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This is the Document Release Information
Article Number: 7CAV-R-031
Scope: In Game Administrator Procedures for Arma 3 Servers
Version: Version 1.0
Effective Date: 27 NOV 18
Approving Authority: Regimental Commander
Point of Contact: Chief of Staff

Arma 3 Server Administration

Chain of Command

Generally speaking the highest ranking 7th Cavalry member on the server is responsible for administration. They hold the responsibility with their rank, but may choose to delegate that responsibility to any lower ranked admins if needed. This goes in all cases except for when there is an MP presence in the server. The MP stands higher in the administrative Chain of Command. Their rank has no reflection on this Chain of Admin Command, they are to be considered the go-to people for rules and regulations in game.


As an Admin, you may be called upon at any time to deal with an issue in game. This is why it is a Responsibility rather than a Right. If you have administration rights, you can be expected to be called upon to utilize them.

Keep calm and in control.

Always stay calm. Administering at times can be hectic, not only will you have the problem player(s) at hand but most of the time you will have public or even Cav members yelling and or trying to tell you to "Just ban him, or just kick him" this will raise your aggravation level, stay calm, ask the members/visitors to let you do the job you need to do. We have a protocol, and that is what makes our servers so good.

Filing a report

To successfully take administrative action means you need to file a report on the administrative actions you have taken to ensure that any and all ban appeals can be dealt with in a timely manner and with appropriate documentation. It is the administrator’s responsibility to write this report in the correct forum section. This goes for any and all administrative personnel for any and all bans.

The correct forum sections are:

Responsibilities & Admin Rules

  • ALL 7th Cavalry Regiment members, from Private to General, have varying degrees of responsibility when it comes to administrating our servers. This means that regardless of your rank or stature as a 7th Cavalry member, you are to assist at all times necessary [to your ability] in administrating our game servers;
  • As a 7th Cavalry Regiment member, you will not ignore or tolerate any rule violations if witnessed while you are in the server;
  • All rule violations will be dealt with immediately. This means no waiting until the round is over because you are having a good game. It is your duty as an admin to deal with rule violations as they occur;
  • If you do not have admin rights, then you are not to call out any rule violators in a server. You can only state the rules in the game chat or text. At that point, find an admin who does have rights;

It is the duty of the highest ranking member in server to handle the administrative process. This person can request help from other admins if needed. DO NOT IGNORE A REQUEST TO ADMIN. If you are asked to admin, then you help admin;

  • Members that have not completed the Server Admin Course cannot hold a position as an admin;
  • Always conduct yourself professionally while in-game and while pulling duty as admin;
  • Remember to treat all players in-game like you yourself would like to be treated;
  • Admins must follow the rules of each game just like any other 7th Cavalry Regiment member or public (pubber) player without exception.
  • If you witness a 7th Cavalry Regiment member breaking rules, you must make note of the event and bring that to the attention of the 7th Cavalry Regiment Military Police.
  • If you do not know how to deal with a rulebreaker on the server or the situation needs more than one admin seek help of a MP.

Calling an admin or MP

When calling for help do not only say “we need an admin” but add further information (if possible)...

  • Where?
    • TS3, Arma3 Tac1, Post Scriptum, Squad,...
  • What?
    • Teamkiller, hacker, pilot not on TS3,...
  • Who?
    • “insert player name here”
  • When/How long?
    • Currently happening, 5min ago,...

Example: Wrong request for an Admin/MP:

“We need an admin” Example: Correct request for an Admin / MP:

“We need an admin on Arma 3 Tac2, John is team killing on base ”


“We need an MP on Tactical Realism #1, Mr Bravo is setting explosives on friendly vehicles exiting base”

If you do not include any further details the admin/MP will have to ask for them and does not know what to look for once he is on the server.

When looking for an Admin/MP do NOT jump into “knock” offices or named offices (Platoon, Company, Battalion, Regiment, Interview channels), always Privately Message the admin/MP in this case.

Arma3 Rules of Engagement (ROE)

Click right to show full Arma 3 ROE

Arma 3- Public Server Rules

  1. No fratricide.
  2. No destruction of friendly equipment.
  3. No offensive behavior.
  4. Weapons safe on base.
  5. All pilots, Artillery and UAV Operators must be on TeamSpeak 3
  6. All Aircraft, Artillery, and UAV support must be on call.(this includes mortars)
  7. No vehicles allowed on runways or landing pads unless it is a support vehicle being used for that purpose.

Specific definitions of ARMA 3 - Public Server Rules The following is a numbered list of all server rules that are in accordance to the list of section 2. Each rule will have a subsection explaining the intentions of the rule and specific cases of the rule.

