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Scope of the Rules of Engagement

This document is a compendium of the rules of the Squad servers. If a rule is not listed in this document it does not exist and is not enforceable. Each rule will have specific definitions as well as an elaboration of its intent. By the end of this document, no question should remain as to what a rule means and how it applies to the player.

Squad – Rules of Engagement (ROE)

  1. No fratricide.
  2. No destruction of friendly equipment.
  3. No offensive behaviour.
  4. Weapons safe on base.
  5. No spawn camping
  6. No blind usage of explosives
  7. Play the objectives.
  8. All Squad Leaders must have a microphone and utilize an SL kit.
  9. You must join a squad and follow your Squad Leader's order.
  10. Vehicles which require a Crewman slot to operate must have two persons crewing it

Specific definitions of Squad – Team vs. Team Server Rules The following numbered list of all server rules are in accordance with the list of above. Each rule has a subsection explaining the intent of the rule.

1.No fratricide or friendly fire

  • Commonly called 'TK'ing' or 'Team Killing' - the purposeful or accidental killing of a teammate - is not allowed on this server;
  • Do not team kill, this is grounds for instant banning;
  • Intentionally Team Killing a 7th Cavalry Admin while actively being an admin will result in an instant ban from the server;
  • If you accidentally Team Kill or hurt a team member apologize immediately
Spirit of the rule - Intentionally team killing other players is detrimental to the spirit of team play. While friendly fire is a reality on the battlefield, it is unacceptable and should be avoided.

2. No destruction of friendly equipment.

  • This includes purposeful and accidental occurrences;
  • This includes all actions other than enemy fire: crashing, using explosives and shooting;
Spirit of the rule - This rule is similar in spirit to the first rule. There's already enough concern with the enemy trying to wax that armor or aviation asset.

3. No offensive behavior.

  • No racism nor sexism of any kind. Any racist or discriminating remarks or names will result in an instant ban;
  • No political or religious discussions or references including names;
  • No disrespect towards other players or admins;
  • No disrespect towards the 7th Cavalry Clan;
  • No disrespect towards the deceased;
  • No disrespectful or offensive abbreviations;
  • No elitist attitude towards others or taunting;
  • No mic spamming;
  • No trolling;
Spirit of the rule - The 7th Cavalry tries to create a fun environment without drama where people can just get together, play and have fun in a tactical environment.

4. Weapons safe on base.

  • Discharge or firing of any weapon on base is strictly prohibited;
Spirit of the rule - This rule is meant to underline rules 1 and 2. There's no reason to fire on base.

5.No camping the uncapturable bases

  • Intentionally choking an uncapturable spawn area, blocking all areas off from escape;
  • Do not fire into or out of uncaps, unless you are getting fired at. Retaliate and move away;
  • You must be actively trying to move forward, and leave your base;
Spirit of the rule - This rule is about fair competition. We want everyone to have fun, therefore everyone should get the opportunity to fight back. If you see that the enemy is unable to get out of their spawn area you need to fall back; if you don´t you are ruining their fun. The exception would be if the game mode forces you to move in to spawn.

6.No blind usage of explosives

  • Visual or verbal (in-game or TS3) confirmation of target is needed;
  • Tracers fired at you or teammates can be considered hostile and reacted upon;
  • Footsteps and hostile verbal communication are considered valid indicators and can be reacted upon;
  • Clearing explosives is allowed as long as you follow through;
  • Call out explosives so your teammates know what's going on to make sure you do not hurt friendlies
Spirit of the rule - These rules are designed to promote a tactical experience and prevent team kills by grenade spamming.

7.Play the objectives

  • Work with the members of your squad toward the objectives based on the current game mode;
  • Avoid merely running through the maps wildly firing at the opposing team
Spirit of the rule - This rule is designed to encourage players to work together in tactical movements to accomplish an objective. Soldiers work together as units to complete assigned missions.

8.All Squad Leaders must have a microphone and utilize an SL kit.

  • Squad Leaders must have a microphone to communicate with their squad and other Squad Leaders.
  • Squad Leaders must utilize an SL kit in order to utilize all functions and assets of the position.
  • Using text chat only is not acceptable.
  • Failing to do so will result in being kicked from the server.
Spirit of the rule - It is too difficult to lead while using text chat only, voice communication must be used to be an effective leader. Not having an SL kit also prohibits the squad from placing down required assets for organized play.

9.You must join a Squad and follow your Squad Leader's orders

  • Commonly called "lone-wolfing".
  • You must join a Squad, if they are full start a new one.
  • Staying unassigned doesn't contribute to the team.
  • Follow you Squad Leaders orders.
  • Helps identify AFK players.
  • Failing to do so will result in a kicked from the server.
Spirit of the rule - You need to be part of your squad and team to be able to contribute to the objectives, "lone-wolfing" does not contribute to that. This also helps us keep AFK players off the server.

10.Vehicles & Crewman

  • Vehicles which require a Crewman slot to operate must have two persons crewing it
    • That said, solo-crewing a vehicle which requires a Crewman kit is forbidden.
  • Transport helicopters are excluded, as they require a single Pilot role.
    • In the event that Attack Helicopters are added, they will require two Pilots.

Seeding Rules of Engagement (RoE)

Until 20 v 20 players, the following rules apply.

  1. If the map has an odd layer of flags, the middle flag will be the only playable objective. Else, the two center flags will be valid.
  2. Combat can only occur on the flag(s) as designated by Rule 1.
  3. No emplacements of any kind can be placed within 100m of the Seeding flags as determined in Rule 1.
  4. No weapon-based emplacements may be used during seeding (MG's, mortars, etc.).
  5. Only logistic and transport vehicles may be used.
  6. No enemy Radios or HAB's may be disabled or destroyed.
  7. 7Cav In game squad leaders are responsible for holding all members of their teams to the above rules.


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