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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-R-035
Scope: 7th Cavalry Reserve
Version: Version 1.2
Effective Date: 01 NOV 20
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: Regimental Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: Regimental Chief of Staff


  • Active - This refers to members of the Active Roster; members belonging to a Battalion/Company/Platoon/Squad/Section who have a weekly section practice and roll-call requirement.
  • Reserve - This refers to members of the Reserve Roster; members belonging to the Reserve who have no weekly requirement other than roll-call.

Restrictions on Members

The following benefits of being in the Cav will be limited for members of the Reserve:

  • Members of the Reserve will have no ranks, with the exception of the appointed leadership positions.
    • Your rank will be 'Reservist'.
  • Time-in-grade will stop accruing from the date a person joins the Reserve.
  • Time-in-service will stop accruing from the date a person joins the Reserve.
  • Cannot attend non-game related courses such as NCOA, ODS, Server Admin Course.
  • Can attend S7 'game-related' courses and receive qualification badges/ribbons.
  • Can attend operations, but cannot get MILPACS credit or medals. This means a Reservist can get jump wings by taking a course, but cannot get jump stars. Or, they can get the Expert Field Medical Badge by taking the course, but cannot get the Combat Medical Badge which is awarded for serving as a medic in combat.
  • Active members get priority on any roles in operations, whether they sign up for the operation or not.
  • Active members get priority on all S7 classes.
  • Only eligible for medals in the Service category.
  • Members of the Reserve can use voice activation in Teamspeak.


Joining the Reserve

Current/past members are eligible to transfer to the Reserve if:

  • They have three (3) months of consecutive, uninterrupted service in their current enlistment in the Active component. This means if you transfer from Reserve to Active, you must serve another 3 months before being eligible to transfer back into the Reserve.
  • They are not currently under a period of No Favorable Action (NFA) as a result of disciplinary action. They also cannot have any pending NCS or Article 15.
  • Past members must have three (3) months consecutive service in their last enlistment or have been eligible for retirement at the time of their last discharge.
  • Past members who have received a Less Than Honorable or AWOL Discharge are not eligible to re-enlist directly into the Reserve. They must join an Active squad and serve 3 months in their current enlistment first.
  • Members of an active squad/platoon/company, including Starter Platoon whose unit shuts down through no fault of their own may have the 3-month waiting period waived at the discretion of the General Staff.
  • Members can fill out a Roster Transfer PAF to request to be transferred to the Reserve.
  • The Reserve is not open to members of the public.

Transferring Back Into the Active Component

Members may transfer back into the Active Component as follows:

  • Personnel wishing to transfer to Active who re-enlisted directly into the Reserve will have a rank reduction applied per the Rank Promotion and Reduction Guidelines when transferring to Active.
  • A member transferring back to Active will be brought back at their former rank or Corporal (E-4), whichever is lower.
  • Members who transfer to Active from Reserve must wait thirty (30) days before they are eligible for any leadership position.
  • Time-in-service and Time-in-Grade immediately begins to accrue as of the date of transfer to Active.
  • They are not currently under a period of No Favorable Action (NFA) as a result of disciplinary action. They also cannot have any pending NCS or Article 15.

Discharging From the Reserve

  • If you re-enlisted directly into the Reserve and subsequently discharge, you revert to your previous discharge classification/rank unless we feel the need to review your discharge classification. In other words, your activities while in the Reserve can potentially impact your discharge classification both positively and negatively.
  • If you transferred into the Reserve from Active and subsequently discharge, your discharge will be processed as per SOP from your rank and time-in-grade accumulated in Active.

Chain of Command

The Chain of Command will be simple and direct:

  • In-Command (IC)
  • Second-in-Command (2IC)

Either or both of these billets may be filled by Officers or NCO's who will retain their ranks. The IC and 2IC report directly to a designated member of the General Staff.

Leadership Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the IC and 2IC are as follows:

  • Post weekly roll-call for all troopers in the Reserve.
  • Post transfers into and discharges out of the Reserve.
  • Manage the AWOL tracker for the Reserve, posting the AWOL list and subsequent AWOL discharges.
  • Monitor the Reserve LOA requests to avoid AWOL discharging members.
  • Post ELOA reports and returns.
  • Be the point of contact for resolving all conflicts within the Reserve.
  • Manage the disciplinary process for all members of the Reserve, up to and including Article 15's.

Teamspeak, Steam and In-Game Tags

Reservists will use the following for Teamspeak, Steam and In-Game tags:

  • Teamspeak: Teamspeak will automatically add your tags. You simply need your name to appear as Lastname.Initial, i.e. Doe.J You will appear as [7Cav][AR]Doe.J
  • Steam and In-Game Tags: You will format your steam name as: =7CAV=AR.Lastname.Initial, i.e. =7CAV=AR.Doe.J

Support Billets

Members of the Reserve may join Support Billets.

Accountability for Minimum Requirements

Members of the Reserve are expected to sign roll-call weekly. The IC/2IC will not chase down members to sign roll-call. The AWOL system will be utilized to deal with people not meeting minimum requirements. Remember, members who discharge AWOL must serve 6 months in an Active squad in order to be eligible to re-join the Reserve.

Leave of Absence

  • The Leave of Absence will be handled as per normal SOP. Reservists will file a LOA request and this will be monitored by the leadership team.
  • Extended Leave of Absence will be handled in the same manner as with the Active component.

Exceptions to all of the above may be made when necessary at the discretion of the General Staff.