1. No fratricide

  • Fratricide, n, Latin for brother killing, and is used to describe 'friendly fire', or commonly called 'TKing' or 'Team Killing';
  • This means the purposeful or accidental killing of another player;
Spirit of the rule - This rule is a pretty run-of-the-mill for team-based FPS ( First Person Shooter ) games. It's universally considered in bad taste and bad form. It makes the game not fun to be shot in the back. The idea is to have fun, not have to worry about a chaotic free for all.

2. No destruction of friendly equipment.

  • This includes purposeful and accidental occurrences;
  • This includes all actions other than enemy fire: crashing, using explosives and shooting;
Spirit of the rule - This rule is similar in spirit to the first rule. There's already enough concern with the enemy trying to wax that armor or aviation asset.

3. No offensive behavior.

  • No racism of any kind. any racist remarks or names will result in an instant ban;
  • No political or religious discussions or references including names;
  • No disrespect towards other players or admins;
  • No disrespect towards the 7th Cavalry Clan;
  • No disrespect towards the deceased;
  • No disrespectful or offensive abbreviations;
  • No elitist attitude towards others or taunting;
  • No mic spamming;
  • No trolling;
Spirit of the rule - The 7th Cavalry tries to create a fun environment without drama where people can just get together, play and have fun in a tactical environment.

4. Weapons safe on base.

  • Discharge or firing of any weapon on base is strictly prohibited;
Spirit of the rule - This rule is meant to underline rules 1 and 2. There's no reason to fire on base.

5. All pilots and Artillery must be on TeamSpeak 3.

  • This means the pilot of any aircraft, Artillery or UAV operators;
  • TeamSpeak 3 meaning 7th Cavalry's TeamSpeak 3 server;
  • They must also have a working mic, and be willing to co-ordinate over TeamSpeak while flying;
Spirit of the rule - This rule is for the coordination of the aircraft in the air, as most of the aircraft need to be called in for fire support, which means they need to hear the call. Other reasons include coordination of the assets. This is for airspace control of the airfield. Nothing is more bothersome than a head-on collision of taking off aircraft clogging up the runway for other possible flights.

6. All Aircraft / Artillery support must be on call.

  • Attack Aircraft are not to engage the enemy on their own accord;
  • Enemy air assets and enemy AA are the only exceptions to this rule. they are allowed to be engaged to make way for safe transport to the AO for Friendly Troops;
  • All other targets, how ever cannot be engaged unless called in;
  • The attack aircraft are to maintain a safe holding area, pattern, or stay on base until called in to preserve the longevity of these craft;
  • Artillery, including Mortars, must remain silent until called to fire;
  • Caveat being that the aircraft is in immediate danger and needs to act against that danger;
Spirit of the rule - Issues have come up before where the infantry elements would come into a town only to find burning heaps of stone and metal and be forced into a kind of bug-hunt for that last soldier who's running around and generally waste time. While the aircraft are indeed powerful and useful, they can be used in such a way to remove all of the fun of engagement from ground elements. To this end, aircraft and artillery may only engage when called on.

7. No vehicles allowed on runways or landing pads unless it is a support vehicle being used for that purpose.

  • Drive around runways and landing pads;
  • No vehicles are allowed in the Spawn Area;
  • Use the heavy Lift area for lifting, NOT the landing pad area
  • Do not Leave any vehicles on runways or landing pads;
Spirit of the rule - There should never be vehicle traffic on an active runway. it causes dangerous situations in which friendly air and ground assets can be damaged. the exception being a supply vehicle being used for that purpose, in which case the driver should make his intentions clear and be wary of all air assets taking off and landing and give them the right of way

Arma 3 - Training Server Rules

  1. The Training Server is first and foremost an area for 7th Cavalry members to practice skills that will be utilized in either operations or public spaces.
  2. There will always be a 7th Cavalry member responsible for the server.
  3. No public members.

Specific definitions of ARMA 3 - Training Server Rules

1. The Training Server is first and foremost an area for 7th Cavalry members to practice skills that will be utilized in either operations or public spaces.

  • Simply put: RTC > Unit Training > Fun-time.
  • The above hierarchy of use shall always be observed, however, this does not mean that two groups can't be doing two things at once.
Spirit of the rule - Simply as the hierarchy of use states, the training server is first and foremost the 7th Cavalry 1st Battalion training server; everything else comes secondary to this mission. RTC will always have priority of this server during the scheduled training times (check with RTC for currently scheduled bootcamps), as they are responsible for replenishing and growing the ranks of the 7th Cavalry, and they will not be hindered in this mission.

