Alpha Company A/1-7

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Alpha Company (A/1-7)
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XO 1LT.Windeck.S
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Superior Unit 1st Battalion HQ
Reporting Units

Alpha Company, 1st Battalion is a military unit of the 7th Cavalry. It is administratively known as A/1-7, this abbreviation is used in MILPAC and avatars (among other things). It is formed of two (2) platoons, with three (3) sections in 1st platoon and three (3) sections in 2nd platoon.


Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, is the air asset of the 7th Cavalry. The mission of Alpha Company is to find, fix, and destroy the enemy through fire and maneuver; and to provide combat, combat support and combat service support in coordinated operations as an integral member of the combined arms team. Aviation can accomplish each of these roles, within the limits of finite assets and capabilities during offensive or defensive operations and also for joint, combined, contingency, or special operations.

Previous Company Commanders

  • Major Abbassi, Gavin
  • Major Crandall, Bruce
  • Major Oddie, Mark C
  • Captain Parry, Jack Daniel
  • Major Hartman, Ryan
  • Major West, Carl
  • Captain Cosner, Chris


1st Squadron (y8WLY79.png Rotary Transport Section)

  • "Dragoons"
    • A/1/A/1-7 - "Airwolves"
    • B/1/B/1-7 - "Ghost Riders"
    • C/1/C/1-7 - "Phoenix"

2nd Squadron (eDKmKQ3.png Rotary Attack Section & 3xAN35h.png Fixed-Wing Attack Section)

  • "Templars"
    • A/2/A/1-7 "Valkyries"
    • B/2/A/1-7 "Reapers"
    • C/2/A/1-7 "Air Panthers"