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*Nonjudicial punishment
*Nonjudicial punishment
*Judge Advocate General Corps
*Judge Advocate General Corps
==Further reading==
This SOP is also available as a PDF [http://wiki.7thcavalry.us/downloads/7CAV-R-003.pdf here]

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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-R-010
Scope: 7th Cavalry Section Leader - Duties and Responsibilities
Version: Version 2.2
Effective Date: 24AUG2013
Approving Authority: Regimental Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: Regimental Chief of Staff

Note that in some infantry companies the Section Leader is known as the Squad Leader.


The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to provide the requirements for fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a Section Leader in the 7th Cavalry Regiment.


  • Section Role Call (5.1)
  • Section Training (5.2)

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Responsibility
Platoon Leader (PL) and Platoon Sergeant (PSG) Ensure that Section Leaders follow and receive training on this procedure.
Section Leader (SL) •Complete the required training.

•Follow this procedure

References and Important Concepts



Section Roll Call

It is the responsibility of the Section Leader (SL) to post a roll call in their section's forum on a weekly basis. Roll call post will be posted between 0500z Saturday and 0000z Sunday / Completed by 2300z Friday (View Sample Roll Call Post) SL will instruct their troopers to post a reply on the roll call post by copying and pasting the section for the troopers, and answering the questions. SL may require their troopers to make a mid week bump to roll call to avoid AWOL list.

Daily SLs will update their original roll call post for that week and fill in the names of their troopers under the appropriate heading (Accounted For and Unaccounted For). SL is to specify if a trooper is on leave of absence (LOA), and list trooper as Accounted For. If a trooper is determined to be AWOL, the SL will include the date the of the trooper's “Last Post" on the forum. If a trooper is excused from practice with a valid reason they will be listed as Unaccounted For with “(excused)”behind their name. Excused troopers must be approved by Platoon Staff. Section Roll Call posts will be completed by Friday evening @ 2300z.

Section Training

It is the responsibility of SL to hold section training at a minimum frequency of once a week. SL is responsible to have a trooper trained to run practice in their absence. SL is responsible for organizing each section training and drafting a Section Training Plan (STP) to be posted, in advanced of the scheduled training session, for their troopers to read, understand and prepare if necessary. The STP shall include the following:

  • Training Material: Include any material (reading or pictures) required to complete the training (ex. Map pictures with names)
  • Training Plan: A description of the planned activities, including drills, maps to be used, etc. in order to complete the training (ex. Section will tour maps X, Y, and Z and call out the names of the different areas)

Training After Action Report (TAAR) will be included in the weekly Roll Call post, as detailed above. The Post Training Assessment element is the SL's assessment of how successful the training session was. The SL should include things such as lessons learned (things that went right and/or wrong), future improvements, performance of the troops, etc.

See also

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