Alpha Company A/2-7

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Alpha Company
CO CPT.Rogers.S
XO 1LT.Edwards.J
1SG 1SG.Terlizzi.A
Superior Unit 2nd Battalion HQ
Reporting Units
Esprit De Corps
Unit Motto "Dogs of War"

Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion is a Composite Combat Arms and Combat Support Company tasked with Infantry, Armor, and Combat Engineer operations. It is administratively known as A/2-7. The Company has two Platoons.


Our mission is to provide an environment for all future and current members to gather together to enjoy Hell Loose with one another. As a highly active Company, we host multiple weekly internal/external PVP Events and conduct several School of Infantry classes designed to engage you with others inside and outside of our Company.


Alpha Company is tasked to provide a composite, combined arms force to the 2nd Battalion. The Company operates in the Hell Let Loose area of responsibility. The Company combines several disparate specialties to create a Company-Team in operations that is capable of providing effective self-supported direct fire and direct fire support, as well as conducting mobility and counter-mobility tasks. Because of the company's area of responsibility, it primarily trains to fight against a near peer adversary in a conventional conflict.

Military Occupational Specialties Description
Infantry Officer (11A) The Infantry Officer is responsible for leading the soldiers of Alpha Company. They are responsible for ensuring the readiness of their soldiers. Infantry Officers have priority for leadership positions in operations.
Infantry (11B) Infantry make up the majority of Alpha Company. The Infantry is responsible to taking and holding ground by closing with and destroying the enemy.
Mechanized Infantry (11M) Mechanized infantry are equipped with armored personnel carriers (APCs) or infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for transport and combat.
Armor Crewman (19K) Armor Crewmen are subject matter experts in armored vehicle operation and combat. They are colloquially known as Tankers. Armor Crewmen have priority to attend the Basic Armor Crewman Course and to crew armored vehicles in operations.
Combat Engineer (11C) The role of Combat Engineers is to allow the to the combat arms to survive and maneuver on the battlefield through mobility and counter mobility. In Alpha Company, Combat Engineers Specialize in the construction of defenses, firing artillery, mine placement, and demolitions.

Traditions and History

In 2020, Company Commander Captain Steve Rogers designated A Company the "Dogs of War". Although the Dogs of War patch is not worn on uniforms or used officially, the war dog is considered the company mascot.

A/2-7 CAV Patch

Because the company is a combined arms, composite force, each Platoon and Squad have unique identifying names, which is unusual below the Company level.


The following is a list of Company Commanders beginning with the most recent.

Rank Name Dates of Service
Major Steve Rogers 21 May 2020 – Present

Order of Battle

The Company consists of 2 Composite Platoons, and a Headquarters Section.

Element Callsign Size Role
Company Headquarters Dogs of War Section Company Command Team of A Company, including the Company Commander, Executive Officer and Company First Sergeant
1st Platoon None Assigned Platoon Composite Armor and Infantry Platoon
Alpha Squad Hobgoblins Squad Infantry Squad
Bravo Section Banshees Section Armor Section
Charlie Section Black Cats Section Armor Section
Delta Squad Reapers Squad Infantry Squad
2nd Platoon None Assigned Platoon Composite Mechanized Infantry and Combat Engineer Platoon
Alpha Squad Bad Juju Squad Combat Engineer Squad
Bravo Squad Fighting Roosters Squad Mechanized Infantry Squad
Charlie Squad Praetorians Squad Mechanized Infantry Squad
Delta Squad War Pigs Squad Mechanized Infantry Squad
Echo Squad Catamounts Squad Combat Engineer Squad