in the Discord Code of Conduct.

General Order Eight

Unit Dedication

I will not belong to another FPS unit/clan while a member of the 7th Cavalry.

General Order Nine


I will put forth my best effort to recruit individuals in our 7th Cavalry servers who demonstrate by their play and behavior the core values of our Unit.

I will not recruit within non 7th Cavalry servers or non-public servers.

I will not recruit members from within the Unit (recruit from one area of operation to another). The General Staff can authorize recruitment from within under certain circumstances, i.e. a Starter Platoon.

General Order Ten

Requests for Aid

Requests for aid will not be made without Regimental Commander, or Regimental Executive Officer approval.
Posts requesting aid will not be made without Regimental Commander, or Regimental Executive Officer approval.

For clarification, if you approach another Cav member, tell them you have a problem and need money to solve it, you have violated this General Order. If you find yourself in this situation, your first communication should be to a member of the General Staff. Any Supervisor that is approached by a trooper in this manner is to direct them to the General Staff. Do not, I repeat, Do not setup a Go Fund Me, or any other crowd funding device. Do not make an announcement to your subordinates that a trooper needs help. Direct them to a member of the General Staff.

Do not violate this order. Doing so will result in your removal from the 7th Cavalry. There is no circumstance that will grant you a waiver.

General Order Eleven

Universal Application

All members, regardless of rank or billet are bound by these general orders. Under no circumstances can general orders be simply ignored.