2. There will always be a 7th Cavalry member responsible for the server.

  • Whenever the server is running, there will be at least one member that is in charge of the operations of all members in the server.
  • Generally speaking, this member will be the operational admin or the training admin.
  • This member is responsible for all conduct on the server.
Spirit of the rule - Responsibility of use of 7th Cavalry assets always needs to fall on someone. As such, before entering the server as a group, either the ranking officer/NCO assumes this responsibility, or a pre-designated member of the group needs to be responsible (such as when there are NCOs running trainings for officers, etc).

3. No public members.

  • No public members.
  • Members of allied clans are allowed to attend events if first approved by the regimental commander.
Spirit of the rule - Being as the servers are for 7th Cavalry members, as a matter of privilege for those of the yellow and black, public players are not welcome in these servers. Allied clans are allowed to visit the grounds if prior to the event the Regimental Commander provides written permission for them to attend.

Server Administration SOP

Chapter 1: Attitude and Dealing with Our Visitors

Of course, we want to maintain a professional and friendly environment for all guests of our community. Refer to the following for some advice on administrative duties, as it can be overwhelming sometimes!

Section 1: Do

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  • Follow the SOP
    • Policies and Code of Conduct when admining. These are your tools, those rules and policies are the backbone of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment
  • Be friendly
    • We are not war mongers who come into the games to crack skulls. We are only here to make sure our server rules are followed by everyone. The more they enjoy the atmosphere the more likely they are to join the Cav, which is what our pub servers are for, recruitment.
  • Keep in mind some players are new to the games they are in
    • If Johnny gets Arma 3 for Christmas, and finds our server he is going to break rules. It is our job to notice the difference and treat each player differently, just because the last player you had to warn out purposely did not listen to you does not mean the next one is the same.
  • Always stay calm.
    • Admining at times can be hectic, not only will you have the problem player(s) at hand but a lot of time you will have public or even Cav members yelling and or trying to tell you to "Just ban him, or just kick him" this will raise your aggravation level, stay calm, ask the members/pubbers to let you do the job you need to do, we have a protocol, that is what makes our servers so good.
  • Ask someone to help if it gets to be too much
    • Sometimes there are too many players breaking rules at once for one admin to handle, just try to handle one at a time, usually the one who is causing the most unrest in the server. Say you are in Arma 3, you have been called in to handle a pilot that is not following the TS3 policy and is not on TS. Then a player starts mowing down players at base, you would then switch your attention to the team killer, then come back to the pilot not in TS.
  • Enter and admin the game servers when needed If you cannot get away from something please get in touch with someone who can help.
    • There is nothing worse than having a problem player in game and no help to take care of it. If you are just doing paperwork or hanging around, and notice a server without an admin, hop in and make your presence known. Let our members and public players alike know that we are admining the servers, keeping them safe and fun.

Section 2: Do Not

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  • Under no circumstances do we call out a Cav member in ANY public chat, voice or TS3
    • If a Cav player is breaking the rules, get an MP or if an MP is not available get an officer from that game to handle it.
  • Do not allow yourself to be trolled
    • Many times players will argue the rules for as long as you allow it, this takes your focus off the job you are in the server to do. Players love to push the limits, do not allow them to.
  • Do not take anyone's word when issuing warnings or bans
    • Always have eyes on when using these commands. Just remember if you didn't see it, it didn't happen. It is your name on the ban report and the COS will ask you first if something is not correct.

Chapter 2: Procedures

WARNINGSIn order to be effective, you need to witness the violation yourself and you need to communicate. Once you've seen an infraction taking place, you need to identify the player.

There are numerous ways of communicating and you must use all of them: text, audio, warnings, etc. The player might not be aware of our rules and probably doesn't bear any ill will towards our community or its guests.

For that reason, it is our duty to make sure that they are aware of our rules and their violation of said rules before driving them away from the server. You never know when someone might be a valuable asset to the 7th Cavalry and so you should act like anyone on the server is a potential recruit waiting to be swooned by our behavior.

Always communicate by text as this is recorded in the logs, this allows queries to be looked at and transcripts to be read should there be an appeal or complaint. That is why there are certain steps to be followed while administering a server:

  • Send the rules to the player breaking ROE.
  • Communicate with that player in Global Chat their violation(s).
  • Check to make sure they understand our ROE.
  • If not responding then follow with the 1st. Warning.
  • Send the player the rules again
  • Communicate the ROE infraction(s) to them again, using Global texting.
  • If not responding follow with the 2nd. Warning.
  • Communicate the ROE infraction(s) to them again, Global texting.
  • Send the rules one last time, and tell them they are on their last warning, and that they need to follow the rules or they will be removed from the server.
  • If not responding follow with the 3rd. Warning.
  • If the issue persists, manually remove player with a temp ban. 1 hour duration.


