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*Platoon Sergeant Report
*Platoon Sergeant Report
*Platoon Leader
*Platoon Leader
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Article Number: 7CAV-R-004
Scope: 7th Cavalry Platoon Sergeant - Duties and Responsibilities
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 16AUG2008
Approving Authority: General Of The Army
Point of Contact: Regimental Executive Officer

A Platoon Sergeant (PSG) is the Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of a platoon. His direct superior is the Platoon Leader.


The Platoon Sergeant leads sections under his command. He is also the point of contact to the Section Leaders under his command.


The Platoon Sergeant is responsible of the following duties;

  • Reviewing Roll Call reports from sections under his command.
  • Transmitting the Platoon Sergeant Report or (PSGREP) to the Platoon Leader and the Company First Sergeant weekly.
  • Conducting Platoon Practice once a month per the Platoon Leaders orders and/or per the S3 Department guidelines.
  • Relay information transmitted to him from the Chain of Command to the personnel under his command.
  • Ensure Section Leaders are trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools and training to effectively lead their sections.
  • Ensure Section Leaders are managing their sections effectively and duties are being performed per the governing procedures.
  • Ensure platoon is combat ready.
  • Perform administrative duties and paper work associated with his platoon. (ex: NCS, commendation)

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