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Scope of the Rules of Engagement

This document is to serve as a complete compendium to the rules of the servers. This document contains all rules of the server in which the document was written for. If it is not listed in this document it does not exist and is not enforceable. Each rule will have specific definitions of the rule as well as elaborating the specified intent of the rule along with examples to help clarify the rules true intent. By the end of this document, no questions should be remaining as to what the rule meant and how it applies to the player.

Arma 3- Public Server Rules

  1. No fratricide or destruction of friendly equipment.
  2. No offensive or disruptive behavior
  3. All support assets must be on call and TeamSpeak 3
  4. You must play your role and cooperate with your team

Specific definitions of ARMA 3 - Public Server Rules The following is a numbered list of all server rules that are in accordance to the list of section 2. Each rule will have a subsection explaining the intentions of the rule and specific cases of the rule.

1. No fratricide or destruction of friendly equipment

  • Fratricide is the killing of one's own forces in war and is used to describe 'friendly fire', or commonly called 'TK’ing' or 'Team Killing'.
  • This means the purposeful or accidental killing of another player or friendly equipment is not allowed.
  • This also means that acts of “revenge killing” are against this rule. The only action a player needs to take against someone who killed them is reporting said team killer to our Military Police or a Game Admin.

Spirit of the rule - This rule is a common rule for team-based First Person Shooter games. Team killing is universally considered in bad taste and bad form. The idea is to have fun and not to have to worry about a chaotic free for all.

2. No offensive or disruptive behavior.

  • No racism nor sexism of any kind. Any racist or discriminating remarks or names will result in an instant ban.
  • No political or religious discussions or references including names.
  • No disrespect towards other players or admins.
  • No disrespect towards the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.
  • No disrespect towards deceased 7th Cavalry members.
  • No disrespectful or offensive abbreviations.
  • No elitist attitude towards others or taunting.
  • No mic spamming.
  • No trolling or griefing.
  • Discharge or firing of any weapon on base is strictly prohibited.
  • No vehicles parked on the runway or landing pads.

Spirit of the rule - The 7th Cavalry tries to create a fun environment without drama where people can just get together, play, and have fun in a tactical environment.

3. All support assets must be on call and Teamspeak.

  • This means the pilot/operator of any aircraft, artillery, mortars, or UAV.
  • TeamSpeak 3 meaning 7th Cavalry's TeamSpeak 3 server.
  • They must also have a working microphone, and be willing to coordinate over TeamSpeak.
  • Support assets, except tanks, are not to engage the enemy on their own accord.
  • Enemy air assets and enemy anti-air are the only exceptions to this rule. They are allowed to be engaged to make way for safe transport to the AO for friendly troops.
  • All attack aircraft are to maintain a safe holding area, pattern, or stay on base until called in to maintain the longevity of the aircraft.
  • Artillery, including mortars, must remain silent until called to fire by infantry.
  • Assets in immediate danger that need to act against danger can defend themselves to preserve their lives or asset, but shall not provoke the engagement.

Spirit of the rule - This rule is meant to help preserve some enemy for friendly infantry to still fight when there are powerful support assets like aircraft or artillery in play, as well as the coordination of those assets with ground forces to foster organized gameplay. Fire support and other force multipliers, unless specifically approved above, are on call until a call for fire is made. This is done to balance the power of support assets with the infantry.

4. You must play your role and cooperate with your team.

  • “Lone wolfing” should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Follow the instructions of your Squad Leader and/or mission commander.
  • Play the role you’re slotted for.
  • If you wish to change your role you must reslot. For example, if you were a pilot and wish to fight on the ground you must reslot as an infantryman.
  • No AFK’ing in limited slots.

Spirit of the rule - “Lone wolfing” can cause enemies to spawn in remote locations away from the main group and thus detract from server resources, as they are limited. “Lone wolfing” should be avoided when possible to ensure cohesion across all roles, to help foster tactical realism and organized gameplay, and to ensure the mission file is running as intended.

Arma 3 - Training Server Rules

  1. The Training Server is first and foremost an area for 7th Cavalry members to practice skills that will be utilized in either operations or public spaces.
  2. There will always be a 7th Cavalry member responsible for the server.
  3. No public members.

Specific definitions of ARMA 3 - Training Server Rules

1. The Training Server is first and foremost an area for 7th Cavalry members to practice skills that will be utilized in either operations or public spaces.

  • Simply put: RTC > Unit Training > Fun-time.
  • The above hierarchy of use shall always be observed, however, this does not mean that two groups can't be doing two things at once.
Spirit of the rule - Simply as the hierarchy of use states, the training server is first and foremost the 7th Cavalry 1st Battalion training server; everything else comes secondary to this mission. RTC will always have priority of this server during the scheduled training times (check with RTC for currently scheduled bootcamps), as they are responsible for replenishing and growing the ranks of the 7th Cavalry, and they will not be hindered in this mission.

2. There will always be a 7th Cavalry member responsible for the server.

  • Whenever the server is running, there will be at least one member that is in charge of the operations of all members in the server.
  • Generally speaking, this member will be the operational admin or the training admin.
  • This member is responsible for all conduct on the server.
Spirit of the rule - Responsibility of use of 7th Cavalry assets always needs to fall on someone. As such, before entering the server as a group, either the ranking officer/NCO assumes this responsibility, or a pre-designated member of the group needs to be responsible (such as when there are NCOs running trainings for officers, etc).

3. No public members.

  • No public members.
  • Members of allied clans are allowed to attend events if first approved by the regimental commander.
Spirit of the rule - Being as the servers are for 7th Cavalry members, as a matter of privilege for those of the yellow and black, public players are not welcome in these servers. Allied clans are allowed to visit the grounds if prior to the event the Regimental Commander provides written permission for them to attend.