Alpha Company Roll Call Posting Policy

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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-A1-002
Scope: Roll Call Posting Policy
Version: Version 1.1
Effective Date: 15MAR20
Last Modified Date: 1MAY21
Approving Authority: A/1-7 Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: A/1-7 Executive Officer


Alpha Company Roll Call Posting Policy

From 02APR19 on all Roll Calls will have to comply with the following SOP:

The reason for the SOP change is to decrease the amount of paperwork on all levels of the chain of command, starting with the section leaders. By using the form supplied below you are able to quickly submit your notes, which will end up in a generated form.

A/1-7 roll call form:

For Section leaders:

For Platoon staff:

  • Ensure roll calls are being updated and comply to the SOP.

Please ensure this is passed down to all sections. This is a result of our last NCO meeting. It is a simplified version of our existing roll-calls and instructions can be found on the SOP linked in the above post. More to come this week on Squad Weekly, Platoon and Company reports as we have all discussed. Any questions may be directed to your platoon staff or company staff.