Alpha Company Mod Proposal Policy

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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-A1-004
Scope: Roll Call Posting Policy
Version: Version 1.1
Effective Date: 10FEB21
Last Modified Date: 1MAY21
Approving Authority: A/1-7 Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: A/1-7 Executive Officer


Alpha Company Mod Proposal Policy

Troopers of Alpha Company,

With the extreme flexibility and fluid like nature that mods allow ARMA3 to be it is very understandable and normal for people to want to improve their own as well as everyone else's experience. And often mods are put out that seamlessly transition into our already outstanding library of equipment and tools.

However, as was learned the hard way last year with the USAF mod, some mods cause serious problems which are so complex in nature they aren't found until after hours of heavy use. For those that weren't here for the USAF mod issue, it was a mod that was adopted and effectively (and unexpectedly) handicapped Alpha Company for almost half the year causing server crashes and poor experiences.

As such, Alpha Company leadership always wants to give you, the troopers, every chance to improve your experience here in any way possible. At the same time we have to ensure things aren't added prematurely, or that will detract from training or worst, other troopers enjoyment.

As such, if there is a mod that you want to entertain being added to the modpack in the future for the betterment of Alpha Co, you just need to follow the procedure listed below.​

  • Inform your SL and Platoon staff about the mod you are interested in.
  • If platoon staff agrees with the potential of the mod, they will relay to company staff and troopers will be cleared for unofficial testing.
    • Multiple troopers (the more the better to ensure universal support) will test the mod privately, apart from SP's, for at least 2 weeks.
    • The troopers will present an unbiased report of their findings (Pro's and Con's) to their platoon staff.
  • Platoon staff will discuss and look into the mod themselves.
  • Platoon staff will then submit an unbiased report to Company staff for official approval.
  • Should Company Staff approve, then the mod will be forwarded, by them, to S3 for developmental testing.
  • Once S3 has completed all testing, including stress testing on live servers with dozens of real people, they will make their determination and recommendation.
  • Final discussion will occur between Company and S3 to determine if and when it should be added to the modpack.

The above procedure is the only way, currently, to get mods added for Alpha company and it is to ensure that something like the USAF mod or worse does not happen again in the future.​