  • If the player doesn't get it after your third attempt, he/she gets tempbanned and it is on them, not on us. There is also no specific timing to respect between the steps. Be reasonable and communicate with the player.
  • If the same player comes in after an hour temp ban and continues his disregard for our rules, on their next warning, remove said player for temp ban of 1 day.

Kicking players is only allowed under following circumstances:

  • Player is afk and blocking an important role (i.e. Squad Leader, AT) -> check if the player is reacting before kicking (i.e. “Sloth, are you afk?”)
  • Player is active and refusing to use an important slot (i.e. Squad Leader using his Squad's Marksman kit) -> warn him to use his role first
  • Player is acting SL and is not communicating on voice communications channels (No Microphone)
  • Player is spamming the microphone in game and was asked to stop beforehand
  • Player has an offensive or derogatory username (Make sure to let them know they're more than welcome to return after changing their name!)

There are ONLY 3 Reasons to ban a player WITHOUT using the above SOP:

  • Racism or sexual discrimination (Gender or homophobic)
  • Disrespect of the 7th Cavalry, the operating admin or our Fallen
  • Intentional team killing of a 7th Cavalry admin (the player has to know you an admin)
  • While in the course of doing their duty admins must have made themselves known by first making contact with the player and the team kill must be directed at the admin. All other issues fall under our admining SOP and are not to be deviated from for any reason. Permanently banning someone is a last resort. If you ever need to permanently ban someone, you must fill out a Ban Report form immediately after issuing the ban.

You can ban a player for mass teamkilling if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • you witnessed the incidents yourself
  • the player received a warning to stop prior to the ban (!warn command)

The incidents must be witnessed to avoid false bans for pilots being shot down or in-game bugs. Bans for these reasons must be marked with “mass tk” as reason.

In Game Procedures

B3 Usage

Command Description/Use Example
!admins   Tells you if any other admins are in-game and what level of admin they are   !admins
!alias   Lets you know if players use any other names in-game   !alias slo
!lookup   Lets you look up a player (must use first 3 letters of players name; if the player has a shorter name use !list -> !lookup slo)   !lookup slo
!list   Lists all players currently on the server and shows an individual number you can use instead of the name for every player   !list
!r   Sends the rules to a specifies plaer   !r slo rule1
@rules   Sends all rules globally to whole server   @rules
!kick   Kicks the player off of the server   !kick slo afk
!warns   Lists all actions that can be warned for (Note: you can only warn for a recognizable offense from this list)   !warns
!ban   Bans a player from the game permanently (you must use at least 3 letters from the players name, any reason can be typed for the ban reason)   !ban slo racism
!warninfo   Tells you if a player has any active warnings   !warninfo slo
!baninfo   Tells you if a player has any active bans   !baninfo slo
!time   Tells you the current time   !time
!register   Registers a player on our server   !register
!spam   Spams preset message across the screen   !s enlist, !s ts3
!scream   Screams a multi-colored message across the screen   !scream quit goofing around

The scream command is only to be used when you are trying to get control of the server when you have more than one trouble maker you are dealing with. It is a tool to get everyone's attention. It can happen that users talk back on you; then send the disrespectful person the rules and explain that you are done arguing and if he continues start the !w for disrespect (rule#6).

Everyone who joins our server has a unique ID that is linked to their GUID this is their @number when you use !lookup this number is displayed.

Everyone on the server connects to a server slot;!list will show what slot players are connected to, you can use this number when issuing warnings or sending rules. i.e. !list sloth -> [1]=7Cav=CPT.Sloth.D

Global Number

If someone does something to be banned and leaves the server, you can take actions to this player even after they leave.

Just do this: !lookup Johndoe -> (B3) Player Johndoe (@1234) !ban @1234 Disrespecting the server

In this scenario the global number is @1234 and will issue a ban for that player even if he is not connected. You can do the same with any other b3 command. The player does not have to be on the server to take action.

However, we never warn a player that is not in the server at the time, simply add them to the player hotlist with as much detail as you can.

You can use 3 methods to send rules, warnings and use the kick or ban command:

  • Name: use at least 3 digits -> “slo” instead of Sloth
  • ID: !list lists all players and gives them a 2-digit number you can use -> “11” instead of a

complicated name, one with non-standard characters or a 2-digit name

  • B3 Number: !lookup slo displays a permanent number tied to the GUID you can use

instead of the name -> @12345; If you want to kick/ban a user with a common name always use the B3 number to avoid a false kick/ban