Charlie Company C/2-7

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Charlie Company
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Superior Unit 2nd Battalion HQ
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Our mission is to provide an environment for all future and current members to gather together to enjoy Hell Loose with one another. We are a highly Company; we host multiple weekly internal/external PVP Events and conduct several School of Infantry classes designed to engage you with others inside and outside of our Company.

Military Occupational Specialties Description
Infantry Officer (11A) The infantry officer is responsible for leading Platoons within Charlie Company. Ensuring the readiness of troopers and crewman. Troopers that serve as an infantry officer have priority for leadership positions in operations.
Infantry (11B) The Infantry are experts in individual skill and teamwork coordination.

Through larger platoon actions, whether in defense or offense, the infantry squad utilizes all member classifications to overwhelm the enemy and seize the objective. Members of the Infantry are masters in land warfare, communication, and tactical movement.

In the Infantry, every member is a rifleman first and a specialist second. As a trooper, each rifleman will train extensively on marksmanship, control over their weapon systems, and team battle drills. Additionally, troopers train in coordination with other support elements to improve our combined arms operations.

Mechanized Infantry (11M) Mechanized infantry are equipped with armored personnel carriers (APCs) or infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for transport and combat.
Combat Engineer (11C) The role of Combat Engineers is to allow the to the combat arms to survive and maneuver on the battlefield through mobility and counter mobility. In Alpha Company, Combat Engineers Specialize in the construction of defenses, firing artillery, mine placement, and demolitions.


The following is a list of Company Commanders beginning with the most recent.

Rank Name Dates of Service
Major Jareck Hollenshead 09 AUG 2019 – Present
Captain Pete Gallagher 21 JUL 2019 – 09 AUG 2019

Order of Battle

The Company consists of 2 Homogeneous Platoons, and a Headquarters Section.

Element Callsign Size Role
Company Headquarters Hell Hounds HHQ Section Company Command Team of A Company, including the Company Commander, Executive Officer and Company First Sergeant
1st Platoon Black Jackals Platoon Infantry Platoon
Alpha Section Phantom Warriors Section Infantry Squads
Bravo Section Hellraisers Section
Charlie Section Wolfpack Section
Delta Section G.R.U.N.T.S Section
Echo Section Centurions Section
2nd Platoon Golden Daggers Platoon Airborne Infantry Platoon
Alpha Section Grizzlies Section Airborne Infantry Squads
Bravo Section Pathfinders Section
Charlie Section Raiders Section
Delta Section Old Reliables Section

S7 2-7 Schools and Courses
The Combined Arms School Basic Assault Movement Course Weapons Qualification CourseAdvanced Individual Training Phase 1 and 2Combat Lifesaver Course Explosive Ordinance Disposal CourseIndirect Fire CourseBasic Armor Crewman CourseRotary Wing Operations
Hell Let Loose School of Infantry Basic Infantry Combat TrainingBasic Armor Crewman CourseArtillery Crewman Course