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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-E2-001
Scope: Makeup Section Practice Policy
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 14APR20
Last Modified Date: DDMMMYYYY
Approving Authority: E/2-7 Commanding Officer
Point of Contact: E/2-7 Executive Officer


Echo Company Makeup Section Practice Policy

This will serve as Echo Co (E/2-7) official Section Practice Makeup Policy.

Please let this post serve as the official reference point on this policy.

  • Spending an hour training with a SL or ASL, from any section within E/2-7.
  • Attending any Echo Co FTX. (Company or Platoon)
    • A Private Message (PM) must be started by YOU and include your SL, ASL (if you have one) and the FTX lead
  • Attending any formal Squad Section Practice. (SP times across 2nd Batt may be seen Practice Times
  • Attending any Echo Co. Operation
    • A Private Message (PM) must be started by YOU and include your SL, ASL (if you have one) and the Operation lead
    • This Operation counts towards a makeup Section Practice.
    • NOTE: You will get credit for the first hour of an OP as your makeup time. Any additional time (1hr plus) will constitute credit toward the OP.

The following, as a general rule, DO NOT count towards a Makeup Section Practice:

  • S3 Courses.
  • Attending any other FTX outside of Echo Company. (Policy put in place by Battalion.)
  • Attending a Section Practice in another Games AO. (Ex. Arma, Hell Let Loose... etc.)
  • Attending Squad Public Servers without a SL/ASL in attendance.
  • Attending Squad Operations for consecutive weeks.
  • Running around on a training server for an hour alone. There must be someone who can vouch for your makeup (SL/ASL).


On a case-by-case basis, a Section Leader and up is permitted the discretion to allow one of the above conditions to count TOWARDS a makeup SP, however these are only allowed in extenuating circumstances. (Ex. Already used an LOA for the month and schedule doesn't permit sitting in on ANY SQUAD SPs...)

Process for Makeups

  1. If you miss an SP you are to attempt a legitimate makeup listed above.
  2. You are then to notify your SL/ASL via PM with the individual that ran it CC'd.
  3. If you are not able to do any of those, then you are to take an LOA.
  4. If you have already taken an LOA for the month and you can't do any of the qualifying makeup SPs then you are allowed to ask for an exception to what counts as a makeup.

Platoon and Company staff will always monitor these exceptions and if it appears anyone is abusing the system, someone will step in to resolve the problem.


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