Alpha Company Challenge Coin Distribution Policy

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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-A1-005
Scope: Challenge Coin Distribution Policy
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 01MAR21
Last Modified Date: 1MAY21
Approving Authority: A/1-7 Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: A/1-7 Executive Officer


Alpha Company Challenge Coin Distribution Policy

Upon the announcement of the development of platoon level challenge coins, this policy was drafted to provide guidance on the distribution of these coins.

The following in descending order are responsible for the distribution of platoon level challenge coins:

  • The Platoon Leader
  • The Platoon Sergeant
  • The Designate of the Platoon Leader

The selected individual will oversee the physical distribution of the platoon challenge coins until their promotion to company staff, their transfer out of the platoon, or their discharge. During which, the departing distributor will send their coins to the next or current platoon leader, so that the coins may be circulated after the individual’s departure.

The designated distributor will be the sole contact on the distribution of platoon coins. Should a trooper be selected to receive a platoon coin, the distributor will directly contact the selected trooper by forum PM so that the coin may be sent to the trooper by mail.

Security of Information

An inherent risk resides in the distribution of these coins in the sense that a physical address is sent to the distributor. No receiving individual may be pressured or coerced into sending their address to the distributor and must be done on a voluntary basis with the receiving individual being aware of the inherent risk in sending their address over the internet.

Upon sending the challenge coin via mail, the distributor must destroy any record of the receiver’s address (e.g. leaving the PM).

Should the distributor maliciously record, distribute, or misuse this information, severe disciplinary action will from the chain of command will be sought. If you are a trooper who suspects your address has been leaked, contact Alpha Company staff immediately. An additional precaution may be implemented on the receiver’s part by renting a Post Office (PO) box, so that a general address instead of a personal address is sent to the distributor.