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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-DR-023
Scope: S1 HQ - Roles and Responsibilities
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 07JUN20
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: S1 1IC
Point of Contact: S1 1IC


Provide guidance on the Name Change Request ticket processing

Roles and Responsibilities

S1 1IC / 2IC Check if name changes meet the requirements and process them in a timely manner.

Name Change Requests

Service Actions
Requesting a Name Change
  • A trooper may request a name change only within the first 30 days of their enlistment.
  • A trooper may only change their name once.
  • This request must come from the trooper themselves.
Choosing a Name
  • Names must include a realistic forename and surname; not necessarily your real name.
  • Troopers may not choose (within the limits of common sense) any of the following as names
    • Historically important names
    • Actors
    • Musicians
    • Cartoon names
    • Names of importance from novels, television etc.
    • Religious names
  • Names cannot have any special characters or spaces in them as this causes problems with the MILPACs system.
Name Change Approval
  • The RRD 1IC/2IC/Processing Clerks will respond to the ticket approving or disapproving the name change to ensure that the naming conventions are being followed.
  • S1 HQ will start a PM with the Troopers CoC and inform them in accordance with the Ticket about the Name Change
  • The S1 Command Staff member will do the following:
    • Make a name change post in the PAF forum as per above. Alert (@) the immediate supervisors in the chain of command. This could be RTC or their SL and platoon staff. Also alert ROO.
  • Add a record to the user's MILPACS as follows:
    • Name Change Approved: Private John Doe will be known as Private John Donn
  • Edit the user as follows:
    • Update the GC, AAR and AFSM tracker as required.
    • Update trooper's Nextcloud citation folder name accordingly.
    • Update Uniform image, filename, uniform tracker entry.