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Bravo Company (B/1-7)
CO CPT.Waldie.A
1SG 1SG.Nexhex.A
Superior Unit 1st Battalion HQ
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Bravo Troop, 1st Battalion is a military unit of the 7th Cavalry. It is administratively known as B/1-7, this abbreviation is used in MILPAC and avatars (among other things). It is comprised of three (3) platoons, with 1st Platoon containing two (2) sections of Tankers, 2nd Platoon containing three (3) sections of Cavalry Scouts, and 3rd Platoon containing three (3) sections of Combat support infantry and medical staff.


Bravo Troop, 1st Battalion is an armour & cavalry asset of the 7th Cavalry. The purpose of Bravo Troop is to find, fix, and destroy the enemy through direct and indirect combat operations; as well as providing combat scouting and combat service support abilities as part of a larger coordinated operational structure. Primarily, our mission statement relies upon the sum of our pieces, we find the enemy with our Cavalry Scouts, we then pin them in place with supporting fire guided by our scouts, and the application of armour, before finishing them through our massed force. All the while, our logistics and medical platoon resupplies, rearms and provides critical logistical or medical support along the front.

Bravo Company MOS

19K - Armor Crewman


The 19 Kilo MOS, Armor Crewman, provides Reconnaissance and Security for 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry in combat operations. As an Armor Crewman, members of this MOS are system experts on the M1A2 Abrams tank as well as other armoured vehicles and dedicated to providing long-range eyes and heavy firepower to convoy missions and combined arms assaults. Whether rolling through town with closely-coordinated infantry squads, raining down fire from a tactically advantageous high ground, or thundering across the open plain to destroy enemy armour, the 19K MOS is recognized by its fierce destructive effects on the battlefield and respected for its role as the guardian of other friendly forces on the ground.

19D - Cavalry Scout Platoon


In the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment, the sole home of the Cavalry Scout is in 2nd Platoon, Bravo Troop, 1st Battalion. The Cavalry Scouts of 2nd Platoon will are highly trained in Mechanized Infantry tactics, but also specialise heavily as masters of reconnaissance, mobility, and evasion. Cav Scouts are deployed in advance of the rest of the main force by performing reconnaissance, security activities, calling in air support, and other front-line combat operations. As well as being attached to airborne and amphibious task forces.

As a Cavalry Scout, you will be trained to a superior standard higher than regular forces, establishing and building upon your experience and expertise. You will be cross-trained in the art of reconnaissance, mechanised tactics, calling in air support, and all crewman roles of the M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle!

68W - Medical & Logistical Platoon

Our combat support platoon is the backbone of our operational ability, we rely upon these sections to perform critical combat resupply, medical treatment and CASEVAC tasks. Often attached and working alongside our other companies, our service support platoon is critical to maintaining a high degree of combat effectiveness within our combat platoons. Within the platoon, itself are the logistical and medical branches (both under 68W within the CAV MOS system). Allowing trooper to train for both roles, if desired through our training resources. The efficiency and professionalism of these individuals are what keeps our forces fighting.

Company Staff History

Previous Company Commanders

  • Captain LaCombe, Mike
  • Major Tharen, Rip
  • Major Rosefield, Michael
  • Major Argus, Jon
  • Major Thumper, Nate
  • Major Emerson, Dan
  • Major Larouche, Zachary
  • Major Way, Mac
  • Major Baeder, Stefan
  • Major Burgundy, Cameron
  • Major Chilicki, Bartosz


  • AKemHOR.png Bravo Troop HQ
  • AXd52VG.png 1st Platoon Armored Support Platoon
  • SowNYHm.png 2nd Platoon Cavalry Scouts
  • 6eaCm3j.png 3rd Platoon Combat Support Platoon