Charlie Company C/1-7

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Charlie Company (C/1-7)
CO CPT.LaCombe.M
XO CPT.Wiese.M
1SG 1SG.Green.R
Superior Unit 1st Battalion HQ
Reporting Units

Charlie Company, 1st Battalion is a light infantry company tasked with air assault and airborne operations. It is administratively known as C/1-7. The company is comprised of standard light infantry platoons.


Charlie Company's primary mission is to insert on the flanks or rear of known enemy positions behind the main line of resistance, to conduct raids or seize objectives ahead of heavier, less mobile allied forces and then defend those areas till relieved or exfiltrate before being overwhelmed. If needed, we can also be deployed as regular motorized infantry, using HMMWVs and MRAPs.

Due to the nature of our missions and insertion methods, Charlie Company lacks organic logistics and high level medical personnel, as well as armored support or transports, most often light vehicles as well. Therefore Charlie Company relies on close cooperation with allied air, logistics, artillery and medical units, for support by fire, transportation, medical treatment and recon.

Charlie Company MOS

11B - Airborne Infantryman


As an infantryman within the Cavalry you are the backbone of our Combat forces. Charlie Company infantry are the tip of the spear, we are the elite. We can be deployed anywhere that's within flight range of an allied airfield and not plastered with hostile air defences. This means we initially deploy without any heavy assets like Tanks, IFVs or even plain cars. This means we always have a non-trivial walk through hostile terrain ahead of us, before we even get the the enemy forces we actually intend to egange. This means we have to bring everthing we need, as support will always be unavailable exactly when you'd most like to have it.

Being able, as a unit, to endure without resupply, to survive without a CCP in hailing distance, to engage all possible threats with what we carry into battle on our shoulders is abolutely critical to mission success. While friendly forces are often around, no guarantee can be given on if and when they'll be able to help us.

To be overcome these obstacles, we are experts at infantry combat. We can crack and kill everything from infantry to fortifications, vehicles and even Helos. We can fight on open ground, but preferably do so on urban or rugged terrain. The conditions of MOUT often deny or limit the enemy's use of the assets we do not have in the first place, such as vehicles and weapon emplacements.

We are also experts at tailoring our equipment to the needs of the mission. Typically an Airborne Squad has around 20 Frags (M67), 7 Rifles (M4), 2 - 3 grenade launchers (M320), 2 ARs (M249) as well as ammo and a variety of signals, tools and medical supplies. This can be supplemented with explosives, MMGs (M240) and shoulder launched weapons like the M72 and AT-4 for anti armor capability, the FIM-92 stinger against air vehicles and the M3 MAAWS that can be used in an AT role with its HEAT round and as an area effect weapon with its airburst-cabable HE round. At some point you'll be able to employ all of these with lethal effectiveness.

Your training begins with all the essential skills needed to function as a member of an infantry Fire Team and Squad. It continues with the basic infantry battle drills and how to perform common tasks for infantry, such as conducting attacks, reconnaissance, combat patrols, defending critical positions and acting as a quick reaction force. Your training culminates in your ability to conduct coordinated airborne landings and air assaults into enemy held territories to seize or conduct raids on key objectives.

11C Airborne Weapons Infantryman.

"Everywhere, on time, on target"
Airborne Support Infantrymen are highly versatile specialists. In addition to basic infantry skills, an Airborne Support Infantryman must also master all crew-served weapons such as the M2 .50 CAL machine gun, TOW anti-tank missile launcher, MK-19 grenade launcher and the 82mm mortar. They also specialize in combat engineering tasks such as deploying mines and breaching minefields, destruction of enemy equipment and infrastructure and obstacle breaches.


  • JYcl5vx.png 1st Platoon (Airborne/Light Infantry)
  • JYcl5vx.png 2nd Platoon (Airborne/Light Infantry)